The Call | Season 2022 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes)

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    For the fallen. For the deserted. For the downtrodden. And for those who will rise again.

    Season 2022 is here. How will you answer the Call?

    Video created in partnership with Unit Image and Ben Hibon.

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    "The Call"

    Featured artists: 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes
    Written by: Louis „LoOF" Leibfried, Hermann Schepetkov, Christian Vorländer, Simon Heeger
    Produced by: 2WEI & Mr. Herms
    Mixed and Mastered by: 2WEI & Mr. Herms
    Vocals performed by: Louis Leibfried and Edda Hayes
    Additional vocals performed by: Colm McGuinness and SVRCINA
    Executive Producer and Supervision by: Riot Music Team

    Louis Leibfried:
    Edda Hayes: thisiseddaha...


    Hear my plea to the fallen
    Leave me to be with the broken
    one last time before I go

    Hold the last burning ember
    Let us never surrender
    May we rise unto the Call
    For the Glory and the Fall

    For the beat and the broken
    For the lost and forsaken
    Let us never surrender
    May we rise unto the Call

    For the beat and the broken
    For the lost and forsaken
    Let us never surrender
    For the Glory and the Fall

    For the beat and the broken
    For the lost and forsaken
    Let us never surrender
    Now we rise unto the Call

    (For the beat and the broken)
    Chains that we are breaking
    Fate that we are awaiting
    We will rise unto the Call
    (Rise unto the Call)

    For the Glory and the Fall

    Read through the stories on Universe to learn more about each champion’s journey:

    “Dead of Winter”

    “The Faceless God”


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    1. Jankos

      League cinematic always hit different

      1. Hoang Le

        Giang Văn Cốt

      2. Niro Sylvan

        it really does in many ways

      3. Don't read profile photo

        Don't read my name !

      4. Wolfishbag

        @ZAJU pp

    2. MrDrProfessor

      Arcane isn't enough. We want more. Give us movies, series, books. Take our money for that good cause.

      1. Lolicon Gang.

        @portAscar Sadly the game is great already so..

      2. Lolicon Gang.

        @Pham Phu Camand?

      3. Life Traveller

        @Iman Habiby they actual have one called "League of Legends: Tales of Runeterra"

      4. Iman Habiby

        yo the book is actually a good idea

      5. Tacito Zetticci

        Yeah Rito can have my money thrown at them, but they don't seem to want them. MAKE FILMS AND SERIES FAST FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE

    3. Kostas Bartzas

      They just never disappoint with the cinematics

      1. Alfred Chen

        A film company got dragged down by games, like Blizzard

      2. bulbulito bayagbagan

        @Kostas Bartzas Well at least most of it is actually true. You can see it. The lore is actually better than the game, hands down.

      3. Nông Trung Dũng

        @Kostas Bartzas shhh, Sentinals of Light was the worst cinematic i have seen, the lore and characters, everything was ridicilous

      4. Don't read profile photo

        Don't read my name ...

    4. Helium

      I stopped playing league for almost 3 years now but i'll always come back to enjoy these masterpiece cinematics.

      1. Hakora

        @Zora league itself is fine, just don't play ranked

      2. MOAR

        @Buse-IRA Yeah and Arcane is fantastic.

      3. Zora

        I never played League Of Legends it seems horrible, by how ex players describe it. But I do love arcane and the animation.

      4. Buse-IRA

        Yeup. The game itself is painful and annoying but the characters, lore, music and everything else is what makes League so awesome. Its funny because League is supposed to be a game and roots in a game but oh well..

      5. Zaidwn

        same here haha

    5. Tigris

      This is so much better than DC or Marvel. Shutdown the game, and concentrate on movies. They are legendary!!!

    6. jeonxbae

      Every cinematic becomes better than the previous ones. Such high quality on their faces, CHEF´S KISS.

