Good People, Good Deed | Woman Is hunted Inside Elevator By A Pervert

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    Woman Is hunted Inside Elevator by a pervert

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    1. Mifrah Muzzamil

      Women should learn to protect themselves It's your body it's your responsibility Don't depend on men for your safety Men should learn to control their temptations and lower their gaze as well Majority of the men when they see a woman passing by They see a piece of meat passing by not a human being who deserves respect Modesty applies to both men and women

    2. cool bro

      A woman acting weird like that, would make me think there's something wrong

      1. John Smith

        For reals

      2. Irgash Sarimsakov

        галати ошик- ма’шуклар


    3. suresh jayanthy

      She stepped out same floor n followed him, went to 6th follr stair n after realising he is searching she came from stairs.

    4. viiont eooiy

      Would have made more sense if she pressed 6 at first and then got off at 5. Almost had it.

    5. senith munasinghe

      the wrong thing is she is not wearing a mask she is a danger to others 😶😂😂😂

      1. Malith Prasad

        සිංහල නේද උබ 😂

      2. Ali Mirinejad


      3. Basavaraj J


      4. ïarap lem Channel


      5. John Smith


    6. ᄒᄒ

      남자가 불안해야할 상황인데 킹받네

    7. sagar nanaware

      He came back to give her a mask

    8. Thea Theavy

      Yes!!Beautiful and smart that’s how we can be safe

    9. Sufyaan Shafeek

      They were together upto the fourth floor. Then he gets out and soon tries to get back in. It doesn't make any sense... What are you trying to convey???

    10. James Bono

      Would have made more sense if she pressed 6 at first and then got off at 5. Almost had it.

    11. mario cortes

      If she's so scared why she went back?


      Bro, I know background song is a music for body and spirit to increase human power

    13. Fazil Syed

      Worst concept ever 😂

    14. Ian Seifried

      When two people use an elevator, the man is a pervert? Can't two people use an elevator without having a problem?

      1. Ian Seifried

        @John Smith the guy looked at her like twice. That makes him a creep? That's what I am trying to get at. What about this guy makes him a creep or a pervert? Something he actually did or just because people are scared of their own shadow these days?

      2. John Smith

        The creep beside her? 🤔

      3. Teresa Romano

        Ian , it's not her fault it's the creep beside her, unfortunately many people are put into situation like this.

    15. Audrey Smith

      I would of helped him down those stairs. With my foot

      1. John Smith

        What he did? He was trying to get her details for Corona tracking

    16. wuoi zuiu

      Parabéns por perceber

    17. john Johnson


    18. I love Korea

      여자가 무서워!

    19. Mika Joo

      It happened to me when i was in Singapore a years ago When i take a lift there 1 man standing behind me and grab my shirt,lucky my neighbour saw me and shout and almost hit that man.. Until now i am a bit trauma when i take the lift.

      1. Milo Barathi

        This can happen in any country. In Singapore very rare. Its almost 99 percent safe in Singapore.

    20. Maria José José

      Se ele queria fazer mal a ela pq so percebeu q queria depiis de sai?

    21. Owen Ngo

      How come she walks down from the floor above?

      1. Pradeep Krish

        Just BS, plus the lady is not wearing a mask, sending a very wrong msg.

      2. Real Stud


      3. Vechu Senjing

        She must be ghost 😷

      4. Owen Ngo

        @Lakshmi Persaud if she pressed 6 after the door closed, she should still be in the elevator when the door opened at 5 that the bad guy should be able to see her. She had no chance to reach 6 before the door open at 5.

      5. Lakshmi Persaud

        She pushed 6 after the elevator door closed, then walked down to 5. Seems like she realized she pushed 5 too late and resort to the option she used. She's absolutely genius in a split second decision making!


      Parabéns por perceber

    23. Gandhi Kakarala

      What a love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    24. José Carlos Domingos Domingos


      1. Apenas canais inglês

        Are you gay man!

    25. Mumtaz Esther

      Wow 👏

    26. Sadman Sakib

      Background music name please?? I am searching for this bgm 😢

    27. Julio Cesar Feitosa

      Esse elevador parece de papelão e plástico

    28. Somay Hansda

      Nice vid Love this ...

    29. Людмила путь к счастью

      Не нужно заходить девушке с незнакомым мужчиной в лифт


      It's like a puzzle 🤔

    31. Валентина Ионова

      Ну она же не русская и не понима ет, что надо правильно делать !!!!!

    32. Surjya Bhuiyan

      Super 😘❣️

    33. Syed Ansar

      Very funny videos

    34. kamal satyarthi

      Difficult to understand for me.

    35. добрый

      Лайк . Однозначно !👍

    36. H P drama explanation in Bangla

      What is the drama name? Please tell me. I Am Bangladeshi 🇧🇩

    37. Maka Jajaja

      She’s the real stocker

      1. koala2007

        She STOCKS what?

    38. Aiswarya Sudheer

      What happened 😂

    39. hari prasad

      Still confused who is pervert in this

    40. Tiara Permata

      La vi cuando tenía 10 años 40 años años después la sigo creo k sea el únicok

    41. Anzar Kunhi

      I didn't understand the concept of this video.


        No Awareness The boy did not press buttom as he wanted to kidnaff her

      2. jestin varghese

        Don't think much ...coz nothing been there 🌄

      3. Kenny Khoo

        @John Smith The only way is if the guy ran so slow that when he reached the 5th floor the lift would have closed and resulting him to press the lift button. If that the case then the guy is also brainless thinking the girl would still be in the lift if he is to press the button to open the lift. The guy could have ran faster and do believe he can and when reach the 5th floor and the lift opened and the girl didn't have enough time to close the door cause real situation lift will take time to close. So its not a good idea at all for the girl to think she can outplayed the guy by pressing the 6th floor rather than not going in the lift with anyone suspicious. This is why certain lift allow you to cancel the floor button.

