Alicia Keys & John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

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    Alicia Keys and John Mayer Times Square 10/9/16

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    1. Mububban23

      Besides being ridiculously talented, Alicia Keys just looks like the nicest sweetest person in the entire world :-)

      1. Ma. Cristina Gonzales

        Just beautiful...

      2. Arthur Soto

        An angel 😇

      3. RC G

        I agree 3 dozen %! I feel so good everytime I play this video. She is so adorable esp. when she paused and fiixed her hair, she is like an angel that pierces my heart with happiness. Haha

      4. rita bondi

        @Haddassa you can't take what doesn't want to be taken.

      5. rita bondi

        I agree. She has a very simple wholesome look. Her voice along with her style is so welcoming. The whole band works / good vibes. I love the audience too. They're having an incredible time.

    2. anthony roche

      This song really made me appreciate the impact a good drummer has on a song. The beat doesn't sound that complicated, but I wouldn't want it to be any more than it is. The timing and every stroke is impeccable. Doesn't overpower the song, it's perfect.

      1. Lois Heichberger

        @Tweed Penguin ..he actually was. And you see Alicia and John working nice together and to bring him into rhythm with them. Good ears, i like. It only took a few seconds tho, after John and Alicia come together, for Quest to find it. If it wasn't for Alicia tho, the song would have been lost. Even JM shines in her presence. He was pretty good here.

      2. Lois Heichberger

        @Lex Cox ..yes, it was about Ringo.

      3. Tweed Penguin

        @Michael Perez not even close to being one of the best.

      4. Tweed Penguin

        He was off time in the beginning it was distracting.

      5. Ms. Angelica


    3. Thiago Carreira

      emocionante, eles conversam na melodia!!! #Show

      1. Suely Coelho

        Orgasmo musical eu digo😋😋😋😋😋

    4. gwingcommander

      the intimacy of her performance is striking. She's in the middle of Times Square surrounding by thousands of people, but the way she gently croons into the microphone across those first few bars makes you feel like she's singing just to you. It's gentle and delicate, before striking a high note just as a warning shot of how powerful her voice really is

      1. Jamie Grebb

        Probably the chillest Times Square has ever been.

      2. Arthur Soto

        Truly one of the best of our time. Gives me goosebumps 🙌🏼

      3. Charlie Graham

        She's built absolutely different

      4. Craig Smith

        oops...sorry for the "e"

      5. Craig Smith

        and....standing...playing the "Keyes"

    5. Doc Tow

      Esta interpretación es una locura. Todo el mundo está a un nivel insuperable; les salió perfecto y con la esencia de ser un ejercicio entre colegas...disfrutándolo. Emocionante.-

    6. Matthew Gioiosi

      This is by far one of the best live collabs in the history of music

      1. Phillip Gage


      2. STANIMAL

        John mayer aint onn point like he should. Alicia just singing like wow

      3. Tweed Penguin

        @A B very true lol

      4. House


      5. zang1983

        "by far" and "one of" doesn't make much sense, but I agree on some level

    7. Carola Fernandes

      Coisa linda!

    8. Sergio diaz pinda

      Increíblemente Bello, se ve como todos disfrutan a concho de la magia que lograron, momento único.!!!

    9. Daniela Itida

      perfeição em forma de música!

    10. Joe Solo un ciudadano

      La 35 vez que la oigo es un calmante al estrés, mi hija la canta y es padre , Alicia se me hace como ja hija gigante y su rostro es angelical es hermoso, John tipaso humildad de persona y la perfección en toda la banda, excelso, excelso.

    11. Tele Opinions

      You can tell that Alicia, John, backup singers and musicians love what they do. There's no faking that.

      1. Black Suburban

        John can say Nigga whenever he wants. His plate is already fixed and in the same grocery bag as Big Ma’s where niggas know not to mess w/ it. oL.

      2. Anibal benito Salas salas

        @Alejandro 12 ⁰0pppppppppppppppppppppppppppp⁰⁰0⁰0⁰

      3. Rebecca Byrd

        Pure talent and love of the art of songwriting and putting their hearts into performing it and humbly it sharing with all of us they know will truly appreciate it and hold it in our hearts. Music keeps life moving. Especially this kind of music.