      1. titans shall return

        @Bodlem Botanik awaken with jhin is a masterpiece

      2. St Bell

        @Bodlem Botanik nah. I like Awaken much more

      3. xokelis00

        @Bodlem Botanik Awaken is like 100 then.

      4. xokelis00

        @Bodlem Botanik I think Awaken tops warriors.

    7. Cali

      First time watching: Astonished Second time watching: Contemplate the graphics, cinematics Third time watching: Enjoy music

      1. Beren Erchamion

        Nth time watching: All of the above

    8. Nem

      With the new lore just came out about Atreus called "In battle, broken", it was revealed that prior to the events happening in the cinematic that Atreus has essentially lost all of his celestial powers after the Ruination and was mentally scarred and basically wanted to give up rebelling against the gods as he's getting tired and weak. So what we're seeing here is Atreus still continuing his rebellion towards the gods even without his celestial powers but was still able to put up a fight against Leona who is an actual aspect. Only after the fight that Atreus has regained his celestial powers back for unknown reasons. That only makes him much more of a chad than he was before. He's a man among aspects and gods.

      1. JayEmmEss

        @Chung Hoang Idk if i could believe Zoe would actually do anything about Atreus, regardless of her position as an aspect due to her nature. I could believe that it was ASol though.

      2. Furio Carbonari

        @Chung Hoang honestly if aurelion sol decided to destroy every inch of targon i couldn't blame him

      3. Athax Designs

        @Gabriel Araujo those might actually be the previous pantheons who bodies got taken over giving him strength to fight their cause. Or all who tried to climb the mountain and died, or climbed the mountain but never got chosen.

      4. TrashPandaDruid

        I assumed some kind of Targonian power was retaliating against Pantheon. They’ve confirmed it’s not Aurelion Sol, but even if they handn’t, it’s not like him to just throw a handful of meteorites. I don’t think he’d settle for anything less than waiting to be strong enough to blast away the entire mountain.

      5. Vanitas

        @Chung Hoang A Riot narrative writer recently confirmed they weren't sent by Aurelion Sol.

    9. A F

      100 Millions in just 12 days. My god, not even Warriors nor Awaken hit this milestone in such a short period of time. Riot is truly built different after Arcane.

      1. Valmiro

        Because of Arcane probably, people who couldn't care less about League before watching Arcane suddenly started paying attention to the cinematics.

      2. Mateus Nicolini Bezerra

        Always has been

      3. Vassyke

        @KilO i'd say before this that awaken was the best but awaken's fighting scenes were a bit dull. this one however definitely improved and is now my favourite

      4. Crazy Babuska Man

        Arcane is a masterpeice.

      5. KilO

        @Johnny Joestar void event

    10. J. Frederick M.

      I just love how all these characters are having these intense conflicts, these rises and falls, these amazing little through-lines and parallels throughout the video... and then there's Olaf just running around in the background murdering the Ursine like it's nothing. He literally just shrugs off a glacier that fell for 1,000 feet and it doesn't even slow him.

      1. L S

        @Tigerlily That's so funny that made me lough for a good time 😂😂😂

      2. Tigerlily

        ^^ that sounds so wholesome🥺

      3. Darrell Laurent

        @Filthy Casual Would be nice if before he dies of old age, he tells the Winter’s Claw that he wants to be buried with his weapons so he can fight Mordekaiser in the afterlife. If the man can’t have a warrior’s death, he will have a warrior’s afterlife.

      4. Filthy Casual

        @Darrell Laurent reverse lobster immortality

      5. Darrell Laurent

        Olaf is destined to die of old age. He literally cannot be killed.

    11. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      At this point, everyone just knows that if it's 2WEI and a League cinematic, it'll instantly be a cinematic masterpiece. Literally impossible to not get chills from this.

