GOT the beat 'Step Back' Stage Video

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    GOT the beat's 1st single "Step Back" is out!
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    GOT the beat 'Step Back' Stage Video ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. Mrs Kim

      wendy's part so addictive 😍🥵💗

    2. SJMACKENZIE.0828

      2:09 i am obsessed with that "sick and tired" wendy's parts are just... *chef's kiss*

    3. Rajalaxmi Behera

      I'm so happy to see Wendy receiving so much love and support 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 my gurl deserves the world and beyond

    4. blackpink in your area

      Wendy's vocals are just out of the world and I am so obsessed with this songs, loved it

    5. 그림접은 에스파빠돌이

      레전드끼리 뭉쳤다...와 에스파 소녀시대 보아 그리고 레드벨벳?? 레전드다...노래 너무 좋다🤍

    6. z

      Wendy never wavered despite vocal nodules during her debut as an idol and a nearly one-year hiatus due to the accident; she was born to be a performer, and I adore her.

    7. Aleah Johnson

      Wendy's vocals are amazing

    8. Taeminnie #weloveyoutaemin

      Wendy you're definitely too perfect to be real

    9. kungfupanda11

      Still can't get over this genre of Wendy. After watching her Like Water stage at SMA, istg, her duality is insane!

    10. RAEMUSE

      This group is so powerful !!

      1. jyp confess he is dating oli london

        @AnA LuizA look i know she is toxic but calling someone flop is wrong

      2. Rachee Lim


      3. Freya Love

        Kep1er WA DA DA

      4. Amelia Jane Muhamad Aloysius Heng

        I AGREEE!!!!!!!!

      5. Ayreen K Z

        @Purple♡pink 😂😂



    12. Jennie Kim

      To be honest Wendy vocal was so amazing and all the girls we’re literally perfect each one is a queen

    13. lol

      I will never forget this Wendy, this Wendy will remain in History

    14. Miftahul Jannah

      Idk wendy's part "he's sick and tired everyday" really really really satisfying to hear it. Wendy did very well

    15. THẦY BEO U40

      This is SPEECHLESS! 2022 has started with a super cool gift!

      1. JHOPE

        @Nguyễn Khiêm 😀 my 😀😀 a 😀😀 my 😀😀

      2. 당효나지

        @Brianna Birckett p

      3. Julia

        Ello thầy beo :)

      4. lovechoerrymotion

        @Ipin slark don't reply to those trolls, they only want attention

      5. dcelan abut


    16. chiein

      This is TRENDING NO.8 FOR MUSIC in South Korea yesterday. Right now they're TRENDING NO.6 FOR MUSIC. They're getting back to the TOP trending for music gradually. The power they hold.

    17. PS C

      The vocal line is killer....especially Wendy and Winter

    18. jennie's red lipstick

      Hyoyeon is actually underrated. I hope people realise her talents and her more through this because she never misses and killed this.

    19. Maria jose Acosta Arboleda

      el rap de hyo y de karina, y el vocal de winter y wendy lo es todo

    20. Kairo Mouse

      We love Taeyeon singing that high note like the queen she is 👑💛

      1. hiitzjustarandomperson

        @6ix9ine's Dad SPAM

      2. hiitzjustarandomperson


      3. hiitzjustarandomperson


      4. hiitzjustarandomperson

        @Rowoon Kim why king thou??

      5. hiitzjustarandomperson

        @hanatake HELLP STOP HATE UwU and shes a girl btw

    21. Jaya Borah

      I am so addicted to the bridge part boa just slayed it. Wendy's voice was more clear than water. Taeyeon's high note was everything for me. Karina and Hyoyeon's rap was on next level. Winter's vocals and visuals were outstanding, oh her voice .......... I'm gonna die🥰🥰🥰

    22. K Musume

      Can’t wait to see a proper fancam of Wendy’s parts. Mcountdown I’m watching you 😡

      1. Sneha Swati

        I don't think they will perform on Mcountdown, Boa, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon are veteran artists and they rarely do music shows anymore they've only done it when their fans have begged for it and that too maybe like 1-2 shows, with Boa in the loop they most likely will not perform this on a music show, perhaps if this hits like a 100M views then like a thank you to fans but that's hopeful and not confirmed

      2. K Musume

        @Spacemonkey_980 😔✊

      3. Spacemonkey_980

        If they dont release her fancam the way they didnt release her dance challenge im suing for emotional and psychological damages. SM are u listening make it happen

    23. k covers

      Omg wendy vocals is killing meeeee

    24. 나문희

      노래가 왜케 좋냐 .. sm은 전설이다 ..



