(ENG sub) [2021 MBC 가요대제전] 임윤아 X 이준호 - Señorita (YOONA X JUNHO - Señorita), MBC 211231 방송



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    1. NNN


      1. Harish Tarale

        @Gb Mnbm Ikr 😢

      2. Gb Mnbm

        @Harish Tarale The top groups used to do those collabs and variety shows together all the time, today is easier to see a cow flying, that’s the point

      3. Harish Tarale

        @Julia Rhea Collab is very much possible even today. Bambam and Seulgi also had a collab recently for 'Who are you?' and everyone seemed very happy about it. But if you are one of the Top 3rd Gen grps then a collab between them is highly unlikely.

      4. random ramyeon

        I swear 2nd Gen is the best. I still wanna live in it.

      5. SlAeri_KetXo

        @Julia Rhea tnx to delusional,immature fans😑 Idols can't be friends,can't date/marry,can't even look at eachother without being shipping,can't make collaborations😑

    2. Vishtae

      Omg don't know which group....and also didn't know there are couple dance in kpop...but it was wow..i loved it

      1. Bhai

        new kpop….ok

      2. yoona limlimlim

        @twixter it's okay, some 2nd gen trash didn't know about 1st gen legends very well too

      3. twixter

        imagine not knowing who Yoona is

      4. twixter

        @OT6 Vixx 😂

      5. yoona limlimlim

        How innocent, you mus check out trouble maker 😂

    3. 웨이브

      정말 대단한 건 2010년대 폭풍적으로 활동했던 같은 90년생 두 아이돌이 세대가 바뀌고 몇 년이 지나서 다른 분야에서도 큰 활약함과 동시에 본업은 또 잃지 않고 프로다운 그 모습이 너무 멋지고 아름다움..

    4. swan

      I’m obsessed with this performance!! it’s their chemistry and the stage presence they give off strong vibes which give me chills BAHAHAH I LOVE THEM BOTH

      1. Emmanuel Cura

        Love them both to see in dramas too... 🥰🥰🥰


        Junho very professional

      3. alida flus

        So beautiful. Watch it all the time

    5. Sherina Clara

      I hope yoona and Junho can paired up in drama as a couple😍

    6. Haz 143

      That's why any collaboration between 2PM and SNSD is LEGEND. Junho and Yoona bring out their skill. Acting and dancing. I'm hoping for this kinda stage for along time.

      1. Moiru Pebrian

        My favourite is Cabi Song

      2. ByunBaekoned

        this stage really brought me back to 2010~2011 with those 9PM feels

      3. raniaqismina


      4. Luuu bna

        OMG Yesss 2PM & SNSD 's chemistry is Soooo fucking legendary 🔥🔥🔥

      5. Melodies_Memory of exy


    7. Anijane Lopez

      They are so perfect together ❤️😍 I can't wait to see them in the same drama in the future.

    8. Apple Rose

      This is such a wonderful collab! Yoona's dance skill is still amazing and Junho's charisma is still alive. How I badly miss seeing 2nd generation groups perform on stage. T_T

    9. Ellie9

      I just love Junho's dancing; his moves are smooth yet precise without being cut-throat. Hope he'll have a comeback now that his drama is over.

      1. Nazifa Amin

        He is so handsome

    10. lllll

      윤아는 진짜 어쩔수 없이 걸그룹에 이바지해야할 인물이다...

    11. Truth hurts

      This performance doesn't even have a hard choreography but it's way better than the recent collabs that I've seen. Their chemistry, stage presence, visual and flawless dance moves made this performance unforgettable. This is how a collab should be done. Also, people should now understand why Yoona is still on discussions when it comes to top visual and center until now because she is the best.

      1. Stephanie

        She is the standard of visual and center.. She doesn't need unique, expensive or sparkling outfit to stand out..she just shines at whatever she does.. Even if she is with 3rd/4th gen

      2. Truth hurts

        @Faqqiey Alias This is literally a special performance for us fans since she won't be attending SM town concert today. She's busy right now because of her upcoming drama but she still spend some time to practice and perform this collab just for the fans.

      3. De Leon, Maurine P.

        I do Also miss her performing on stage

      4. Hana Kim


      5. Faqqiey Alias

        It’s just quick choreo. They both busy and yoona said it was special performance for her fans cz it’s been awhile she on stage. As fan i’m not complaining. I just miss her performs.

