19 Types of Students in an Exam

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    It's exam time again. But this year, those who fail will get expelled. Who will pass? Who will fail?
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    Class T1-t5 students:
    Debbie: debbwie
    Jasmine: jasminelhr
    Nicole: nicolekitty...
    Sherly: lyzpopz
    Abbey: abbeypuppey
    Denise: denisesoong...
    PeiShi: speishi
    Ridhwan: ridhwannabe
    Ben: bentanggg
    Juhi: juhinars
    Vincent: itsvincentsin
    Kevin: kaleidoscovin
    Hakim: Runawaykim
    Leonard: leonardlyy
    Abbey: abbeypuppey
    Vicky: yklvv
    Trev: trevtham

    Class n4-t1 students:
    Diana: dianabakar_
    Lizz: kylolizy
    Grace: graceglazee
    Crystabel: crysta.bel
    DeZhong: deprinceofz...
    Rainer: rxiner
    Patrine: patrinechoo
    Ferra: ferraxferynna

    Titan Academy Teacher:
    Ferina: furrynaa

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