Cozy Cabin 🏕️ - A Calming Indie/Folk/Chill Playlist

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    Make yourself at home in our warm, comfy cabin with coziest indie songs! Tracklist & Spotify link below… 👇
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    💿 Tracklist:
    0:00 Jessie Reid - ‘Home’
    2:56 Memorial - ‘Latchkey’
    5:43 ASKYA & Kiera Jas - ‘Above The Water’
    8:57 Gatlin - ‘What If I Love You (Stripped)’
    11:50 Anthony Lazaro - '300 Mornings’
    14:53 Darren Garvey - 'No Love Is Wrong’
    18:29 Kate McGill - ‘Friday (Acoustic)’
    21:41 Thomas Austin - ‘Hopeful’
    25:11 Andreas Moe - ‘Fire and Stone’
    28:21 Lasse Matthiessen - ‘Reed’
    31:43 Himalion - ‘Swan Song’
    35:30 Johnny Cattini - ‘Sleeping Alone’
    40:19 Alivan Blu - ‘Changes’
    44:14 Gal Musette - ‘Maybe Some Sleep’
    47:40 Salt Tree - ‘Sparkly Socks’
    50:22 The King’s Parade - 'Fine’
    53:46 Zoe Konez - 'Toony’s Point’
    55:25 Scott Orr - ‘73’
    58:11 Michael Barrow and the Tourists - 'Momma Said’
    1:01:32 Fenmore - ‘love, love, love’
    1:04:28 Eli Lev - ‘As It Is’
    1:07:57 StevieRay Latham - 'Madeline’
    1:11:18 Quiet Houses - 'Cold Water Swimming’
    1:15:40 Sturtz - 'Go There’
    1:20:21 Meryl Rudy - 'Howling (feat. David Wimbish)’
    1:23:43 S. T. Manville - 'A Rock’
    1:26:58 Meskerem Mees - 'The Writer’
    1:29:54 Brian Bulger, Jennafer - 'Dawn to 9PM’ /
    1:33:45 Tom Joseph - 'Trouble in Mind’
    1:37:30 Violet Alexandria & Dudu Vieira & Caleb Joshua - 'Made In Love’ / /

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    1. alexrainbirdMusic

      The doors to our Cozy Cabin are open! In here, amongst the fairy lights and fuzzy blankets, you'll find a warm and calming selection of indie music to help you escape from the world for a little while. Grab a hot chocolate, get comfy and we hope you enjoy your stay! 🏕️ SPOTIFY: APPLE MUSIC: SOUNDCLOUD:

      1. Robert Murphy

        Smooth reflection of where my soul is today, thanks for a perfect place to be loved, where my joy is made full, and peace thrives.

      2. Alejandro Gonzalez

        Where can i find the lyrics for the song "Momma Said" minute 58's?

      3. Annick Coenen


      4. Brent Hepplewhite

        @Monica Suannes Pucci Simao ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺllĺĺĺĺlll0lĺĺĺĺ

      5. Ellie B


    2. Neila Nonnenmacher

      Eu não conhecia o Canal fiquei sabendo pelo canal do Tim Janis, adorei as músicas, parabéns!🤗👍👏👏👏👏

      1. Neila Nonnenmacher

        @Scandinavianz Ok ⛩🎶🎵legal 👍

      2. Scandinavianz

        see our new song :) please

    3. Mara Steffens

      Heyy you. Yes, you. Random person I will never meet. I wish you a nice day and I hope you will find happiness in your life. Stay strong, you can do this:)

      1. Ashtayo

        thank u so much babe, same to u :*

      2. Avantika Kaushik

        Sending you the same high tide of happiness :)

      3. Stephanie Weatherston

        Most love to you! Hope you have found/will find happiness❤️

      4. Lara Jossart

        Hey Mara Steffens, yes you ! Thanks for your kind msg :). Still spread happiness as you're doing and never change !

      5. Michel Grimes

        I'm tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere. Very, very tired. No more Saturdays and Sundays spent cuddling, playing footsies, making love, and pillow talk. No walks in the park. No more fun to make the drudgery better. I'm down for the count.

    4. Frances Medrano

      your playlists always make me feel so warm inside.. its a nice feeling

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        🥺🥺 thank you so much, so amazing to hear 🏕❤️

    5. Kat Music

      Such a good playlist of songs!

      1. Scandinavianz

        see our new video too

    6. Sonia Nunes

      Que playlist maravilhosa! Transmite tanta paz.

    7. Maranatha&Shalom

      Outstanding collection of acoustic alternative jams *_* love it!! Bookmark fav songs: 47:40 - 0:00 - 2:54 - 9:08 - 1:11:21 - 25:14

    8. Relaxation Fireplace 4k

      To the person reading this, Good Luck! Don't stress, everything will be fine. No matter what difficulty you are facing right now, you can overcome it! You are strong and brave. ❤

    9. Royal Fireplace 4K ASMR

      Your arrangements are beautiful and very comforting. They help me sleep, and they bring me peace and joy. Thank you! 🌲🎄

    10. Margie's Van Mori

      I love this playlist💜 I am building out my van to travel this year and this playlist is such a vibe🌻🦋✌🏼

    11. Almut Stephan Marino

      I am camping at Giant City State Park in Illinois, USA. It's freezing cold, but listening to this in my sleeping bag warms my heart. Thank you.