      1. Galiant Silverhawk2010

        Or imagine dragons

      2. Genkai Toppa

        Got a bit of chills

      3. Damn U

        mobile legend will copy the cinematic 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. František Babica

        @TheAlmightyGizmo as I said give me money and i will do the same. More money = better graphics. People these days celebrate only graphics instead of some thought. Its just a trailer that has only music with good looks. Nothing amazing...very average

      5. TheAlmightyGizmo

        @František Babica are you blind?! The amount of detail in 0.37 is unbelievable. It's one of the most detailed animations out at the moment and if you can't see that you're a fool.

    12. Kaiser Ironclad Chad

      It is cool that the Riot team made a game to advertise their cinematics and music.

    13. Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

      Glad I didn't send The Call to voicemail.

      1. Dominic Guye


      2. Don't read profile photo

        Don't read my name !

      3. BG


      4. Mirai Gaming (戦い)

        ba dum tss

    14. Suis

      this is more than just a game, im a calling this a "MASTERPIECE"

    15. XeverWR

      The chills when the music synced as Pantheon flew 🥶

    16. Lonely Sandwich

      Every single animation they do turns out to be a masterpiece

      1. Nxt

        @Onaterdem Especially because I watched Arcane I believe they could do so much better. They wouldn't even have to change the shorts a lot, giving them a better preposition and a bit more meaning (like with Overwatch cinematics) would benefit them a lot. Just something that both newbies and veterans can enjoy

      2. Onaterdem

        @Nxt That's literally what it is, it's a "Season 2022 is starting, here, have a fantastic song, a mindblowing cinematic, and rise unto the call, come play League in Season 2022" If you feel Riot storytelling is bland then you've never watched Arcane. By the way, the previous sentence isn't directed to you specifically - you didn't say anything bad, you were just rightfully criticizing something. I'm just speaking generally.

      3. MachineGunKaz

        @Dave they are literally a video game company not an animation company. Go touch grass and just appreciate the cinematic

      4. Flayff

        *couch* ruination *cough*

      5. iulioso So

        Bine coi👍

    17. Moxy Green

      Don’t even play the game but the music trailers are incredible. Literal chills from just listening.

      1. xKyriakoZ

        @vxHxpnoticx advertisement

      2. vxHxpnoticx

        @kiNo - so why it one of the most known/popular games worldwide ? (I don't play it)

      3. kiNo -

        game is bad ..dont touch it trust me

      4. Lance Wilson

        Even more chills if you know the characters specially at the end of the trailer where they all use their ults.

      5. xKyriakoZ

        the game is the exact opposite. dont play it

    18. Lubo Mitov

      2:21 You can't tell me this part is animated! It's like a real person!!

    19. Rags2Rexes

      No matter how many times you rewatch League cinematics, every single time they just send a chill down your spine.


      I honestly have no idea how people thought that Arcane was going to be a bad video game adaptation if this is the kind of awesomeness that goes into just a four minute cinematic

      1. Pierre-François Casanova

        Within those 4 minutes there is a lore related "issue"... Right now Voli and Sej are in an alliance against the other factions. The question wasn't-> was it going to be pretty but was is going to be good story wise. Keep in mind the lore team had a shitload of reworks to do due to poor writing and incoherences across the creation of the game.

      2. josh

        This is just a *four* minute video. Not that significant if you think about how hard it would be to maintain consistent quality over that long of a time.

      3. Sillyvanas

        *cough* Warcraft movie *cough*

    21. Thragara

      I love how they presented ornn like in the actual game; minding his own business and smithing plus never cares about fights.

      1. Alexandre Alves Ferro Gabriel

        Nunca chorei dessa forma, primeira vez.