      1. Pooja Thapa

        I love how you respect other girl group😇

      2. aln

        @MFP BLACKPINK WORLD 🌏 ohh





      5. aln

        @Weeny beeney same😂

    26. Danish Aiman

      Wendy vocal really can kill me. So perfect the high note

    27. Shu Mat

      Wendy and winter voice is not joke 🔥 And honestly i really like winter voice, she have unique voice, she should make solo mv

    28. fl fl

      Seulgi's and Wendy's parts...OMG, flawless

    29. Spacemonkey_980

      I'm obsessed with Wendy's parts.

    30. reveuse🦋

      wendy's parts are addictive and i thought i was the only one addicted to it

    31. Miela💅

      No you don't understand. I'm obsessed with Wendy's part.

    32. DC Minjeong

      I really like wendy’s part at 0:36-0:41, the way she slayed that dance is just so pleasing

    33. Raphael Laquimin

      Taeyeon and Wendy is amazing they hitting high notes

    34. Zach Magno

      It’s crazy! BoA debuted even before Winter was born. She debuted in 2000, and Winter was born 2001😳 Fighting Girls On Top!!!

      1. Zach Magno

        @BTS ARMY 💜 it’s just a sub unit of SM. It’s a new group. 2 members for each SM GIRL GROUPS (GIRLS GENERATION, RED VELVET, AESPA) + BoA (Soloist). It’s a new girl group. Just like SuperM. The members came from different groups. And if you’re asking what is red velvet or aespa members are doing here, they didn’t left. They just have two groups. And they’re all from SM ent after all. So yeah

      2. Ae Su

        That's crazy cuz she can literally just look at karina and winter and see how long she has debuted😂

      3. Stan Talents

        @Antonio Diamonte junior idols will be never existed without the senior idols, you dummy ❤️ At least the junior look at her as a role model for still active and being relevant even after 20 years in the industry And i've never once said she doesn't look older 🤡 you don't even get the conversation right nor remember your whole comment about hating her in your young age. Stan BoA for strong mind and clear heart

      4. Antonio Diamonte

        @Stan Talents 37 lmao. Oh my god i was so far away. U delusionals all in the comments lying like: OMG SHE DOESNT LOOK OLDER AT ALL. Like bitch what? she looks like their grandma lol. Senior idols shouldnt excist. At some point u need to have enough selfrespect to not dress up and dance like a puppet.

      5. Natasha Ekamu


    35. 99myselfintimeifl

      I have no words but: WENDY'S PART

    36. Lauren 101

      It’s Wendy, Seulgi, and Taeyeon for me 🔥. I hope they get to do another collab just the 3 of them. And Moonbyul must be so jealous that 1 of her besties (Seulgi) got to do a collab with Taeyeon 😂.

    37. jennie's red lipstick

      i literally could not think of a better lineup, this is THE lineup of lineups. bravo!!

    38. Bangtan supremacy

      I don’t even Stan any of the SM groups but wow they did such a great job. My mouth literally dropped when I first saw this.

    39. LostChances

      The fact that SM is able to bring together 4 generations of Kpop into 1 group and make it look like they all debuted at the same time is just incredible

      1. Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More

        @Sally Sue since u think kpop is boring why don’t u leave or I can recommend some so that way u don’t think they all sound the same

      2. Rachee Lim


      3. TSY

        I find it really cool but nothing incredible in my eyes... Maybe because I'm from the 1st gen ? 🤣🤣🤣

      4. miiiiiiittaaaa

        Without fx

      5. Amber Sweet Pea! :3

        YES YES YES Thank you for pointing out there are FOUR generations here, all these damn Wendy stans make me wanna barf. Not because Wendy is bad, she's dope asf, but because they're not respecting the ALL THE LEGENDS in this group and acting like she's the only one.

    40. K Musume

      When the song finishes I go back to Wendy’s first part. Can’t get enough of it

      1. fl fl

        Same 😁

    41. prrprr

      wendy is the best thing that ever happened to this world, we're so lucky

    42. Passionate Vibz

      Wendy literally shocked me by those high notesm

    43. ကျူဝီဘေဘီ

      I am obsessed with Wendy's parts

    44. Vidio Unik

      Full of passion and totality

      1. snek pidio

        @Descriptografando o ocultismo I do not understand

      2. snek pidio


      3. MV; PIRATE


      4. closet ola

      5. Quỳnh Nguyễn

        BLACKPINK :

    45. Ronald Poon

      The strongest vocals of SM are all here, and they are all so easily distinguishable

      1. NawhChi Zuar

        Now imagine Lina, Luna and Bada

    46. mitha mitha

      karina rocked this performance with her attitude, her body, her dancing, her rap, her singing what a queen

    47. Dana🕷.

      This set is perfect in every way.