      4. Jon Athan Lowton

        yeah riiiightt! Questlove from the roots is my fave 'backup' musician herein - trademark afro pick comb aint stealing this show tho

      5. Karijn Aussems

        That reminds me of the interaction between India Arie and Raul Midon, just magic:

    12. Pons Celine

      This song and “wait a second!” by Lukaz are the only things that are getting me through these rough times. Times may be tough but everything going to be okay in the end. I hope everyone is doing well. Thank god for music. I love you 💚

      1. Evan Pearson

        You are not alone. Sending love. ❤️

    13. Nelita Oliveira

      Essa canção é belíssima, Que Deus continue sempre te Abençoando Vocês❤🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    14. rob S

      Three of the most talented musicians on one stage. They have to do more of these. Such pure love for the music.

    15. André Santana

      Essa música me trás muitas lembranças dá uma paz ouvir...thanks alicia

    16. McMatthew99

      When Mayer plays guitar you can tell that he is consumed entirely by the music. Beautiful.

      1. Lois Heichberger

        @B just the way i would have called it. 😎 I was off in Pink Floyd heaven, just now. Sorry.

      2. B

        @Lois Heichberger Ok

      3. Lois Heichberger

        @B ..hahaha, to your liar vs hypocrisy. 😎

      4. Lois Heichberger

        @Orion Dezine def not the best, but if you think so, well, ok. He's not a consistently good player. And since Stevie Ray?? You have missed so many of the really good ones. And JM is not even close to a SRV, or a Hendrix, a Trucks, a Buddy Guy, Peter Green, Gary Clark, jr., Warren Haynes, Tim Reynolds, you cannot compare. Omg ...i know Mayer played with some of them, but even he admitted he couldn't ever keep up with the greats.

      5. Lois Heichberger

        @Ronald McKee ..John was into all of it for a while. Sorry to burst it. He was a mess during his Katy Perry days. And a good while longer. Then he did some mediocre shows. He's always questionable tho, as a musician. He was good on this stage. I'll say that. I thought he was way better bc of all the hype. But he just isn't dependable as a consistent player. Not unheard of tho. A lot of the stars go thru that for a very long time. He is looking good finally tho we waited long enough. Alicia , on the other hand, is a consistently great artist. Have never heard mediocre from her, ever.

    17. tired ツ

      Two of my favorite artists performing together!!!!! I couldn't ask for more!

      1. Cathy Richardson

        Yes Beautiful ( Both)

    18. PowderBunniie

      never a more amazing collaboration, both songs just have so much meaning and i love these artists so much, very inspiring. stuck in my head for sure after i listen to this. jazz is great

      1. Tweed Penguin

        Back to the Middle live India.Arie with Raul Midon.

    19. Michelle Schmidt

      Fazem 4 anos e ainda não superei essa apresentação ❤️

    20. Donna Sulja

      Legends 🙌♥️ hope we all realise how fortunate we are to have them sharing these messages in such a connected and genuine way 🌻☀️

    21. Jesse Coble

      I love how tickled they are to hear the other sing their song.

      1. Hey it's AJ


      2. Tony Lee

        Pure love n harmony

      3. Kate Moore Loves


      4. J King

        It’s SO fucking cute!

      5. Donnell Hicks

        Yeah it's truly amazing

    22. Ju Sartori

      a perfeição existe!

    23. Fish Fart

      Its crazy how many people come back to this everyday... this song is masterpiece!

      1. vandicomix


      2. keylime pie

        Absolutely !

      3. Pedro Valderrama

        @Elaernu xd

      4. sandra salazar

        I love your comment ❤️

      5. Elaernu

        Its crazy how many people copied the exact comment in every single music video... but this song is awesome tho

    24. ManuelMayoMl

      Que conexión tan bárbara! Increíble unión de dos mis canciones favoritas

    25. Mike Magana

      This kind of music fuels my soul and calms my mind. Love it.

    26. vavasho

      Idk how they do it, they're in the middle of one of the busiest places in the world and yet their performance feels like home. So peaceful lol

      1. Solivagant

        Uh, I think because of how the mics are placed you can’t hear the crowd but only the singer(s).

