Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

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    Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
    Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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    1. username

      49, 992

    2. username

      A few hundred views for 50M

    3. E Robinson


    4. Brillo, Meryll D.


    5. Poppy Ward

      The fact that it’s December now and this is still #1 trending for music!! 🧣

    6. noah

      i keep coming back to this, because in a way even though we’re not together it just makes me feel closer to him, like both our lives arent so different, so far, like for a second i can remember us together in a different way.

    7. C S

      Five years is an insult to these survivors and today we're providing them more time to come to terms with the trauma they experienced and to seek justice This new law recognizes the injustice that has gone on for far too long and honors all the women who have suffered this pain and all the advocates who had the courage to come forward and tell their story so that other women may be spared the pain

    8. Charlyn plays

      I cried after I watched it😭

    9. SwiftieNature

      2:54 7:00 7:57 11:24 :)

      1. C S

        13 is my favorite

      2. SwiftieNature

        @C S 💕

      3. C S

        11:24 says 13 years 20 - 13

    10. Seventy8

      That argument in the middle of the song is why I’m happy to be a gay man.

    11. Anandita Sharma

      I am not a swiftie but after watching this, I think I am

    12. Jirkat desu♡

      Love it soooo much😭😭😭 the video, the lyrics everything's so perfect. 😭💗

    13. Exalt the I am

      Why is the “F” word being said so much??🙄

    14. MIKAY BHAY


    15. Mya Tran

      the fact this is still trending is amazing and very well deserved

    16. Thandolwethu Radebe

      is no one really talking about the red scarf

    17. Teacher_Bing

      Hi Taylor, I remember I am just a third year high school back then and I am a fan. (I remember it "All Too Well"😘 Now I am a teacher and still listening to your songs😊 and every time I check papers of students, I listen to your songs and I finished work feeling happy😊

    18. Katrina

      It's my birthday this Sunday, turning 21 and just found out yesterday my boyfriend of three years has been cheating on me. 🙂

      1. m & m

        And I also hope he stays single forever lmfao

      2. m & m

        I’m so sorry he did this to you :( you deserve better. I’m sure one day you’ll find a guy who’s better than him and meant for you!

    19. Haleyna Clark

      taylor the amount of times i've watched this is insane

    20. Alex Middleton

      girl!!! x

    21. Caitlin Foley

      Am I the only one who thought this was awful?

      1. Ches

        Yes indeed. Ur the only one.

      2. m & m


      3. samantha s

        yes you are☺️

    22. C S

      “You’re making me feel very emotional about my friends,” he says, sweetly. “Those male friendships are very important to me.” Well, I say, there’s nothing nicer than knowing you’ve got your people. “We’re all desperate for it, aren’t we?” ~ Jake Gyllenhaal

    23. @Fuego Music 🔥

      Saludos 🎹

    24. Natanael Yax

      this song makes me cry, yes it is.

    25. Panha A.Teng

      Still trending - YESS QUEEN DESERVE SO MUCH TT

    26. lucy loo

      I think this song is so heartbreaking. I know we all have that one love that just didn't love us back the way we loved them.

    27. ඞRAIඞ

      Sadie, I'm dissapointed

    28. Nelia Onyinye

      Not me watching this the 5th time this week

    29. idle worship

      Can't get over how she delivers the falling snow line 🥲 🎶and how it glisten as it fell... I remember it all too well🎶

    30. April Martinez

      Real problems in relationship. Guy makes girl feel like their crazy and hate when they get mad bc of their actions

    31. Ana Nunes

      Stiles really has a thing for redheads, huh?

    32. sewtie

      so incredible

    33. Ivett hagreeves

      at first you could see that everything was going to be fine

    34. Nicolette Lecaros

      Que suerte la de Sadie 🤭

    35. Studentin 2017

      Love it 💕

    36. Alejandro Alatorre

      When she said, “are you for real?…I don’t know maybe I just made you up” I felt that.

    37. sarays xd


    38. angel

      the fact that Sadie is only 19 and Dylan is 30... Imagine how uncomfortable they were when they were acting like a married couple.

      1. nieke aisha

        nah, don't say that

    39. Gliezl Peralta

      I love you, Taylor!

    40. nes


    41. Yasmina Nuñez Gonzalez


    42. mustafa zengin

      my favorite short movie

    43. clare

      love love love

    44. mustafa zengin

      beautiful a voice

    45. emma valentina salazar ramirez


    46. emma valentina salazar ramirez


    47. Tyler Stiles

      Cant stop watching it again and again 😩❤️

    48. mr music knowledge

      The fact that this is number 1 for trending music even though its a short film and so much longer then an actual song.