    12. Little Kid

      I'm so happy to grow up when they're still an idol group. Now.. this two are legend. Their chemistry have no lack and can't beaten. Senorita from 2nd generation of Kpop. ❤️Yoona &Junho

      1. SleepLess

        Junho is still an idol. 2PM has their comeback last year and now they are doing their solo projects.

    13. lynn Diaz

      We need a drama for this two, their charisma and visuals are perfect together.

    14. Booom

      윤아 유튜브에 준호님이랑 세뇨리따 연습실영상 올라왔어요 !!🤭🤭😭 다들 보러가세요 !!💃💃💃

    15. KaiSaLu EXO

      Miss my 2nd generation era..i love this collab so much,can yoona and junho have a drama in future please!??

    16. Winter

      2nd Generation of Kpop isnt called Golden Era for nothing. Look at how charismatic and sticky the performance is, they’re still nailing it! We shall never forget them because their IMPACT is INSANE!

      1. AlterEgo756

        @Mirna Rosales It is impactful for people who grew up with this culture. I don't get why you're looking down at people with different culture and experiences.

      2. Mirna Rosales

        @Yoong Ha Na thanks for the info, I still don't get it and never will because the truth is there is nothing impactful about this, and it does irk me that they are being called "impactful" at the expense of another artist's music and culture, this can hardly be considered artistic. You can like what you like and ignore comments like mine but it is what it is 🤮

      3. Yoong Ha Na

        @Mirna Rosales If this is a sincere question, lemme explain real quick. These 2 people dancing right here belong to two separate groups - 2PM (boygroup) and SNSD (girl group). The reason we say it's impactful is because a performance coming from 2 different groups of the opposite sex is very rare in kpop. So if you are not a fan of kpop at all and just happened to pass by, yeah it will come off as a typical dance cover. Just let the fans enjoy since it is really a special stage for us. Thanks for checking it out though to give your 2 cents.

      4. Mirna Rosales

        @Winter talk of the town for who sweetie? Brainless kpop stans like you? Hahahaha what is it about you guys talking about I M P A CT so much? Is that the only word you know? I'm literally here because I'm a fan of Camila Cabello ( a real latina woman who dances like one) and because of a YT algorithm. You're delusional.

      5. Winter

        @Mirna Rosales lol, it may be a song of another artist but this year-end dance collaboration is still the talk of the town. it made an impact to haters like you who came here to do nothing but throw hate comment.

    17. 날 쏘고 가라

      매년 가요대제전 무대를 찢는 윤아 .. 🥰

    18. Chris Pang


    19. Camicam

      Still be the best performance so far

    20. PHUONG KIM

      Wow their chemistry is on fire , even in just the dance practice

    21. fasy

      2ND GEN don't play y'all. they rarely do this but once they did, they SLAY. PERIOD

      1. hermione_here

        True ❤️

      2. Marie Elizabeth Clar

        I miss the 2nd gen idol groups

      3. ryan tomcat

        @Ms. Fangirl Cslg II 😌👍🏻❤❤

      4. Justina Fitri Soleha


    22. Kaye Cera

      YOONA and JUNHO showcasing 2nd Generation ERA Talent The Chemistry of these two is on fire!!! SNSDx2PM

    23. CandyByun

      Junho is not only talented singer/dancer but also talented actor . He is really chemistry with Yoona. I'm looking forward his upcoming dramas and songs

    24. Sae-e

      Miss this generation!!!! 2pm and GG are the OG kings and queens

    25. Adfth _11

      This stage is so crazy

    26. Bruna Melo

      It's so sad that these partnerships are increasingly rare in kpop due to the obsession of fans. They are so legendary...

      1. NoSanaNoLife

        @Niks agreed. Kpop has grown and the fans are much more diverse and less loyal to kpop; more loyal to their own artists aka being delusional. Thus, many big fandoms like armies, blinks and onces appear most toxic. Though there are big fandoms that don't cause as much controversies because it depends on the target audience and their career/group discography. Blackpink, for example, literally targets anyone: immature kids, adults, etc and their music are more conceitful, whereas a group like Seventeen's discography isn't as diversely targeting and more humble, thus why Carats are so respected for being "the best fandom".

      2. Niks

        @자넷 depends with the fandom though... I think. E.g we have Bambam x Seulgi and we loved it

      3. 자넷

        @R J it’s the truth 👀 did u see what happened when tae accidentally followed jennie? like cmon

      4. R J

        damn sis hny who hurt u

      5. it’s dee

        @SleepLess they probably means other groups as in the newer generation like 3rd/4th gen... 2nd indeed did a lot of this kind of collaboration but it is rare in kpop these days

    27. 해피투게더

      진심으로 이때 윤아한테 반했음 .... 지금도 반하고 있는중 ......

