A Heart-Warming Pot of Preserved Soup in Winter - Lijiang Preserved Ribs

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    The secret ingredient for making preserved meat in Yunnan is the weather. Homemade preserved ribs are not as tasty as those made in Lijiang. So I asked my friends to help make some preserved ribs this year. They have been hung to dry in Lijiang for a month. I made a hot pot with preserved ribs and took some tiles from the roof to roast the meat. What a great pleasure for us to sit by the fire and enjoy the hot pot, the warm soup and roasted meat.
    The new year has come. We have been busy every day and hope you can spend more time with your family. It’s better to enjoy some hot homemade cuisines as the food can drive away the cold and family can warm the heart.

    Hello, everyone! I am Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan native. If you enjoy my videos, please keep subscribing to my channel.
    I'll continue to share my life and Yunnan-sytled food in my uploads. Wish you have a happy life and enjoy tasty food every day.
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      今天的英文字幕比较晚完成,不好意思😓 希望你们依然能享受本期的视频🥺 Today’s English subtitles were completed late, sorry 😓 I hope you can still enjoy the video in this issue🥺

      1. Haley P

        Even if you never have subtitles I would still watch, sending love from Florida 💜

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        @Mirza Mohammad Sayeem оа

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        Subtitles español 😢😢

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        No problem

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        L哦v哦 Y哦 吃呢色

    2. lol

      Família extraordinária. Parabéns. Feliz 2022.

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      2. Kimchi Cooking

        Love from China 🇨🇳 ♥ Please follow our channel for more tasty recipes ♥ ♥

    3. Vành Khuyên Lê

      It looks delicious! Thank you so much!

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      С нетерпением жду каждое новое видео, спасибо!🤗

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        hai dark is everywhere....b , z , light...

    5. Leo Vo

      The production team of this channel is world class!! Very cinematic for daily life materials. Fantastic style and storyline to show the beauty of Chinese provincial life. 👍👍

      1. Spierdalacz Ze stanowisk

        Indeed 👌👌👌

      2. PS E

        The production team is actually her younger sister and brother😃

      3. Paul Ohlstein

        @Megan Clark What we see here is propaganda. Who goes into an orchard with perfect makeup and a film crew to pick a few pears that do not belong to them?

      4. violent bugaboo stan // alidzie

        @Megan Clark improves china’s image internationally. unless ur using a vpn, youtube is inaccessible in china so channels like liziqi and dianxi xiaoge have permission from the government to produce these

      5. Last Lime

        Introvertsan government likes control and getting part of the 🤑. Sell an illusion. Sell products(other have made products, and in China they own all businesses-and can take over them at any time). They can use her to push products/government sanctions.....

    6. Ana Aparecida Lopes

      Traduza para o português tbem, adoro seus vídeo, obrigado🙏💕, um abençoado ano novo... Para vc e sua linda família.

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        Vem conhecer os vídeos do meu pai ele teve AVC e tá PRECISANDO MT DE FRALDAS descartável

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        Скажите, что то дедушку не видно на видео, что с ним вы не в курсе?

    8. Vincenzo La Manna

      I love everything about your videos, the quality, the filming technique, the timing and picture, the splendid family, the beautiful scenery and traditions, the food! Your culinary expertise... Everything!!

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      Como a vida no mundo todo poderia ser tão maravilhosa e simples assim! Saudações e abraços de um brasileiro da cidade de Sao Paulo

    10. Reyna Medina

      Omg the short ribs look so delicious!! I love when your niece comes for dinner ❤️ it looks like she really loves your food 😊

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      Oi eu sou do Brasil e gosto muito de ver suas respeitas , porém ficaria ainda melhor se colocasse dublado em português,se poder .

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      🇧🇷 amo seus vídeos ❤️🤩

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      I just want to say WOW this is some great editing!! I bet it took a while to piece together everyone's cameras and sync it. Good job!! Your videos help me not to give up on my channel 🙏🏾

    15. ЛилияЛ

      Всегда с удовольствием смотрю вас, жаль, что нет русских субтитров 😥

      1. Nikzion

        Нажмите: Настройки -> субтитры -> Перевести (находится внизу в всплывшем меню) -> Русский Английские субтитры есть, а с английского переводит отлично и понятно. Удачи.

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      Me encantan tus vídeos, los miro en la televisión en familia y comiendo junto contigo ❤

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      Olá ❤️,por favor coloque legenda português-Brasil.

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        Vem conhecer os vídeos do meu pai ele teve AVC e tá PRECISANDO MT DE FRALDAS

    18. Missna Missna

      Dianxi: Can you make a video on how weddings are celebrated in your town? Please share traditions and of course; the food 👍😄. It would be very interesting to see weeding dishes.

      1. Ida F

        Yes...I would like to see that too.

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      3. Shubodayam Rangavallika

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    19. M Hsu

      Really loving your videos. It’s so calming and the food looks delicious. Dawang is just too cute!

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      Dawang is such a gentleman even compared to human standards! The way he sits in front of the meat so patiently is such a mesmerizing thing to watch!

      1. Jazmin Maniac

        @games 4dayz i knew it

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      3. Isis Alves

        Dawang means "My King" so it's no surprise he is a gentleman

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        А что за порода собаки?

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        Love u

    21. SensorProximity

      I just can't believe how much Dawang has grown. It seems only yesterday he was a little puppy. Now he looks like a majestic creature of the mountains.

    22. Aries Aprilian

      Dianxi is so beautiful and tender, and Dawang is so adorable. Their happy family is also amazing, the place they lived is also so beautiful. I really like her videos

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      Parabéns. Sua casa e pais é lindo A comida da água na boca. É o seu cachorro é lindo

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      Dianxi, You take such care of your family and your beautiful fur baby. It is wonderful to see the dishes you create and the time you take with each one. With love ❤️ and respect from the states.

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      2. Shubodayam Rangavallika

        Hello Hi mam 🙏

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      Love how you make Dawang a part of the family rather than just a pet. Shows great compassion and love on your part.

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      Beautiful farm and family, such an abundance of fruit 🍎 vegetables 🥕🥦 everything looks absolutely fresh and tasty 😋

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      Another wonderful video Penji I send positive thoughts and happiness and care from the snowy mountains of Colorado for all you and your family, keep conquering it out there, we are so grateful for what you do, thank you!💛

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      The importance of preserving culture in grande display. So nostalgic, hard to believe time and space like this still exist. So serene.

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      2. Shubodayam Rangavallika


      3. Shubodayam Rangavallika

        Hello Hi mam 🙏

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      I really love your vids/cookings🥺. I've been watching your cooking vlogs since 2019 with my mom. She really likes you. We also love Dawang and Ahao and your hardworking grandparents. Sending hugs from the Philippines💕😃

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      This totally reminds me of my visit to Lijiang 4 years ago! Truly miss Lijiang and all the culture that I witnessed! It’s all so beautiful ❤️

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    72. onlybev1

      If you could start using English subtitles again that would be great. Love Bev from USA

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      Coloquem legendas português -br

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