      2. Karen Brandwein

        @AdrienneLove there so into their music that they are probably not aware of being in the middle of the city. Although they thrive on audience.. They really are not like that put in the OPEN I think the stage setup gives them a lot of shelter. They are fantastic. Alicia keys well we know. I don't know who the other artists are. But they sure are terrific. And she was good at the Emmys Sunday night to. When I see someone like Alicia I begin regret not practicing the piano.. It really it hit me when. My childhood home was sold. When I realized the piano was gone..was. Told it was mine..oh well.

      3. AdrienneLove

        Their music is their home.

      4. Ken E

        They practice and sound checked it probably 5 to 10 times (e.g. rehearsals)

      5. Karen Brandwein

        You'd be surprised how the atmosphere changes when they are on stage. Even in the heart of NY city It's delightful. And have you noticed how cool Alecia Keys is. Her cool calm presence penetrates the audience. The most frustrating thing is when you can't find a good place to stand. The lady has it.

    27. Marky D

      just incredible artists and talent having some fun together on the biggest stage. like its nothing. incredible!!

    28. Flor Pass


    29. R̶u̶s̶s̶e̶l̶

      My go to song whenever I feel like vibin' to myself, play my guitar, hold my pen and write and breathe some air.

    30. DJ Rodrigo Elias

      simplesmente perfeito😍

    31. Jeff Castillo

      This sounds so unrehearsed and that makes it beautiful. Its blowing my mind how well everything is flowing.

      1. Tom Klose

        it helps that the two songs are pretty simple ;)

      2. ForminaSage402

        @KezTronFunk as has been said, probably not. We have Adam Blackstone MD’ing, the backline is all BBE session musicians, and Alicia and John are reading each other. Pros dont half-ass it but they don’t need exhaustive rehearsal either.

      3. Pete Montsion

        thats called talent, these people are super stars. And John Mayer on guitar, lol, he has played with all the greatest of greats who all praised him. From BB King and on

      4. Gabriel Morton

        @Howard Delos Reyes Very good observation Adam Blackstone is a musical director, so it makes sense

      5. Howard Delos Reyes

        It is not rehearsed. Look how the bassist is arranging the song live by feeding them through there monitors

    32. Carin

      The love these two have for music takes my breath away

    33. Mr P Turner

      Love this mashup - great connection between the artists and the band - hairs on my neck are up!

    34. Mastinz 10k

      It’s incridible the energy within this performace!!! Amazing!!!

    35. Alan Pritchard

      I'm 62, I've heard a ton of music, but nothing quite like this. John & Alicia blend their voices perfectly. What a collaboration... 2 brilliant musicians playing hard-to-reproduce superb music! (Goosebump Central!)

      1. El B

        Yes exactly! I’m 60 and went to countless concerts. It’s just the joy they have in making this beautiful mash-up. Goosebumps!

      2. Gretta Umunoza

        Tht's one of the best comment!

      3. George Smith Patton Jr.

        Love America man. Love from Philippines

      4. CAGOULE les autorise

      5. Dennis Almeida

        That what i am saying it so nyc… on the real

    36. vejituh

      Those two just made spiritual love right in front of all of us.

      1. Larry Tullos

        beautiful truthful comment. i couldn't find the words, but grateful you did!

      2. Rosina Torres-Chand

        They sure did lol

      3. Draken Winter

        *Three. Got to love Questlove.

      4. Jeremy Buckley

        vejituh yes!

      5. Happy Everyday!


    37. kjakman

      I watch this for the umpteenth time, at a grave moment, and blown away by them all! So smooth, beautiful, genuine. Wow!

    38. Haydar Kiran

      God! This is such an amazing performance. I still get chills every time I watch it. Music warms the soul.

    39. Spade96

      Imagine walking on this street and heard this beautiful and chill music and everyone is vibing. What a wonderful place to be with. ❤️

    40. 0

      She is one of my all-time favorite singers. Amazing talent. I love her voice.