      2. jão Tunes

        Ornn despicable ✊😔

      3. yeE Thot

        Back to the forge

      4. Fa14bi -

        @Bruno Boiko To me I give everyone except the adc. The sup is either Tank or full AP mage in most of my cases. So they either tank more, or Oneshot people more. As for the adc, they get oneshot either way before reaching Auto attack range at all XD

      5. Bruno Boiko

        He is trying to reach level 16 as fast as possible so he can give itens to everyone (except the sup, no one cares about them anyway)

    22. Broken Pieces

      No one can say that League of Legends doesn’t love their characters. According to friends the patches and updates aren’t all that good, but they definitely love their characters and love making something gorgeous

      1. Andrew Bost

        Lol, no they don't. They only care about four characters but even they can't put them in every cinematic

      2. Yoda

        they made a game to promote their movies and musics

      3. Daniel Pirez

        They love their lore and characters, they just hate their player base

      4. Nekorisa Kirisame

        @neeko The game will die mate, the reason league still survives until this day is because the constant update. By design multiplayer games that RELY on your teammates gonna be tilting and enraging there is no 2way about it, the only way for them to keep or atleast attract new players is to make them feel interested at the new stuff they invented If you think that is dumb, the fact this game still survives over 11 years with a healthy player base is proof enough one way or another, it works

      5. skippy skippy

        Sona,Azir and Asol would beg to disagree.

    23. Kudakenai ishi

      After reading the new story of Atreus, the part where he gets up and uses the powers of the aspect again is now much more emotional for me, I couldn't help but shed a couple of tears, not only because of what happened, but because despite this, he was able to rise again and challenge the very heavens. For me really the best character of lol

      1. Kilivan Jg


      2. Eryk Szyfer

        @Cheme Oh, haven't read that yet, also I forgot that in the Ruination event he was defeated by Viego on the peak, so yeah, mb

      3. Cheme

        @Eryk Szyfer he went to the peak for a second time in SoL history

      4. Emin Aydin


      5. Elisa de Jesus

        @Eryk Szyfer I think it's after. He doesn't say he's faced Leona before, and for a moment in the cinematic he practically gives up, which is reflected in the shaken determination he showed to Iula. The power of the aspect hasn't left him, he's just afraid of losing it.

    24. Brian Ortega

      They literally never disappoint with their cinematics. Literally Pixar quality. Another 10/10 video.

      1. Akshay Shetty

        Imho I like this more than Pixar.

      2. Justin Priest

        I'm not sure I would compare Pixar to this since Pixar's style is much more cartoony. This is better quality than anything I've seen from Pixar (not saying Pixar isn't great btw. It's just a strange comparison to me).

    25. dany

      i've tried to play league many times just because of these beautiful cinematics but i just can't get into the game. i think some type of mmorpg based off of this universe would be an absolute masterpiece if done correctly.

      1. Dominic Guye

        I heard that there is indeed one coming

    26. Charly 123

      2022: "Wow, what an epic cinematic! Pantheon looks so good!" 2030: "This hits different after Arcane season 5."

      1. Lightyear

        Let us hope league of legends makes awsome cinematics and will release arcane seasons till 2030 aged like a fine wine it will be.

      2. Gemini Jones

        Here’s to hoping that this comment ages like a fine wine. See y’all in 2030.

      3. Diogo Silva

        Waiting for new seasons, it's still not enough

      4. Dissttrix B

        Please people of the future Tell me how is it in 2030 and how is arcane doing ?

      5. Deeper than the Abyss

        Mom I was here

    27. Hobinski

      Imagine a God of War like game but in the world of Runeterra. Now that'd be top tier game stuff.

    28. xrrxy vvoi

      I’m not a LoL person but the cinematics and songs hit harder than Jinx’s ult in ep9

      1. AusKaiserIV

        honestly debatable

      2. Hamid Ayman

        A lol person XD nice english

      3. zach w

        you're a lol person now friendo

    29. BMbucky1

      the freljord is gonna be amazing when it's introduced to the arcane series.

      1. Javier Pérez Saugar

        I'm Aldo hyped to see if they introduce Shurima with the void and Ionia with the Battle vs Noxus

      2. James Green

        @stcy000 Good! Imagine GoT with better writing/more consistent writing HAHA

      3. stcy000

        Freljord has its power struggles too. In fact all the eleven regions of Runeterra have power struggles and little factions of champs constantly going up against one another... and then there are the interregions battles and wars. If they introduce other regions, even one more season of arcane is not going to do the world of Runeterra any justice. It is literally going to be the equivalent of the Marvel Universe

    30. Emerald

      I've watched this so many times since it came out, and i just fricken love Taliyah so much. She is my favourite champ, and I'm desperate for Riot to show her some more love!!!!