    28. Xiao Chris

      What a elegant and gorgeous charming lady Yoona is!

    29. 지니지니

      윤아 몸매에 치이고 준호 눈빛에 치이고 춤선은 말해뭐해 10년전 핫아이돌들중 탑이였는데

    30. sh j

      투피엠 소녀시대 조합 오랜만이다 전성기때 콜라보 종종 했었던거 기억나네

    31. Nicole

      2nd Gen is the best era. their stage presence is overflowing, and the chemistry is too much to handle. no one can compare to 2nd gen artists there are too powerful. a golden era indeed. ♡

      1. tey vang

        Yea, they are good... this era is when kpop got things right... main & lead vocals, lead dancers and everything else... now it's like, okay sure, you can be the main and you be the lead vocalists, but their vocals don't have the quality that should be those... the vocals just sound like any other members... the main & lead dancers don't choreograph the bands dances... the rappers are just whatever... 1st generation, you needed a hook to make you a main or lead rapper...

      2. MsThejourney


      3. Latanya Wong

        Right my 2nd gen heart😫🔥

    32. Maria Cristel Baldo

      My bias YOONA!

    33. Anu

      와 이 조합 미쳤다🔥연말 무대는 둘이 부셔버렸네...너무 이쁘고 섹시하고 잘생기고 멋있어서 눈물 난다❤️

    34. 자몽몽몽이

      윤아 미모야 말해 뭐해 입아픈 융프로디테고 특유의 깔끔한 춤선과 소녀시대 센터다운 저 모습들 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 윤아 무대 볼 수 있어서 행복한 가요대제전...

    35. Gale

      1st gen and 2nd gen idols rarely go on stage these days but once they do it's LEGENDARY

    36. Annie Y.

      Honestly, this isn't my first time here, and it won't be my last. What a performance!

      1. Stephanie

        I can't move on from this hahah..

      2. Michelle Carillo

        @Annie Y. Hahaha yes i think i really love junho oppa

      3. Annie Y.

        @Michelle Carillo LOL I guess you're a big contributor to the views of this video then!

      4. Michelle Carillo

        Same here everyday i keep on coming back hahaha i'll play it for 20x per day 😂

      5. LEMONADE

        damn so true

    37. o _o

      오우 이조합 머야....존나 좋잖아

    38. Celeste Beltran

      really good, the chemistry between them and how well they represented the meaning of the song!!

    39. Maral Masomi

      미쳤다 ㅠ너나어이버탸쟂

    40. lllll

      가요대제전은 항상 오프닝이 무대 찢네ㄷ 윤아 춤도 춤인데 얼굴 진짜 미친거 아니야...? 괜히 걸그룹 비주얼 레전드가 아니야.... 가요대제전에 윤아 없으면 진짜 허전할 것 같앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 준호는 진짜 섹시하다...ㅠ

    41. xyj

      2nd gen understands what is a COLLABORATION STAGE. this is already the best collab stage we’ve gotten this year. Yoona and Junho has that effortless and natural stage presence and charisma, as expected from 2nd gen.

      1. Kim Ayaa

        What i like from 2nd gen is they look effortless but the presence scream we are the star.

      2. Aisyah Lu

        Why i am so agree with you i think this is the best collaboration a whole 2021 ever...

      3. Melodies_Memory of exy

        True!! Ikr!! Not just now even back then they got awesome stage be it their own stage, collab or remix all they show 🔥👑

    42. 홍빛노을

      둘다 춤선이 기가 막히네ㄷㄷ

    43. Jacky Baduria

      That was so good omg, I got goosebumps! So proud of Yoona and Junho! Incredible chemistry right there!

    44. 미술작가 오쿄미 TV

      최소 100번은 본 듯 춤도 너무 잘 추고 예쁘고 멋지고 잘 어울려 ㅠㅠ❤️

    45. Black Angel

      This collaboration is as universal as the real song!! Junho and Yoona are perfect and gorgeous together!!

    46. Sunshine Light

      This is the interaction and chemistry we missed from 2nd gen. Just go search and you will see their Cabi CF during the time where 2PM AND SNSD were on their peak AND both groups have the public and such a big fandom on their sides but still they don’t care and did all kind of stages for male and female idol. Imagine a Cabi Cf like that for 3rd and 4th gen? Hell will break loose lol. Lee Junho has been known as amazing actor but he’s actually the main dancer for 2PM. A jack of all trades who ace at everything he can sing, dance and compose songs!