    48. SJMACKENZIE.0828

      we are all obsessed with wendy's vocals and everyone finally recognized that she's an amazing dancer (deserving of a dance position tbh), but can we talk about her visuals tho? DAMN GIRLIE LOOKS SO FINE

    49. Rain

      The fact that taeyeon and Wendy are the main vocalist in their groups and performing with SM’s main dancers and giving the same energy and power. You would have thought they were also main dancers. This video is pure talent. Vocals, Dancing, Rapping it doesn’t get any better and the line up? Like come on it’s no joke. Every single girl ate this performance up and left no crumbs.

    50. Joy Tan

      im obsessed with wendy's part!! this song is VERY addictive!!

    51. M

      Im obsessed with Wendy's part

    52. Erna01

      Taeyeon's way of dancing is so smooth and her moves are very soft which is hard to replicate.

    53. 정현

      최고의 걸그룹 조합...보아 소녀시대 레드벨벳 에스파까지...와 입이 안벌어지는 실력 최고의 조합...

    54. Something old, something new

      *So we got an unit which full of talent and beauty. SM gave the name "Girls On Top" cause they're really girls on top* 😍💯 I really hope they'll have more songs and even release an album in the future

      1. I Got The Feels For Sana

        @略luelue I think this song has to do with a pick me tryna get her man and mess up their relationship.

      2. Un Known

        @Generation NextIm literally a girl too. How am I misogynistic. This was not the take u thought it was 🤦‍♀️

      3. Generation Next

        @Un Known You hate misogynistic lyrics like this, but then proceed to call another female "dumbahh" for disagreeing with you? To me, I think the lyrics fit with some women's feelings deep down sometimes. And there needs to be an outlet for those kinds of emotions, too, not just the ones where women are "empowering".

      4. Generation Next

        @Ashly I'd say more the female version of SuperM, since they are the sub-unit from the same label.

      5. Generation Next

        @Ö The name of the group is different form their discography. For example, just because Black Pink is named Black Pink doesn't mean they're going to sing about colors all the time. Equally, GOT is not always going to sing empowering songs. Hopefully, if they are successful enough, they get more music and diversify their discography.

    55. Dear Insomnia

      Haters can say what they want about Wendy, but never that she has no talent. Look at this woman, wow

    56. Cherry milk

      0:35 Wendy’s part OH MY GOD!

    57. 연어공주

      갓효연 진짜 디바재질..💟💟💟 넘 멋져 울언니 💋💋💋💋💋아아악!!!!! 등장하자마자 분위기 바로 장악하는 카리스마

    58. ✿Kim Amanda BR✿

      Como eu amo o vocal da Wendy ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    59. B-Wild Official

      Girl on fireeeeeeee. Burn it uppppp!

      1. morissette amon🇵🇭 Morissette outsing All these girl combined

      2. MV; PIRATE


      3. nia Hernández

      4. Nobita

      5. Rodrigo Vidal Cereijo

        Can someone please explain me the project they have with this group? Are they having promotions while aespa and red velvet are still active? Are they going to have comebacks, stages etc? Is this group going to compete with other 4th gen groups? Are they releasing an album or music video?

    60. Hikmah Resmiaty

      Wendy's voice + Hyoyeon's dance = PERFECTION!!

    61. Blessie Shane

      we are two days away from seeing them again 🥳 two days away to be awed by Wendy again and two days away to replay crazily her fan cam 🔥

    62. buttercakeluv

      i come back for this "step back " masterpiece everyday. ❤😏

    63. 두비두밥

      아니 다들 잘하는데 보아는 걍 아우라가 다르다 ,,

    64. Min hyemin 민혜민

      1. Boa 2. Girls Generation - Hyoyeon, Taeyeon 3. Red Velvet - Seulgi, Wendy 4. Aespa - Karina, Winter All of them are slaying this song!

      1. Jisoo's Manager or(Bodygaurd)

        @Art in its Many Forms 👍

      2. Art in its Many Forms

        @Jisoo's Manager or(Bodygaurd) these are correct. BoA,Tae,Hyo,Seul,Wanda,YooJi and Winwin.