    31. ProjectJamesify

      Typical Ornn, just chilling in top lane while the rest of the team fights for their lives

      1. Dunyip

        @F4ngel hahahhaa

      2. F4ngel

        @Dunyip Oh sorry it should have been "wrecking" leona :P

      3. Dunyip

        @F4ngel What part of Leona is he wrecking ;)

      4. Ali Hassan

        frr and hes building long swords??

      5. Isabelle Paim


    32. Tracker

      Amigo... Me reventó la piel esta cinemática, es que me tengo que sacar el sombrero delante de estos pibes.

    33. lamantequita jr

      The pantheon part is better when you have already read the new story they took about him.

      1. Parace Tamol

        @Suwako Moriya lmao

      2. Suwako Moriya

        "you will never be a baker"

    34. [Sofffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

      They just never disappoint with the cinematics

    35. Riya ✨ Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

      After reading the new story of Atreus, the part where he gets up and uses the powers of the aspect again is now much more emotional for me, I couldn't help but shed a couple of tears, not only because of what happened, but because despite this, he was able to rise again and challenge the very heavens. For me really the best character of lol

    36. Denbu, I guess

      Seeing Pantheon only use his shield to fight humans and then pick up his spear when an Aspect arrives. What a beast of a man

      1. Kaspars Upenieks

        Absolute Chad

      2. Sauce Samurai

        he only respects humans, him putting down his spear is a sign of mercy and humbleness, he only fight with a shield because he doesn't want to kill a human the only thing he hated are aspects, darkins, and gods

      3. mat one

        Greek god strong sperm 🇬🇷💪💪💪

      4. Pandora

        Because he respects human. He is warm hearted to the weak and strong to strong I think. The thing is he makes counterattack even he fights with god Leona. Awesome!!

      5. RickRolled

        Technically Leona is aspect host, not actual aspect

    37. Illutian Kade

      Top notch, as always. WTB: League Shorts; ~10min long animations that "movie-ify" the written lore.

    38. GrungusGhoul

      Riot you've gotta start pushing Pantheon's story. Everyone here understands he's practically the main character.

      1. L E V I

        Yes please, take my money. Always interested to invest my time in an ancient Rome movie or series with a badass main character.

      2. Beren Erchamion

        Everyone's know that Master Yi is the main character and Teemo is the main villain, come on now :P

      3. Dranishing Kantai

        @Askam Eyra Eventually all of the Runaterra Habitants will be obligated to fight together (Or maybe not) to the Void... Also Kai'sa isn't strong enough to destroy all of the Void creatures for her own, Aurelion isn't practically nothing compared to the Void creatures, he even fears them (Because they're all invulnerable to magic) and that includes the great "gods" of Runaterra, they all use magic as they primary "weapon" and that's the biggest danger for the world of Runaterra, enemies that are invulnerable to any magic of any kind, creatures that are capable to adapt to other worlds. And the only people capable to defeat a large amount of creatures of the voids are very few. Even the Shurima in past times with Aatrox, Rhaast, etc before being Darkins couldn't completely destroy those creatures, they only left Icathia forsaken, and that was only a fraction of the large amount of creatures even more powerful awaiting on the other side of the Void. That's why I personally think eventually Ryze will end up being a main protagonist, just as Lucian and Sena vs Viego were protagonist in their "global" event (I think you're right too tho, every character is a protagonist of their own stories, but eventually all of the stories will probably face one big enemy, and that's Undoubtedly the Void)