    41. Lorna Flores

      It's February 2019 and those smooth Vocals still puts a Smile on my Face

      1. Ruth Rogers


      2. Coen Gleeson

        March and im still smilin from last month ❤ what a sound!

      3. Michelle R Jackson

        Yes , God is SO SO good Blessing these souls with such talent😍 Other than these words~ Enjoy, and ✌

      4. Hank Chou

        Shit hits the soul!

      5. isamar kelly

        me too

    42. Kassandra Bowman

      Bravissimo! Love love love this collab. Super smooth as always Ms. Keyes! John Mayer can make that guitar just sing!

    43. Anna Novato

      me emociono toda vez!

    44. Michelle Hui

      Honestly, the way she just smiles, you can really how in the moment she is. GOD, it makes me smile whenever I come back to this video. Just absolutely raw passion and talent. What an outstanding performance 😍

    45. Kiara Elizaneth De la Cruz Gómez

      Can you imagine being able to sing this song with the person you love the most, staring into your eyes?I think there would be no better feeling

    46. Leandra Bee

      Alicia Keys without makeup is more than everyting

      1. Kathy Goedert

        In front of New York City, no less.

      2. Infini-D

        So stunning!

      3. Vanessa Smith

        It’s incredibly refreshing. She’s gorgeous

      4. Eric Eickemeyer

        Everything is connected. Though Alicia keys not wearing makeup may not seem like a big deal it is. It shows a step towards accepting ourselves for who we are and what we look like. When we face our demons we can then go on to change the 🌎

      5. Karen Bayer

        She has a perfect complexion,

    47. Ruth Thomas

      This gives me chills every time- 😘🇺🇸✌️

    48. TerraLUNA

      One of the best duos of a song right here. 2 unique and iconic voices

    49. Batatadpoa

      essa mulher é maravilhosa !!!!!!

    50. Christopher Walker

      We need more concerts like this!

    51. Saulo Lopes


    52. Lily Kam

      A soulful masterpiece!🥰

    53. Gustavo Ruiz

      Hermosamente espectacular❤❤❤

    54. noufru1

      This is one of my favorite mashups duets ever by two amazing talented artists, such a striking piece of art. I love this so much and I go back to it all the time. The way John Mayer plays his guitar at the end of the song, seems so consumed by music and feels it to the core. I resonate with that. So beautifully done and captured

      1. Cliff Pickard

        The way he plays that guitar at the end is simply incredible.

    55. Maria Pia

      Alicia's giggles when John start singing are so pure and precious haha

      1. Julie Lea

        Like everything about her....pure & precious.

      2. Joeunah817

        @Maria Pia yes very possible! hahaha he's not my style by himself :P

      3. Maria Pia

        starts* oops, haha! thank you for the likes x

      4. Maria Pia

        i agree!! @Destroy TheHuman

      5. Maria Pia

        lol totally! @therealslingblade 10

    56. TheBrenda259

      Such a beautiful her ❤️

    57. Fernanda Andrade

      APAIXONADA!!!!! ❤

    58. Sara J

      Soooo awesome, everytime I watch it I get the same sansation, it’s so powerful so passionate, I love her

    59. Darlene Logoluso


    60. Stephen S

      The hair. The flawless skin. The voice and passion. Alicia Keys.

      1. Yadana

        I keep staring at her fave bc her skin is glowing😍✨

      2. ØProXYT

        Essie S OHH SHHH 666 LIKES

      3. Diego Huijbregts Garcia

        Somebody had a little crush. And I can't even blame you.

      4. MajorAssHatx

        Essie S *John Mayer

      5. Rey Rey

        Don't forget her piano skills! Girl is full package!!!

    61. Lamine BOUFLAH

      alicia's voice is amazing and john's feeling guitar too

    62. Robert Morgan

      Have to give props to the sound engineer to keep this performance so alive. Alicia and Johns voices are like butter, and Quest Love just adds the right feel.

    63. Ranj_Kaurrismatic

      We as a collective will rise and feel the vibes of a live concert once again! How can we allow this to be taken away....

    64. Adriel Kallitheen

      It's so pleasant on the ears ,very good for a live professional 👏

    65. Randall Coedwig

      Oh hey, real musicians still exist in the mainstream.