      1. ;;

        @whalien52 Yes, snsd got the black ocean bc of being polite and close to their male seniors. But you know, suju and other groups involved in the black ocean reprimanded their fans for being like that. Fans are wilder and crazier before but idols back then aren't really that afraid to call out ppl especially when they feel like that their fans are going to much. They're brave enough to do those stuff before. They (snsd and the male groups they are close with) did tone down the interaction for a very short while but after that, they had blatantly opened up their closeness again. Fans saw that and can't do anything about it so they let everyone off the hook.

      2. Nanahyy1

        The fans from 3rd and 4th are the worst...

      3. Deena 259

        agree~ I miss all these interaction and chemistry from 2nd gen groups~

      4. cloiebuggeater

        @whalien52 i love 2nd gen groups, but the fans can be super toxic. Back then the companies did nothing about sasangs and forced their groups to be thankful to crazy stalkers. JaeJoong (formerly tvxq) has said he used to have to move frequently because fans would find his house and start breaking in. Someone in TVXQ was also almost poisoned by a "fan". Nowadays at least the companies will take legal action against fans that go too far. Also SuJu fans demanded SM kick out the first member who got married. Hyuna is also second gen and cube kicked her out for acknowledging she was dating . She and Dawn seem to be doing great with Psy's company, though so their loss.

      5. rising thought14

        @Inspiring Spring MY even we need to pray night and day for -- a standing to each other-- duet rite.... 😿 Oh, last time I checked gen 3 did some pretty solid collab in Sbs gayo dajeon. Also svt gfriend in mama. (But not cabi song level, I must admit 😆) But then after that, pretty rare to see them doing those exciting collab agaim.

    47. SheWolfe1998

      2PM and Girls Generation have always had this intense chemistry you can't find in any other groups. The visual and the sexual tension is all there. 2nd Gen are legends I've witnessed their supremacy when I was a child. ♥️♥️♥️

    48. 윤예령

      요즘 준호가 좋더라

    49. mikea hiooi

      Yoona visual is really on another level. She is a natural beauty and truly the nation visual 💕


      my biases from my fave 2nd gen boy and girl group!! GO SLAAAAAAY

    51. Suryana Latif

      Yoona still nation center even she's from gen 2. Her expression, dance, everthing is perfect

      1. CL L

        What expression lol

      2. Syarifah Jamillah

        Yesss 😍


      my biases from my fave 2nd gen boy and girl group!! GO SLAAAAAAY

    53. KAI KAI

      pls hire them in one drama

    54. naziraXsepgu

      Who is the choreographer? I want to thank her for creating such an iconic dance. Also, Kudos to snsd yoona and 2pm junho for doing a legendary stage & performance !!! Both are my favorite idols and seeing them performing together is like a gifts for both fandoms!

      1. Merlyn Kyaw

        @NaziraXsepgu ywc 👍

      2. naziraXsepgu

        @Merlyn Kyaw ohh i see, thank you 👍❤

      3. Merlyn Kyaw

        Jang Ju hee

    55. Risse Diapera

      2 of my fave 2nd gen idols and actors 🤧💕💕💕

    56. Giang Hồ Ngọc Quỳnh

      Yoona never let me down. She really is getting more and more beautiful.

      1. Xyz Abc

        @Anh nguyễn 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

      2. Live ur Life

        @Dyna gas terus sistaah

      3. O-Mega 오메가

        @Anh nguyễn You can go crazy over Rose. But it also doesn't have to be bad for other idols

      4. Dyna

        @Anh nguyễn flap flop flap flop mbah mu kwi ha, kocak lu mba 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 nek flop opo iso menang penghargaan terus haaaaa mikir, dwe utek di nggo mikir 😌, iri bilang bos 😌 maap esmosi 🥲

      5. Anh nguyễn

        @BLINK FOREVER if you're a BLINK don't get involved with yoona. Let's plow the view for ROSÉ and vote for her, have nothing to do with yoona

    57. star scar

      윤아 춤선 미쳤다

    58. TheChantara

      I'm missing 2nd gen so much! Good that some groups are coming back. 2nd gen groups are really insane! They're really great in all aspects whether it's live vocals, dance, variety skills, acting, etc. I had a lot of fun seeing them interact before! It feels good to see them again! ♥️

    59. jiwon cho

      여자 아이돌중 원픽 윤아 !!! 얼굴 분위기 춤선 그리고 윤아의 바람이 불면 (When The Wind Blows) 의 보이스도 너무 매력적 ^^ 사랑비 드라마의 윤희와 하나가 너무 사랑스러웠던 윤아. 앞으로도 많은 활동 기대할께요 ^^

    60. miko foin

      This is such a wonderful collab! Yoona's dance skill is still amazing and Junho's charisma is still alive. How I badly miss seeing 2nd generation groups perform on stage. T_

    61. Noverinda Noverinda

      This is a LEGENDARY OPENING!2PM and Girls' Generation haven't collaborated like this in a long time. I hope they have another project together. I really miss them. Their dancing and acting skills are excellent. They have good chemistry. Thank you MBC, Junho and Yoona. You guys are the best! Happy New Year! Edit: Thanks for like and comment.