      4. Yeet

        Please no bears as main charachters

      5. Askam Eyra

        @Dranishing Kantai Isn't Kai'sa facing the void on a daily basis ? Isn't Aurelion more powerfull than anyone on whole runnetera ? Aren't Ornn and Volibear just god, making them stronger than any human ? I mean, saying that X character is the main character doesn't make any sense, as they are all the main character of their own lore, and there are a lot of different level that hardly meet each others

    39. eddy daniels

      The league needs to make some action figures of these characters and especially a Funko pop of the blacksmith or an action figure of that character

    40. Master Golden Egg

      now that a new story for Pantheon came out, this cinematic has so much more power behind it, how he wanted to give up, how he needed to fight the solari that were killing innocent people, how he didn't had powers and climbed the mountain again, not to say fought the solari and LEONA! this is the best champ in league

      1. Vacillantaire

        @Skinny buggo just report for spam and ignore him. Think that'll be the easiest thing

      2. Skinny buggo

        @FROST you aint getting nowhere like this

      3. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

      4. Grimmie

        true, I'm really excited to see what other plans Riot has for him

    41. Gabriel Lauro

      Everyone: Epic and badass battles Ornn: S W O R D

      1. Ipatchy Makouli

        @Juan José Lezcano Luparello He just wants to kill the Aspects. The portal clearly leads to the peak of the mount as we see it through; and yeah, he only knocked the Solari humans out, tho Leona was another story so he used his weapon. Leona preventing him from killing the Aspects makes sense since she's one herself, tho we still don't know who unleashed comets, it even surprised Leona. Obviously, it's most certainly Aurelion Sol, since he wants to take revenge on those who imprisoned him, and Atreus killing the Aspect of the War more or less recently (who took part in imprisoning A Sol) probably gave back some powers to our celestial dragon god. It's speculation at this point, but it makes some sense, saying there's "no reason" is a bit hasty.

      2. pablox claveria


      3. abdelrahman elabasy

        and still epic xD

      4. Hentai Protag

        I mean lorewise ornn making a weapon is a huge thing

      5. Juan José Lezcano Luparello

        @Ultraknight Pantheon just wanted to use the portal to go who knows were but the solari for some reason didnt want to let him, you can even see pantheon feeling bad for the solari after the comet killed them cuz pantheon just knocked them out, he didnt want to kill them, he doesnt want to kill any mortal at all

    42. Drops Side

      Incrível como a Kai'sa consegue ser protagonista em tantas cinematics! Parabéns Riot, por essa obra de arte! E cada ano que passa, fica cada vez melhor!

    43. Guilherme Neto

      "League animations never dissapoints. The plot, the storyline, the song, everything. Everything is just perfection."

      1. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

      2. Shane Christian

        expect Viego and the Sentinels

    44. BadaWan

      As cinematics cada vez melhores!!! Só falta arrumar o Client.

    45. Jordan Japhta

      my 17+yr old dog got knocked over and put down yesterday,this song makes me feel better like im going on and being strong for her

    46. Bongo cat

      I like how everyone is 4v5ing and Ornn is just farming and practicing his forging hobbies peacefully in toplane.

      1. Mo'az Saqr

        @Amirus and the last is that Motherf*cking Teemo hiding in some bush to ks

      2. Don't read profile photo

        Don't read my name ...

      3. Bray G Shenanigan

        @Daniel torres González pppp

      4. Professor Singed


      5. Arthur Mosqueira

        chad ornn: Yes.

    47. eccmbmw1

      More than 100.000.000 views in only 11 days!!!! Riot's cinematic are really from another galaxy, dude!!! 🤯🤯🤯

      1. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

    48. Pramaheda

      Kai’Sa is just an absolute complete character. She always come from the void to help someone in the light (Ezreal and Talyah) keep going their path. She always bringing those void creatures for where they belong. In the void she has no one, but “here people are everywhere and they are all mine” 🙏

      1. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

    49. Noah Foaster

      They always nail it when it comes to cinematics but failed to serve people on its game

    50. serry ciok

      Give these animators their flowers! Cause this was fantastic. Movies, Shows whatever it is in the future I'll watch for life!