      3. EXOBaekhyunisking

        4 generations...only SM can do that

      4. Light Yagami

        @RM sOld mE jIMinS lOsT jAms fOr 3dollar 💜 Like Super M i think

      5. RM sOld mE jIMinS lOsT jAms fOr 3dollar 💜

        @Joirene oh thank you

    65. 陳峻毓JayChen

      wendy !!!! you are the best

    66. Dylan Wood

      Any Given Moment TaeYeon, BoA, And Wendy Got Center My Pixel Frames Started Crashing 😻

    67. Manuel Martinez

      Este grupo es de los más completos, increíbles vocales, raps impresionantes y el baile también destaca

    68. Hazel

      the song is great..let’s just pretend we’ve never read the lyrics

    69. Lorna Tabotabo

      Taeyeon is really on another level of charisma as an artist. She really stood out with her visual and vocals. She is truly an ace out of all ace.

    70. 김수민

      wow 멋지네요. 이렇게 그룹이 나와도 대박 나겠어요!!!

    71. Miftahul Jannah

      Wendy uri versatile singer we looking forward for the next comeback!! You're an ace.

    72. Makhabat Eralieva

      Wendy is on the next level, I love it

    73. LogicianMagician

      Istg SM vocals are no joke. They really train them well

    74. helloctober 15

      BoA made her debut even before Karina and Winter were born but she is here proving that she can do this ohmygod. SM IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL. Edit: okay i didnt know that it would blow up like this lmao. Thank you for the correction as BoA's debut was in August 2000 so Karina was 4 months already and Winter still nowhere to be found lol. I respect everything on the comment because we all can have our own perspective. I didnt mean anything hurtful so please mind our words. For those who might be confused why did i say SM IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL while they are such a "bad company". Its clear enough that they did mistreatmeant and everything but its only them who have the balls to make a collab for this 1-4 generation idols which is pretty insane. We could came to them with their flaws but do not forget to praise their achievement too. And i dont defend SM. I have a lot of things to say to them too as an ELF for a decade. But lets just appreciate what deserve to be appreciated😄

      1. Amber Sweet Pea! :3

        THANK YOU FOR GIVING CREDIT TO BOA OMFG THANK YOU!!!!!!!! All these cringe newbie kpop fans and Wendy stans are ignoring ALL the Legends in this group - starting with BoA, she is the most ignored rn by this crap generation of kpop fans. Thank you for putting respect on her name, she is SUCH a talented and sweet soul, all your new favs owe ppl like her.

      2. Gracelia Makatengkeng

        1000% AGREE ("the edit" statement)

      3. LadyJane

        Agreee And i think sm not that "bad company" like what most ppl think. The fact that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen group choose to stay in SM and still active until today says something about that company.

      4. MY Maylody

        I love your Comment! Because I love and hate SM at the same time. LOL 😆 🤣 😂 -S♡NE since 2007-

      5. IT'S ME


    75. Noorul Syuhada

      Actually the crazy thing in this group is their vocal is totally in sync and the visuals omg 😳 I'm lost of words....

    76. wd ar94

      Obsessed with Wendy's part

    77. nestiara jdh jaehyun

      0:30 - 0:40 wow I'm addicted to Taeyeon and Wendy's part

    78. Chryss Flores

      i’m just a proud reveluv. my girls are some of the most hardworking people in the world. i believe they can do anything. Our ace, Seulgi and the very versatile main vocals, Wendy.

      1. Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

        @Dylan Yue I'm always shocked people don't consider her an ace when she can sing, rap, dance, and play instruments. SM should take the leash off of Wendy more. It feels like they are doing so lately. And yes both Seulgi and Wendy slay on the regular. My bias and bias wrecker 💛💎💛💎

      2. Chryss Flores

        @Dylan Yue yes she is too

      3. Dylan Yue

        wendy is ace too

    79. Carla

      I fell in love with Wendy and Seulgi. The expressions and the vocals are on point! Also, SM's cameraman is always the best👍

      1. Aakanksha Bannur

        thank you for pointing the camerawork out.... it was phenomenal

      2. Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

        WenSeul always slay!

      3. I'M THE TREND TSM


      4. benz emmanuel bulagao

        Hi fellow yeri stan

      5. Ayu Toel 💜

        Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la Thresome.SITE Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la lease que escriba bien mamon hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado.por la vida dura que se vive hoy . Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    80. Chinguya

      Crazy how SM brought 1st Gen to 4th gen girls together in one frame and still made them fit amazingly.

