Amazing yoga trick ! 😱

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    What do you think about this trick?! 🧘‍♀️

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    1. José Roberto Santos Melo

      Este é o melhor exercício, feito regularmente com paixão!!!

      1. Joao depaula


    2. Jonatas Duarte

      Com esse motivação eu treino todo dia, kkkk

      1. Edgar Serralheiro dicas & artes Bandeirantes ms

        Daí solta um pum e a motivação vai pro ralo kkk

    3. valdir Pereira

      Muito bom 👏👏

    4. Shonn Milton

      Tried this with my girl nine months ago. It went well 🤰

    5. Alan Baldassim

      Opa Isso sim é exercício BOM

      1. Tiago S


      2. Marcio SantAnna

        É a posição de yoga xana na cara

      3. Projeto Mercadinho

        Kkkkkk.... Ai sim.


      Best yoga ever 🙂, i never get tired of watching


      Com esse incentivo eu fico o dia todo

    8. Altemir Souza

      Esse exercicio é mara. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜

    9. gonzalo cabanzo

      "Que delicia de ejercicio", así dan ganas de llegar a 200 años de vida entrenando .. 🤟🤟🤟

      1. Jimmy Cerda Reyes


      2. norma ponce


      3. Kolisetti Sujatha


    10. William Dunn

      Yoga at its best. I think we all had one thing in mind 😂

      1. VICKY TECH

        69 😄🤫

      2. Frank Locklear

        Could be breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert. 🎂. STARVING MARVIN

      3. Lambert Wilson

        Looks like breakfast of champions..

      4. Corey Gavin

        @Marshall63 I guess that comment went way over your head and it was just mildly cyptic, if at all.

      5. Kris G

        @Jaz Muzz she did not look unhappy tho 🤔😏

    11. sokin jon

      Muito bom 👏👏

    12. Paulino gamez

      Así paso todo el día asiendo ejercicio.🤣🤣🤣

    13. Lú de Oliveira

      Intensificar os treinos, pra ter condições de realizar este exercício regularmente! 😚🔥🔥❤👅

      1. Lú de Oliveira

        @Luis Romo 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Luis Romo

        Callese brazileiro

    14. Brittany Bush

      It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece ✨

    15. Reggie Kray

      Exercício massa

      1. DAVI22K

        Né kkkk

    16. Joe Presley

      Been doing this move for years... had no idea its yoga 🤣

      1. Zeth H.R.

        Bueno ahora se que puedo llamarlo "yoga" y técnicamente es verdad. Siempre supe que esto era excelente para la salud.

      2. Danny Walker

        Lol me too

    17. Harpreet sahi

      I acquired yoga as new hobby only after watching this video. I wonder how many others want to go in to do this particular one 😂

    18. nieooj gotoy

      Just imagine your wife going for yoga class only to find this as her training😂

    19. Eustáquio Jacarandá

      Deu arrepios de emoção!

    20. Djalma Toscano de Melo Djalma

      Que execício massa

      1. The Fast

        Kkkk mina com a boca no ... do cara kkk

    21. Shawn Antunes

      I think I'm gonna have to try this Yoga thing. 😜

    22. Chukwuma Ubanesse

      Just imagine your wife going for yoga class only to find this as her training😂

      1. Agnes Subido

        @Mike Smithey Hope you'd find someone faithful,(nOt a cheater)next time dear.

      2. J Vill

        💡Just decided to start offering yoga classe for the ladies

      3. Mike Smithey

        @Squeeky Clean actually me and my two daughters confronted her with the evidence she tried to choke my oldest daughter by saying I'll kill you you little b****. She was arrested and I got a restraining order a week later I got a call from her best friend and she was in the hospital because she tried to kill herself by taking sleeping pills. We had no contact with her for over a month and then we found out that she actually killed herself with overdose just thought you might want to know the truth you spend 30 years daughters are over it now but it took a long time they understood the sickness any drugs we don't even mention it anymore they're over it we had to go to psychiatric Rehabilitation 45 years it's been 30 years since it happened there finally I think over it even though it does come up in conversation. A lot of people don't realize what cheating can do to a family one night of pleasure maybe 10 nights of pleasure if you get away with it is it worth it to the people that you heard I was over it very quickly my daughters had to deal with it for years and that's what really pissed me off they didn't deserve this her drug addiction and cheating and lying should not have been a part of my daughter's life. Life is not fair I understand but you could at least think about it before you act I didn't know it until after she died but she did the same thing to her husband before me I didn't even know she was married before me he turned out to be gay what a surprise I found that out from her best friend at the funeral something you don't know until it's too damn late what a f****** b**** she turned out to be ruined my daughter's life f***** up my life and then it to consider her own mom and dad never knew about it either and then when they found out they were devastated and her brother and sister so the whole f****** thing is a whole f*****-up mess because of one person's f***** up in the head and drugs

      4. ramgeet narry

        He looks right at her buy Ole lol

      5. Sanny Larissa Catic

        @Mike Smithey where was she when not in school? Who has the kids now?