      1. Fede Pedro

        yeaah not very sure theyre not very listened...

      2. KG

        @Jethro Bodine wtf lol 😂😭😂🤣

      3. KG

        @Oktavianus Elta Molle oh man I'd be in heaven if they did a duet album, I'd count the sec till it was released

      4. KG

        fking exactly man they still exist

      5. Oktavianus Elta Molle

        Joe Mannix 😂😂😂😂

    66. Fernando Torres Ramos

      It’s December of 2021 and I can listen to this 1,000 times, and I won’t get tired. This was a masterpiece ♥️

      1. Elena Pratesi


      2. T Kuhns

        I keep coming back too

      3. Abdulabad Kumbati

        Pinoy na namaan

      4. Fadlan Nawri Lubis

        Kinda agree with u😆 it just 96times i listen and watch this crazy performance

    67. David Parker

      Truly amazing If I’m down I just play this fabulous video again, the best duet ever I can’t stop playing it . She has the voice of , can’t describe it beautiful.

    68. Eric Hovatt

      This is my favorite performance of all time. not even an R&B fan. Just love good music.

    69. Natalie Edwards

      This gave me goosebumps, feeling so emotional right now. 2021. Some people want it all........but everything is nothing if I ain’t got you.

    70. G Olson

      This last week has been extremely difficult with radiation treatments for cancer. No energy can barely move. Now I feel life in me because of these amazing performances by Alicia Keys and John Mayer. Thank you so much.

      1. Rodrigo Garcia

        Desde Lima-Perú , mucha vida!!!!...bendiciones!!!!!! :)

      2. Coalter Wilson

        Sending peace and love to you

      3. Miss Dema

        Sending hugs and prayers your way! Get well soon

      4. Zel Bilgera

        Hugs! ❤️❤️❤️ Prayers for you!

      5. G Olson

        @Lucas Emannuell thank you my friend. It means so to me that people care.

    71. vanessa zavaleta

      Me encanta!!!! 😍😍

    72. Vladimir Marinov

      One of my favortite live performances ever. Alicia is so gorgeous and so natural it's mesmerizing to watch her.

    73. Reimon Paula

      Demasiado bonito ❤️😍

    74. Corte News

      mds eu ouço quase todos os dias!!! que delicia de canção

    75. Caleb Locke

      That transition into gravity was some of the smoothest shit I’ve ever heard

      1. Barefoot Erin


      2. Verônica Nutrizenn

        That’s the ultimate comment. Doesn’t goes better than that !!!! The SMOOTHEST thing on Earth. Just PERFECTION!

      3. Clairemyst Charles

        I legit scream every time. Yassssssss

      4. Sen 1257

        and I didn't even know gravity was gonna be there I didn't read the full title caught me by surprise but an amazing surprise

      5. Ayoub Abdeddaim

        That’s what i exactly i admire in this video 😍😍

    76. Selma Soares

      Linda apresentação 😍😍😍😂

    77. Fer x

      That timing at 8:10 omg 🥺✨

    78. D Ley

      Phenomenal Alicia has such a GORGEOUS well rounded voice and those high notes are sweet.

    79. Michelle Paola

      Wow, what an amazing collaboration. Equally talented in there own rights and still love listening to their music.

    80. Juan Roberto

      7:45 is just musical fusion! You got Alicia screaming, John doing epic leads on his guitar, quest just going to town with the drums, while all being tied in by the backup vocals and musicians. JUST GREAT!

      1. Al de Guzman

        I'm just here for bassist embellishment.

      2. Chesar

        That's called symphony

      3. Pete Montsion

        oh ya...everyone is tripping out

      4. Gabriel Morton

        @Matthew Soto Adam Blackstone, he's also the musical director here

      5. Matthew Soto

        do yall know who the bassist is?

    81. Jonathan Connolly

      This wasn’t a performance. This was an expression. Music in its purest form. There was no crowd in their minds.