    51. Мистер Огонёчек

      Riot's animation and cinematics are a step above the rest

      1. Cyrus Swift

        What a cancer is this comment section some cry babies crying on internet and feels like everyone should think like them😂stats speaks for itself lmfao some dead old or new eboys taking over internet and maybe world, im done😂

      2. gaby

        @panguin Riot les pasa el trapo

      3. pullermatz567

        @chamber charmer even tho i love both companies, your arguement is bad, riot got yuumi and twitch, why dont you just watch tom and jerry instead?

      4. Cannadlrlwrma

        @Balthier F ?, have you heard arcane? 100% tomatometer, 98% Audience score. Sorry but WoW's cinematic is straight up trash.

      5. DA LY

        @VagrantStory nope. Made by UNIT IMAGE.

    52. Cynjya Valerion

      Came for the Game - Stayed for the lore, cinematics and music!

      1. Lolicon Gang.

        Came for the game still playing the game enjoying the extras.

    53. zaka 23

      It's kind of amazing how this cinematic is reaching 100M views in just 15 days, compared to Awaken and Warriors that just got to those numbers after some years.

      1. stcy000

        2 years ago, no one outside league knew about how good the cinematics and the stories of the champs were. I suspect Arcane bought everyone here, and now everyone wants more cinematics and more lore.

      2. Dusky


    54. ⭕ To Have [S]EX With Me T[A]P Me!!

      They just never disappoint with the cinematics

    55. Fahoody

      They never disappoint with the cinematics and i hope they keep it always like this , well done !!!

    56. Sharlock Shacolmes

      Everybody: "let's fight to the death" Ornn: "Gonna build an IE doesn't matter if I'm a tank"

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      3. I'm You

        Well nice joke... but what if the item he's making is a foreshadowing that we're gonna get a sword specifically made for tanks? HMMMMMM

      4. eduard guarino

        @Danialeftw I think so IDK kindah looks like it ahha

      5. Danialeftw

        That's not IE tho right?

    57. Gamers Thumbs

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    58. Tarsis S.H

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    59. durma77

      I only wish if the game was as good as this cinematic...

    60. João Artur

      Olha a visibilidade que Arcane deu pra Riot, mais de 100 milhões de visualizações em 12 dias. Fico muito feliz por eles.

      1. Alexandre Alves Ferro Gabriel

        Que isso cara nunca chorei dessa forma, depois de ver a Seju gritar daquele jeito eu só chorei.... simplesmente incrível.

      2. McVenti's

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    61. 테라시아TERRASIA

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      1. Sna p


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    65. victor hugo balura


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      1. Arman Royai

        @Josef Zlámalík every taliyah emotion is amazing

      2. Guilherme Fernandes

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      3. Scott Adams

        Honestly thought that was Jason Mamoa

      4. Piotr R

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      5. Melegekvagx

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    67. Khalid Ali Macarambon

      I barely even play league now but I'm always up to date with any of their cinematics

    68. matt miller

      I actually cried watching this. Especially the emotion you see in Sejuanis face when shes fighting the Ursine. The look on her face is borderline hatred.

    69. Mareico

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    70. Alexander undilashvili

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      1. Obed Martinez

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      2. Mortal Knite

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      3. Suryaa Vega

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      4. Leonardo Santana

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      5. Mortal Knite

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      1. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

    76. z

      The DETAILS in every scene is just flawless. League of Legends out here giving us the best quality cinematics. Rip budget💀

      1. Remington Hall

        @DanielGamer It seems like its uploaded 16x9 with black widescreen bars to change the aspect ratio. if you have anything wider than a 16x9 viewing screen you can clearly see a black border around the whole video when you go to fullscreen. Lazy editing/uploading when they could very easily upload the video at its natural resolution and save bitrate by not forcing youtube to load solid black video, too.

      2. Grim Alteruism

        @UnlivedDisc03 the game is so data,maybe cause not as many ppl would be able to play.