    49. mr music knowledge

      This song now has a folklore sound to it. August style instrumental and cardigan style singing.

    50. Carlos Rodriguez

      Amazing, this is art!

    51. mr music knowledge

      Remember that if you feel this way that not all relationship is like this. When you find true love you will realize it's golden like daylight.

    52. Michelle Alvarez

      I love it! This short film is so rare & real to the point where I felt & saw what you were going through. It stole my heart especially with Dylan O’Brien 😍😩❤️

    53. madison kent

      Can we take a moment and notice that he is wearing her scarf after 13 years?! That was a perfect ending to a perfect short film.

    54. A'star

      Oh..I hardly recognize this actor...but I like him more without beard. Girl is so cute.

    55. Maria Ribalta

      Am I the only one who wants this song's version? With the violins and the subtle differences?

    56. Better Betty

      I love Dylan O’Brien

    57. C S

      ~ People haven't always been there for me but music always has It is refreshing to find a popular, musical role model who is focused on friends, friendship and family values

    58. Kaelyn

      I’m finally watching it guys

    59. Mansi Banotra


    60. Safa

      that left me speechless

    61. kevin ross

      "#1 ON TRENDING FOR MUSIC" Still?!

    62. Dabu Grover


    63. Dhruv_747

      Video started just at the 13th second!!🔥🔥

    64. Cash me outside Hawbawdat


    65. Creative Intuitive

      Beautiful song

    66. C S

      And he said, "It's supposed to be fun turning twenty-one" A. its when my dad told me that i could change the world i just knew he really meant it

    67. Ghazwan Abdulkareem


    68. Lucía Rodríguez

      Thanks 🧡

    69. Jeremian Gyadi

      This song really does bring back feelings from the past that i couldn't recall now..

    70. Begüm Ekşioğlu


    71. Рюрик Варяжский

      i mean thanks taylor for the masterpiece but damn woman its been thousand years ago and you still cant get over it

    72. Randall Dellwo

      It was a 3 month relationship. She needs to learn to move on. She’s going to alienate future relationships. She probably already has.

    73. michelle saborio

      a masterpieceeee

    74. Abanglong Azmi

      this is so sad

    75. Nahomi Rivera

      This is a Master Piece!!!

    76. Natalia Cuadra Pino

      Did anyone else notice that when she’s reading the book, you can read her lips saying “I walked through the door with you, the air was cold but something about it felt like home somehow”? Minute 12:14

    77. ꧁F̶e̶t̶i̶s̶h̶F̶o̶r̶S̶e̶l̶꧂

      I’m not a Swiftie but, Taylor rocked the song… and the story shown was beautiful ♥️

    78. bughead

      So she's gonna release a diary of her all too well??

    79. Danielson Silveira


      1. C S

        who found Sadie weeping inside the party's powder room A. Anne Hathaway, the actress -- not to be mistaken with 18 yr old Shakespeare&his 26 yr old wife, also named Anne Hathaway -- powder room is located on the first floor

    80. NickVen0m


    81. Mouboni Das

      VMAs2022 here you go

    82. Soraya van Dijk

      Ok, what if...the actress that asked what happened was Blake Lively

    83. Tobias Sullivan

      Of course no dislikes!

    84. Алексей Павлов

      Да Джейк, сильно подругу обидел. Держись.

    85. mwita emmy

      Uh-uhhm! Beware of guys who always be like, "let's skip Town" n go somewhere else... So they can mess you up well where nobody knows you and is there to witness, so in the end only you will carry the cross of blame......(just saying✌🏾)... 🚩🚩

    86. Melanie Fischer

      Suuuure. I am in my 30ies, having a decent career made of my miserable past… I wish 😄

    87. Paulina Reina

      Is this a Representation of how it is to fall in love with a Narcissistic/psychopath/sociopath?

    88. Aoibhinn Deery

      I don't like Dylan O'Briens beard that much

    89. Osama

      I was their I remember it all to well !! Hits different

    90. EB

      Lol Taylor... The original emo girl

    91. nap spell

      8:17 its the botox for me

    92. Casey Cays

      This is wild I heard the song a bit ago but didn’t watch this I was amazed because I have a “Jake Gyellenhaul” I think we all do, but my Jake Gyellenhaul and I met through writing and I’ve been thinking about writing a book about it and then I see the video. I’m taking this as a sign from the universe that I finally need to write it.

    93. nap spell

      why are they yelling

    94. Ritvika Tugnawat

      This song is warmth in cold❤❤❤💜I love T❤❤❤❤

    95. aelie

      The editing is so my style

    96. MyMemo

      I love her 😢

    97. Xiang mow

      all too well