    82. Carol Layla

      When John Mayer starts to play the guitar.... it's just something unexplainable. Love this, thanks so so much for your music! 💜 Love from Italy ❣️

    83. Jericko Doggo

      I pay a lot of attention to John because of his guitar work. Its legendary. I'm a guitarist... his singing seems amazing to me. But holy god, I never went and looked for Alicia Keys but I've heard shes good. Now I know shes not good... shes absolutely beyond amazing. Wow! I LOVE mashups like this when its two masterful artists. Especially a woman/man its just so awesome! Where do you go to find more of this!?

      1. krowbar2009

        @Stuart Seldon Man if you could say you were in NYC while this was happening damn that's a good memory to have.

      2. Stuart Seldon

        My musical skill consist of playing CDs like the best of them, but the musicianship of these two is astounding. Decades of practice making it seem effortless. I must have watched this video a dozen times, and it actually makes me wish I lived in NYC, just for a chance to see something like this!

    84. melomaniakjm

      Just happy to be alive to be able to listen to such amazing music!

    85. Xavi Sanchez

      Amo esa voz😢

    86. Yshie Osorio

      Listening to this almost every day and ugly crying to it right now. How could something so perfect and beautiful exist.

    87. Sone Hastings

      Just seeing artist jamming together and being there for the music! Ugh gives me scalp tingles. I loved johns guitar playing amazing duo

    88. Tim D Guitarist

      Well done guys. A memorable performance!

    89. anon6116

      I remember jam sessions in the 70’s and 80’s, loving it now with this super talented group. Doesn’t matter what year it is, good music is good music and this is fantastic.

      1. CAT 73

        That's it!❤

    90. Indira Nikara

      never get tired of watching it

    91. Lis Cain

      I will never tire of listening to this compilation. I've listened to it COUNTLESS times and I'll continue to listen to it forever and ever

    92. Angel Granero Morales

      Absolutamente geniales, maravillosos. Qué envidia de los neoyorquinos, que disfrutaron de ese pedazo de actuación!👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍

      1. Jeff D.


    93. Anthony Stauble

      I love Alicia, if u ever try to play piano, her songs are insanely hard. But damn she's sitting here with no makeup. Just beauty at its rawest. I wish more people were like her. Just no worries about what others will think.

      1. Not the Doctor

        @The Ultimate Cat Lover Channel she is wearibg make up.

      2. J28081966 Tankeysan1966

        Some people just got it in their blood.raw m true

      3. Saul Matas

        I've been thinking about your comment, and I listened to the video again with your point in mind. The thing that is insanely hard is not all the notes, but the soul in her phrasing. That's her essence out there on stage, lifting all of us into a different world if only for a moment. @Franny Liburd

      4. Michael Junior Møller

        @Olee oh well thats exactly how i feel about your comment,a bit FLAT and off key to be honest!!! Holy fucking snork dude,show us some videos of your live performances,got any from Times Square,or the Grammys,anything like that?

      5. Anthony Stauble

        Wow y'all are schooling me on here. Lol I didn't expect a lot of replies lol ya Alicias songs may be easy to play....For you. Not all of us, especially those of us who are trying to learn piano by themselves. I hope one day I can say, "oh Alicia keys, what song do you want to hear? Her songs are easy to play." Lol

    94. JOKO

      I love how people don’t sing along but rather appreciate alicia’s vocals

    95. Alpha And Omega

      That electric guitar 🎸 gives me chills ...smooth transition from one song to another...

    96. Awrad

      It looks like they were both just enjoying their time and living the moment, love this!

    97. David Green

      This is a concert that never ends in my head. Alicia and John put a spell on me. Awesome.

    98. Yeet Yeet

      This is one of the most real performances ever. Just three artists enjoying their talent together. The vibe was beautiful, I’m so glad this was documented so I could experience it too

      1. Shoshanna

        so grateful we can experience it too as well..truly a gift to humanity

      2. Hey Hey Hey

        There are a lot more than 3 artist in that stage.

      3. joselimai

        @Josh Yarborough I could... Quest was great, he gave the backpower of the whole perfomance..

      4. J Kwan

        Are you excluding Questlove, my guy?

      5. Josh Yarborough

        3 artists... Can you not hear quest keeping beautiful time?

    99. William Saad Guitar

      Amazing music magic!

    100. Sam Edwards-Tuilave

      I love this song 💝💝