    81. Sophia 🇧🇷

      O vocal da Wendy manoo Maior que carreiras

    82. Lizbeth Ramírez

      No one is old here, but is amazing compare the dance movements between ladies in their 20's and 30's. They are so powerful!

    83. rosie posie

      Wendy part attracts me a lot... wowww... her vocal is superb.. Chorus pary is🦋🦋

    84. Jiwoo Lee

      this song is so catchy and everyone shines, this is crazy

      1. FANS KAMU

        👉 cerita melawan jerawat

      2. jade sasha

        @blueelemonadee thank you

      3. blueelemonadee

        @jade sasha No one knows what SM's plan is with them except this is the first unit of GOT and there will be more consisting of different SM female artists depending on different theme just like NCT U. But I don't think they will be promoted the same like SuperM but more like S.M. THE BALLAD project

      4. Sad -

        Winters presence wasn’t as much as the rest it she still did so amazing her voice is so recognizable

      5. KB REAÇÃO


    85. Sylvain Jose Gautier

      wendy's second "level" in the pre chorus is really impressive!

    86. Twinkle Twinkle

      TAEYEON devouring up the high note like it's nothing, her graceful yet powerful dance and her visual is out of this world 👑👑😍♥️

    87. Germari Casio

      The fact that they highlight the lines for the vocal line like BoA, Taeyeon, and Wendy and Made the Dancers do the frontline dancing. Then letting the rapping line showcase their talent. Waaaahhhhh 💙

    88. mitha mitha

      stunning, classy, and elegant karina. i love her facial expressions and stage presence

    89. GiGi

      I think this song really gave justice to Hyoyeon's rap abilities and her excellent dance skills. Her aura screams girl crush, she's just flawless in that dance break and rap break + the pink hair really draws everyone's eyes to her ; a *SLAYER*

      1. Laboratorium Batubara

        She is not the center but she always steals my attention since into the new world.

      2. Art in its Many Forms

        Queen Hyo.

      3. Art in its Many Forms

        Btw shidae's girl crush was Taeng Oppa.

      4. K R

        Werk hyo

      5. Mar

        Of course, Hyo was the first with the title "Dancing Queen" and she still holds it 😌💕

    90. ~ PoRrNaSsiAn PaRaPio~

      I'M DYING FROM WENDY'S VOCALS AND WE NEED MORE MUSIC FROM THEM and just pretend you didn't know what the lyrics meant 👍🏻

    91. mitha mitha

      karina just has this charisma that makes you look at her. she steals your attention

    92. jewell

      wendy’s vocals is soooo

    93. suhojjang

      Almost a month since this was released and it’s still included in top 10 trending? O_O

    94. Danny Lopez

      This group is so OP. 3 main vocals, 3 main dancers, 2 main rappers and the legendary BoA who goes beyond the “main” role.

      1. Nobita

      2. hanatake

        0:35 *“My man is on Another Level”* *”You cant even dream about this Level”* Dumb feminists rn: 🤬😡🤮🤢🤬🔥🔥⁉️‼️‼️❓🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡🔥🤮🤢‼️‼️

      3. Aleishea

        Exactly what I was thinking.. BoA is most definitely the main one in this group.

      4. Goose Caboose

        @Malishka Bulsara Who would be the lead rapper in GOT then? Nobody else rapped in this song

      5. Malishka Bulsara

        @Vic Karina is the lead rapper in aespa. In this group she is the main rapper.

    95. Yujinnie

      Not really a fan of the lyrics but this song it's so addicted

    96. mitha mitha

      karina moves are so fluid and mesmerizing and her expressions are always on point

    97. Dear Insomnia

      That's what I'm talking about, SM's greatest vocals together

    98. Shandy Thalia putri

      Wendy and winter are very good

    99. UMBRA STUDIO 움브라채널

      The amount of people who do high notes here is unhealthy. Slay girlsss

      1. Nobita

      2. 彡Asyera_Peachy つ°

        @Irma Antig Agree with you, the glass will break XD

      3. Irma Antig

        I feel like when your watching this mv please dont use a glass for drinking water haha they will crack it.

    100. PANE FAMILY

      It's crazy! BoA debuted even before Winter was born. She debuted in 2000, and Winter was born 2001 😳 Fighting Girls On Top!!!