      3. blmterroristgroup

        they spend the rest of the money on their gender transitions

      4. magnusm4

        The only part I didn't like was when Sejuani rose from the ground and snow fell off her. Same issue as Nostalgia Critic point out in Smurfs. Too fluid with no acceleration or deceleration. Snow cracks and quickly breaks, falls in pieces. But here everything flows in a perfect fluid motion all throughout with no pauses.

      5. Ali Hassan

        @Remington Hall its full screen for me 🤷‍♂️

    77. Jérémie Potvin

      ''We must all find our place. Mine is being cast down, so I can rise once more !'' Pantheon

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      1. vellathewench

        @FROST This is not how you get views. In fact, this usually does the opposite.

      2. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

      3. 역병으사

        It felt so powerful. I could feel her will to never back down.

    80. paingthukha

      Riot cinematic team and music team are way beyond we can't measure their skills of making those it's always more than perfect

    81. Corvo penumbra

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      1. zach w

        *forges infinity edge

      2. Htun Min Soe

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      3. Vengefull Wolf

        @Amber Sweet Pea! :3 He is forging weapons for the upcoming war against the void so he is pretty much doing a big thing.

      4. Jérémie Marion

        @Andrew Whyte Technically yes, but he's making weapons again. He's preparing for war.

      5. Danterik

        He is unironically the first inhabitant of runeterra and shaped the continents, he literally DOES own the place.

    82. gabriel pereira

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      1. An account of zoom videos about Raiden as a ritual

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    85. Jhuan Michel

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      3. David 28

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      4. Sunny D'Argonnel


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    89. Folli

      Already way past 100 million views, sheesh!

      1. FROST

        League of Legends has become my biggest motivation. I am a middle class boy, and I am not famous, but can I get 10K views on my first song? With that money from CNblow, I will buy a professional mic. Please guys, I want that mic more than anything. Pls help me.

    90. 重荷

      Everytime they drop these kind of cinematics, It gets better and better. Even though it's already good.

    91. Oliver Torres

      I love that Pantheon is using his shield to fight the humans, but take the spear to fight an aspect. That tell so much about his character and lore. He is a hero for the mankind and an enemy of the gods.

      1. I F S

        @i.M Aatrox turned pantheon into a kebab lol

      2. Jesus MLG

        where did Pantheon go? Why up and away?

      3. i.M

        The only celestial panth respect is Soraka, others he would strike down like what he did to Aatrox 😂

      4. KJ Williams

        @Kevin Laurente Morgana doesn’t actually hate Kayle. And vice versa. It’s a very complicated relationship. They’re definitely on bad terms, yes, but they’re still sisters. If anything, Morgana loves Kayle more than Kayle loves her.

      5. 역병으사

        LoL Kratos

    92. ablebob

      I just now saw Leona's silhouette at 2:06 after watching this cinematic like 7 or 8 times. Riot goes all out on the details!

    93. Yinu Chan

      I kinda teared up, this looks and sounds beyond fantastic!

    94. Ben Ah-tec

      Their team is one of the most amazing pro that i ever seen , FX quality (8K ?), music, story telling. That's a shame Riot dont do something about toxic players , without that they are really multi-skilled.

    95. luiscarvalhoism

      the scream from sejuani really gimme the chills. Awesome cinematic!

    96. Julian Dods

      Everyone: Accomplishing destiny, fighting for their life, changing their fate Ornn: h a m m e r

      1. Lincoln Patience


      2. Arne Mortensen

        @crimson azure i seem to remember that Volibear transforms his shamans into bear-like forms in his new lore. thats also one of the things making him want udyr so bad because he is such a strong shaman naturally and has to resist the call of the volibear constantly while he is in Freljord

      3. Barrels

        @crimson azure I think they are fighting the ursine who are volibears followers

      4. Dũng Trí

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      5. Phoenix Arrowfield

        you must first manifest the weapon before you can fight with it.

    97. The Cantankerous Critic

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