      4. John Smith

        I don't think Sherlock Holmes understood it

      5. Малика Юлдошева

        @Milo Barathi salom

    42. Shivam Sharma


    43. Adi Gudipati

      Beautiful girl 💞

    44. Monika  gupta

      Selfdifence kuchh kuchh dhik hai par puri tarah se ye sahi prakriya nahi hai because is prakaar se other person uncomfert ho jaata hai🔱🚩😎🚩🔱be smart but .

    45. 아리가또고쟁이맛살


      1. 머리카락


    46. UnfamousDesi

      boy like.. aaj to maza ageya 😁

    47. Cloth Botique with Ahsen

      Nice 👍

    48. Svetlana Khalitova

      И в чем прикол?

    49. Miss Veronika FF

      She give creepy smile I think she do anything wrong related with that guy 🤔🤔🤔

    50. Женис Бимбетов

      Нестыковка: она должна была тоже подниматься, но мы видим, что она спускается...

    51. Arnaldo Camargo

      Que maravilha

      1. Mercedes de Vez

        Yo tampoco entiendo

      2. Nadia Bailo

        Tbm não entendi

      3. Neusa Correia

        ?????????não tendi nada

    52. Ginger Teddy

      How did she do that?

    53. Begum Karbary

      Smart thinking

    54. Chisom Udoka

      Love is sweet

    55. Rekha Sharma


    56. SAM KORVEN

      Background music is vry touching

    57. Татьяна Грахова

      Девушки,никогда не нажимайте свой этаж,если вдвоём остались,потом нажмёте,когда он выйдет!

      1. Наталья Вараксина

        А лучше никогда не садитесь в лифт с незнакомцем.

    58. Said KAMRON

      Girl 💪🏻💪🏾💪🏻

    59. IDIOMA971

      But what happened ...

    60. 맹옥희

      무섭다 정말 무섭다 진짜로~💀

    61. Reather Calvin

      Smart Lady. ❤

      1. Hah Gdvh

        ااااغ٤تتتتاتعلى ٥ااااااااغ٤تتتتاتعلى ٤٥٥كتاااا٤٤٥٥كت ااااااااغاغغاغاغغغاااااااغااااغااغا٤غغاااا٤من

    62. Noor Shanto

      Background music name please ?

    63. Negrito Cucurumbe

      I think she is the Evil 👿 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Aslan Manjer

      I need this sound

    65. نشوان الخطفي

      نصيحة عامة...طُوبَى لِمَنْ مَاتَ وَمَاتَتْ مَعَهُ ذُنُوبُهُ، وَالْوَيْلُ الطَّوِيلُ لِمَنْ يَمُوتُ وَتَبْقَى ذُنُوبُهُ مِائَةَ سَنَةٍ وَمِائَتَيْ سَنَةٍ، يُعَذَّبُ بِهَا فِي قَبْرِهِ، وَيُسْأَلُ عَنْهَا إِلَى انْقِرَاضِهَا

    66. Veronica Loves

      Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la SWEETGIRLS.Uno hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy. Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

      1. Gautam Kumar

        Hiii my friend

    67. Marisa Leonel Claro

      Ñ entendi ,ele queria fazer mal a ela?

      1. Instagram traço nobre bull

        Ele queria fazer um mau a ela, só que ela sendo mais esperta em cada caso.

    68. ~wølf  FF~


    69. Noel le

      The girls name is Trang Abby, I have seen her acting a lot!! A Vietnamese short!!

    70. Farid Md


    71. Rustem Órizkbayev


    72. Jovohir Bozorov


    73. RAIS kassar Zardari


    74. Readdic Rai

      Lov is lov😍👏🙏👑💗

    75. Otashv Davran


    76. Amna Ashrafi.1

      I didn't get any concept of this

    77. Virginia Torres

      Ahora si que no entendía nada, el misterioso era el y resulta que la misteriosa era ella, o estoy mal.?

    78. Ramesh Stha


    79. SosaMix Relax

      Hermosa pero malevola...

    80. Akmad Sanusi

      Ciwi nya imut ihh...

    81. Ashraf Matar

      Love love love

    82. Duy Phong Phạm

      Trai tài gái sắc đấy. Mà sao làm clip chán thật

    83. BlackJack7 • 900 years ago

      woman always right! f,y!!

    84. Dragon Snipero

      She have a naughty look maybe it was her who is stocking him

    85. Hassan Shah

      I did not get anything from this clip. What is the purpose of this clip?

    86. Gazi Golapshaha


    87. Murali E


    88. Оксана Дмитриевна

      Парень и девушка вошли в лифт он нажал 4,она5,он бежит на 5-й ,она идёт с 6-го вниз,СК авторов комментаторов организаторов исполнителей разработчиков сценаристов цыган участников

      1. BoyM Axys

        Главное, что она с такой нехорошей улыбочкой спускается

    89. Mary Jo


    90. مسيلية الاكلات التقليدية

      مافهمتش شي ياريت توضحونا ماذا يعني هذا الفيديو

    91. monam hajrah


    92. mohamed bennah


    93. Pagal Pagli


    94. mohinar mohammed

      How she is coming down from the floor Because she is in lift in fifth floor but she is coming from sixth floor how comes

    95. Safar Mahmad


    96. StrontiumDog87

      What’s the point of this video exactly??

      1. Cheick Mahi Fombaammi


      2. Prakash p.

        Bojja rande magana.. but music sooperb.

    97. em mahmoud

      تشبه قصة فتاة المصعد في كوريا الجونبية

    98. ناظم غانم

      لقاء راقي ومميز .

    99. Mohammad Arif

      Beautiful 😍