      1. Lily Princess

        Another collab together ?? They don't even have projects with their own grps

      2. A Nida Socmed

        @Adeline K Yoona used to have collaboration with taec but he has a girlfriend now 😂😂 we can't ship Yoona and taec anymore

      3. Adeline K

        @A Nida Socmed yeaa i rmbr!! The nostalgia is hitting me 😂😂 I miss seeing 2PM and SNSD performing together 🥺✨

      4. WIZ*ONE

        @Apocalypse EXACTLY🌌💕🌈💌

      5. Apocalypse


    62. Julia Morgan

      I am absolutely and utterly in love with this performance! Omg Yoona darling your are sexy and graceful I am beyond impressed! And the male lead from a Latina having the Latin flavor while dancing to these rhythms is not easy but you Killed it! Love it so much!!!!!

    63. Booom

      윤아는 매년 연말 MC 하는것도 너무 대단하고 진행은 말해뭐해~ 거기다가 매번 완벽한 무대까지.. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥윤아 없는 가요대제전 상상도 안가,,🤭

    64. kittycat

      Yoona visual is really on another level. She is a natural beauty and truly the nation visual 💕

      1. ryan tomcat

        AGREE 😌❤❤👍🏻

    65. Random Potassium

      Yoona the original Kpop Visual. Our love. Our Soshi's Pride.

    66. Ophélie K

      The choreography, their fluid moves and touches, their glances, everything is so beautiful and hot, as expected from 2nd gen idols! A legendary performance, and collaboration, was born 👏👏

      1. Chewy Dubu Sanake

        Yesss ❤❤

    67. AJ Yoon

      이야 윤아 표정연기 보소

    68. Kiyo mi

      They slayed

    69. yoona limlimlim

      I can't get enough of this

    70. my karina

      Me encantó < 3

    71. rözië


      1. max

        Yoona is the Nations Visual, Nations ideal type and Nations center.

      2. bobo chen

        yes !!!

      3. Irene

        Original visual since then! Unbeatable 👸🔥😭😘❤️

      4. Melanie

        Her beauty is almost unmatchable

      5. De Leon, Maurine P.

        Still no one can beat her on her spot 🤍

    72. 엉엉엉 너는 누구냐아아

      와 진짜 난 준호가 왤케 부럽냐ㅠㅠㅠ

    73. 김채연

      내 학창시절을 수놓아줬던 언니 오빠들이 같이 춤춰준것만으로도 좋았는데 춤선까지 진짜 대박이다.. 언니 오빠들 적게 일하고 많이 버세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    74. koizumi

      I don't like the camera moving but this performance is so lit! Yoona and Junho, you've done so well ❤️

      1. koizumi

        @dear me woah I just knew that there's a fancam. Thank you :)

      2. dear me

        The fancam video is much better this is why it has more views than this

    75. Iliana Yuna

      윤아는 오리지널 비주얼이지... 얼국 존나 예쁘고 몸매도 완벅하고 키크고 춤선이 너무 예쁘고 아니.. 그냥 완벽해.. 성격까지! 진짜 항상 응원할게용 ㅠㅠㅠ 소녀시대 15주년이니까 에셈... 컴백해주자 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 오지지도 좋지만... 8명 다 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    76. Trisha Sengupta

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      1. 쿠쿠루삥뽕

        @Jihan the president of orbit fandom 2PM

      2. Jihan the president of orbit fandom

        What's his group name

      3. Ronald Tangaro

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      4. Ronald Tangaro


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      1. Adli Hadiyan Munif


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      3. Blue Berry

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      5. Lily M

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        @OH! My GG Thank you, happy new year to you too.

      3. Ben Kuoo

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      4. OH! My GG

        @J0701 You're welcome! And Happy New Year!!

      5. OH! My GG

        @Rizky Ramadhan Hasibuan They already released the song last December 27. It's title is "Melody".

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