    23. Clark Blount

      I have been practicing yoga for years and didn't even know it.

      1. Prateek Mondal

        This is for adults

      2. Randolph


    24. qopoy dnon

      So I've been getting a yoga session in for years and didn't know it? Now I can tell my wife I'd love to exercise more.

    25. Stan T.M

      I love these brother sister workout routines! Good wholesome Christian fun!! 🤣🤣

      1. Debrann Kaye


      2. Trapper4265

        I'm from Arkansas, and I resent that remark. That's his first cousin. 🤣

    26. dcoog anml

      I have been practicing yoga for years and didn't even know it.

    27. Paulo Alves

      Uau quê prática, aos dois né

    28. Шрек ххх

      Удобная поза!😁


      Qual o nome desse exercício ?


      Wow. She's an amazing personal trainer!


        @Tim Grove Shucks. I wonder if she gives refunds. Maybe that Zumba lady Alexis is available?

      2. Mikhail Marinov

        I wonder if her man will be against her doing this exercise at private yoga class with some other dude hehehe. She be like "no hun i didnt give him head... !! We did yoga i swear!!" Lol

      3. calmdfdown

        @Tim Grove ...and?

      4. Tim Grove

        shut up this is about sexual arousal it's there favorite position they do them 2 this has nothing to do with yoga or any fitness

    31. bilinas mini

      So I've been getting a yoga session in for years and didn't know it? Now I can tell my wife I'd love to exercise more.

      1. •jelly blend•

        Uh what

      2. Rodo Reyna

        Hello gutmorning babe...

      3. Rodo Reyna

        Hello así😉

    32. Jose Victor Restrepo

      Yogaholic , takes a lot of concentration and power to nail the position $

    33. paulo burch

      Como faço para fazer este curso de professor de ginástica???

    34. ulissitos

      Gracias por las ideas..

    35. Aldo Aguilera Baxin

      Comer y hacer ejercicio al mismo tiempo EXCELENTE!!!!

      1. neneng


      2. Кылышбек Бугенбаев

        @Jonathan Romero ё0000000000000000000009000090000000000

      3. Jose Quispe

        Y sin cubiertos.

      4. Sasha S


      5. Mateo Forspaniak

        Jajaja bultin

    36. Thinkin Outsidethebox

      I love the smell of yoga in the morning, it smells like victory

    37. Victor Herrera

      De aquí en adelante voy hacer ejercicio lo prometo.

    38. Libra Moon Empress

      You see his excitement through his red shorts😂 and that’s his sister 😂😂

      1. nimesh randeria

        For your eyes only.. 😁

    39. 정보콕!!!

      ㅋㅋㅋ good!!!👏👏👏👍


      We love it! They love it! Everyone's happy!

      1. سجاد علي سجاد علي

        The problem is my thinking is dirty, this situation is 69

    41. carlos alberto

      Aí sim show de bola! Lkkk

    42. Evan Tobias

      Great flexibility

    43. Igor Kolesnik

      По моему дома мы то же самое вытворяем!..😆👍

    44. Neha Pathak vlogs 10M

      Yoga at its best.l think we all had one thing in mind 😭😭

      1. geography professor

        Hi neha ji

      2. Corey King

        Yes 🥰🥰🥰🥰

      3. geography professor


    45. Идунариск

      Делаю так каждый день и позвоночник совсем не болит😂😂😂

      1. Александр Котов

        Да, я где-то слышал, что запахами тоже можно лечить позвоночник 🤣

    46. DJ B Entertainment

      Yoga Instructor: Can your man do this? Student: Wow! I've never seen one upside down before.

    47. Angélica

      Gente ó cara se empolgou, e ficou na atividade, alguém notou??

    48. Claudio Cordeiro da Silva cordeiro

      Ta bom existem outras maneiras de se exercitar Nao precisa de ficar se esfregando

    49. sam shappard

      Mom asks her son how he feels after this position both in recognition of satisfaction are shown clapping hands with tight touching

    50. Heliarc Muad'Dib

      Now my wife wants to try this. Finna blow my back out.

    51. Кристина Крис

      Весёлые коментарии 🤣спасибо за отличное настроение 🥰

    52. Владимир Б

      Моя фантазия - что ты делаешь! 😀

    53. Cheick Coulibaly

      Plaisir et entraînement

    54. DIY Amazing Creator How To Make

      Wow...Amazing skill,I like it 👍👍👍

    55. Валентин Константинович

      Хорошая поза😁

    56. Kevin Olsson

      That's my limit..... 2 squats, and then high 5's all around!

    57. THANOS

      You are the creator who made people to love me...... Thanks:D.

    58. Михаил

      Главное, штоб она в самый ответственный момент, жидкого не дала 🤣

    59. Justice the Rott

      “ No mom I swear, that’s the first time we’ve ever been in that position.”

    60. Wawa

      Cheirinho da alegria

    61. Yunik2

      Wait! Didn't anyone noticed his third leg got stiff 😂

    62. Костя

      Класс фигурка, такую можно и на руках носить как твой парень

    63. Fabián Carvajal

      Como dijo el gran sabio Jimbo: Pongamoslo a prueba!!

