I'm Never Taking Game Recommendations Again...

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    I was recommended to Play Welcome to the Game and let's just say, I'm not listening to anybody's recommendations anymore. Why would someone even play games this spooky, let's just do Minecraft or something next...

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    1. Abhijeet Ambadekar

      I feel like Mudan's edited jumpscares are a lot scarier than the gameplay footage itself....

    2. Mei

      mudan's editing scared me more than anything in the vid geez

    3. Raylee

      Someone needs to make a jumpscare list simply because of mudan's editing oh my lord

    4. IamSandpaper

      Connor, if you see this, play SOMA. It's great at building tension throughout the game. It has been a while since I played it, but as far as I can remember there were only like 2 jump scares in the entire 8 hours it took me to play it through. Not only a great atmosphere in the game, it gives a dose of existential dread and horror as well. When you've finished the game it leaves you questioning what it truly means to be human. That's what it did to me at least. Can't recommend this game enough, great game, great story and great atmosphere. One of very few games I'd like to have selective amnesia for, so I'd forget the game and I can experience it for the "first" time all over again. I noticed that Sir Editor showed a pic of the cover art for SOMA and that made me cheer. Far too few people has played it.

    5. Gamer Boy

      I bet Mouse was enjoying herself!

    6. Zwiebly

      Scariest game I ever played was P.T. Because it was not clear what kind of game it is for a long time. The tension builds but at some point I thought it is just a narrative game with creepy elements. The trigger for the jumpscare is made unintelligebale and I avoided it for so long without trying. Then, when the first jumpscare came I got shivers to the bones and was too scared to continue playing in fear of ecountering it again :D

    7. Burt C0caine

      He gets scared so quietly lol. I’m used to people screaming when they play this and he just huddles up silently.

    8. Ηλίας Ρουγκάλας

      The only thing that can make my heart rate go up is a school test.

    9. Grab Hopper

      When Muden edits are literally more scarier than the actual games

    10. Peaches

      Connor is always so chill and talking shit, i love it when he gets so nervous and his voice gets quieter and his voice gets so low. He got dat jumpscare, holding his hands over his mouth it was so fun

    11. ZAMN

      Conner - streams absolute gold

    12. Ivan

      If he does reactions to horror stuff, SCP Overlord & Dollhouse are really good. They do atmospheric horror really well without relying on jumpscares.

    13. BlackravenSSS

      You can have great horrors without jumpscares. Jumpscare is literally the cheapest cheesiest way to make a horror. Especially when it's not even scary. It's just loud as hell.

    14. Saudss Ss

      mudan edit is sacired me more than the acutal game

    15. Says Chime

      I swear that drip gigguk jumpscared me so much

    16. kiryuXshadow01

      I swear the light of his monitor reflexion to the background makes me think they're white eyes staring, watching Connor play

    17. Jep

      Again, Mudan and his team brings the amazing edit. Thanks Mudan Media Group.

    18. FaCt0r

      I think Mudan really enjoyed to edit this video to make us scared

    19. Soul_Overdrive

      Scared Connor and having no clue about what to do in this game is so funny 😁

    20. Bailee Rea

      Needed this! Let’s gooooo!