Adrien Brody & Zazie Beets Have Similar NY Roots

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    James welcomes his guests Adrien Brody and Zazie Beets to the show, both alumni of LaGuardia Arts High School which unfortunately wasn't like a "Glee" episode every day. And after Zazie gives James a deep dive on ASMR, James asks Adrien about appearing in this season of "Succession" and whether his character will return.

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    1. Pak De

      Adrien Brody is such a talented actor.

    2. 19cosmo91

      I'm just here for Zazie. She's been getting some great roles and delivering captivating performances. Can't wait to see what she does next. 🤎

    3. Marco Trosi

      I want Adrien to play the Luigi character in a serious Mario and Luigi live-action Thriller/Action movie. Thanks

    4. dingaia

      Zazi is incredible. So glad to see her

    5. A Afedola

      Brody was very good in The Pianist.

    6. Piccoli Testicoli

      Adrien Brody rockin' that KITH jacket! 🔥

    7. Jean, but in french

      Zazie needs to do one of those celebrities asmr

    8. Jonny DIY

      Adrian is so cool.

    9. martin johnstone

      It's just so obvious that James has never actually been to New York long enough to understand it or speak their language. Nick, it's time: move TLLS to NYC for a month while you move Colbert to LA for a month. Seriously. James needs to see more than LA.

    10. adam rickster

      Adrien Brody is hot af. Love him in Chapelwaite

    11. Belpaese Diaries

      One of the best actor ever ..

    12. Deborah Cordova

      I Love Love Adrien Brody. "Cadillac Records"

    13. Mughalski

      Adrien brody one of my fav. actor.

    14. Misha Panferov

      this ain't adrien brody, this is luca changretta

    15. NORA NASER

      Adrien Brody ❤️

    16. D J

      Zazie Beats is so gorgeous!

    17. teacup 4

      Adrien is so handsome

    18. Brenda R

      I always think of Ned Yost when I see the NY logos... 2015 World Series.

    19. Kat B

      They can’t pay what they owe.

    20. Bappy Hasan Jahid

      got oscar at the very first nomination 😯😯😯