    64. TZ TZ

      As a dude, I’ve always been opposed to practicing yoga until this moment. From this day forward, I am a devout yoga enthusiast.

      1. TZ TZ

        @Squeeky Clean good point, if I took a yoga class, I’d prolly get snatched up by a burly dude and end up inverted with my face in his nuts like that chick

      2. Squeeky Clean

        Too bad it’s all fake and never happens in real life.

    65. Anthony Everett

      Yes amazing yoga.

    66. christheball murf

      I don't know if its yoga or my mind taking this in a different space.

    67. Luciano Lima

      yoga 69 kkkk muito bom!

    68. Артем Кулагин

      Вот что нужно делать,чтобы получить золотую кнопку Ютуб))

    69. Demetrio Hernandez Llamas

      Quiero hacer ese ejercicio con ella por favor 😂🤣😂🤣

    70. Gledson L de Jesus

      Ai da mais força 😂😂😂

    71. lucca moulana .

      Very nice yoga. 😍

    72. Beron Silva

      Eu quero tb

      1. Joao depaula

    73. Pin.Master

      Remember boys this yoga position will increase overall happiness and add years to your life all while leaving you with a healthy glow.

      1. C Pitts will have a healthy glow around ya mouth area after doing this yoga position with your woman...hmmm......HEY BABE!!....(yeah??) COME HERE I WANT TO TRY SOMETHING I JUST SEEN!!! Lol..Peace and Blessings

      2. Rahul NB India

        Couldn’t agree more :-)

      3. Jay Company

        You've always said the truth haha

    74. Михаил Курбатов

      Потёрлась личиком о причиндалы и довольна)

    75. Jason Cooke

      That's how I eat out when I'm on the run

    76. Stanley Mangum

      Every man would be in yoga of he could do this in class

    77. &Владимир Затейный&

      Как только штырь набух, сразу скинул!!! Чтоб ей глаз не выколоть!!! 😂😂😂

    78. Sérgio Oliveira sot

      Isso sim bem 😋 Temos q cuidar bem da saúde🔥 kkkk

      1. Tanu Yadav

        @Jefferson Fco p

      2. Tiago Luz

        69 de pé

      3. Jefferson Fco

        Cheirada fatal. Nego se apaixona. Coisa boa uma mulher dessa

      4. pedro filho

        Saúde sexual. lol

    79. Rohit IPS

      These are real true bro and sis 😂😂

    80. Ахмед Ахмедов

      Хорошая поза для кекса 😁😁😁

    81. Mike Dandy

      Хорошо быть молодым!

    82. Ricardo Lidorio Alves

      Meu sonho

    83. RyoGamestation

      I did this before and it was absolutely delicious 😋

      1. Gammel Jana

        @Edwin Crawford what about that two partner ..what do you think ther are…much worst than my comment…

      2. LTJfan 1992

        Lucky guy

      3. neneng


      4. Edwin Crawford

        @Gammel Jana You lame

      5. Rafael Ortiz

        @Mario Galicia u goofy for that 1

    84. Victorthehog Wang

      We all know what each other think about at the same time .

    85. Lucas Rabelo

      Aqui no Brasil é conhecido como agachamento 69.

    86. Rous Vega

      Tremendo 69 a ponerlo en práctica

    87. Tumr jonno ami

      Nice 💕

    88. cflowers69

      Not gonna lie, that was amazing.

    89. Jahir Cortes Duarte

      Yo también quiero vivir ese hermoso sueño don pool

    90. manda o zap  Miguel

      Por pouco ela não engoli a parada dele que ele já tava quase daquele jeito kkk

    91. Nonato Rosa

      É assim mesmo, uns cheiram pó e outros cheiram tabaco ! Kkkk

    92. A. Alzate

      🤔 I get the feeling that the same author that wrote the first book on Yoga, also wrote tje Kama Sutra 🕵

    93. SlipKnot

      Хорошая поза, мы тоже такую практикуем🤣👍

      1. Вечно Пьяный

        @Игорь Филонов а вы Игорь Филонов вопросом на вопрос не отвечайте😏

      2. Игорь Филонов

        @Вечно Пьяный а есть какие то предположения?😏

      3. Вечно Пьяный

        @Игорь Филонов с какой целью интересуешься?

      4. Игорь Филонов

        @Вечно Пьяный а ты на каких языках можешь писать, кроме русского?😏

    94. alida flus

      When you ask your girl to give you a reason to not go out...

    95. Роман Назаров

      Новое положение во время кекса🤣

    96. Entertianer lakshya

      Woow what a 69 exercise

    97. Sylvia Hernandez

      Damn, she almost had her Eye poked out. VERY FORTUNATE!!! 🤣😂😅🤣🤣😅

    98. mmpj twod

      “ No mom I swear, that’s the first time we’ve ever been in that position.”

      1. Rodo Reyna

        Hello así😉

    99. Job vidal Vidal

      Aí é sentir o sabor da 🍎

    100. Aileigh Armour

      There was a lot wrong with that!! 😂😂