      1. dniralas febz

        Hi... I am relaxing at Sanur beach in Bali, Indonesia. Listening to this while watching my kids playing with lazy waves...

      2. BluE ThUnDeR

        Oh my goodness are you ok did you make it home without frost bites you guys be safe!

      3. Jon Wolfenstein

        Live a few miles from there. Shawnee Forest is so enchanting and the rock formations of giant city take you to a different world. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Cheers mate.

      4. alexrainbirdMusic

        Stay warm! The camping sounds so fun 😍🏕 make lots of memories! ❤️

    12. Posso tocar sua alma?

      I really liked this playlist, it’s amazing, thanks !

    13. Kibe Gitau

      For me its Antony Lazaro-300 Mornings at 11:50 and Fenmore - Love Love Love at 1:01:35 Amazing sounds. Takes you to that place where you float.

    14. theaquarius26

      I love this playlist. So relaxing. Amazing!

    15. Julius Thompson

      Man… this channel never disappoints. Sets the mood for the season that’s for sure

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Thank you so much Julius 🏕❤️

    16. Dany P

      Super playlist, multumim!♥🎶🎶♥

    17. Madison Wolf

      THIS ONE IS SO PERFECT! I love all your playlists but this one definitely fits the vibe for this Fall/Winter.

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Wow thank you so much Madison, that is so great to hear 🏕❤️

    18. TEDNICK

      Great relaxing! Very good choices from the music we prefer.I like this channel so much...🙋👌👍

      1. Scandinavianz

        see our new song to, please...... its for you and free to use :=)

    19. t.maraschino_cherry

      I was supposed to go camping today but unfortunately plans got cancelled. At least with this playlist, I can pretend I’m in a nice cabin out in the woods! Thanks Alexrainbird, you guys always have the best music to cheer me up!

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Sorry to hear your trip got cancelled, glad we can bring the camping vibes to you through music though 🏕 thank you so much, enjoy ❤️❤️

    20. Jamilly Josefa

      Essa playlist é incrível, muito obrigado ❤

    21. Lorena Tostes Vasconcellos

      Such a wonderful playlist, the first and third give me the creeps! One day I'll be in a cozy cabin like this one, listening to these songs, but for now I'm working from home on a rainy Friday, and that's fine too!

    22. paola

      Beautiful Music that makes your heart feel at ease

    23. BGM-Relaxing Music

      The first seconds of this, combined with the fact that I enjoyed the real Gramont café in Paris during a early morning thunderstorm, gives me the chill every time... thank you, absolutely perfect combo ! :)

      1. Scandinavianz

        see our new song please ! free to use

    24. Ruthie Girl

      I love alexrainbirdMusic so much! The playlists are so relaxing and help me with my anxiety disorder especially when I have to study. Please never stop posting! If you ever want to hang your hat just talk to me I would gladly take on the job. Laughing but not kidding. **continues vibin**

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Thank you so much ❤️❤️

    25. MSR - Meditate Sleep Relax

      This is such a vacation vibe, lovely music mix 😊

    26. Georgia Sun

      I love the vibes:) Have a wonderful day.

    27. Soothing & Relaxing Channel

      Beautiful cosy room with nice relaxing music , excellent

    28. Chris Nemec

      It's always good to know that when I get stressed out, I can come to you channel and relax. Nice job on this one.

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Always here for you Chris❤️❤️ thank you so much 😊

    29. Chill Step Music

      Wonderful as always. You've been brilliant this year. Truly enjoy binge listening to your music.

      1. Scandinavianz

        see our new song :) please

    30. rizka irsyadella

      I just wanna say that I love ur playlist so much.

    31. David Egner

      This beautiful playlist would have even brought peace and calm to the cabin from 'Cabin in the Woods.' So good! Keep up the amazing work!

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    32. Vivian Perez

      Love this music!!

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    33. Daria Smith

      I needed an instant cozy vibe to be with my husband. We've been so busy and I missed him. Some much needed romantic/cuddle time was perfectly paired with this. Ty !

    34. Saphius

      Always such a blessing to have your playlists to study ✨

      1. Scandinavianz

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    35. Relax & Zen Music

      Really relaxed music, keep it up!🎶🎶🎶

      1. Scandinavianz

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    36. Izzy Collinwood

      You really have a way of setting the right mood and lifting spirits. Happy New Year!! 🥳🥰

    37. Samson Wai

      Just moved to Burnaby, British Columbia! Playing this playlist with my string lights and candle light on! So cozy!

    38. Onimusha Gaming

      Thank You for this playlist and sound quality, you did a great job mate !

      1. mandy philip

        nice, check this out too

    39. Sari Bo

      Ich liebe die Musik richtig. Habe sie vor 2 Jahren entdeckt und höre die bis heute super gerne. Es ist abwechslungsreich und man kann mit der Musik super entspannen, auto fahren, wenn man in den Urlaub fährt. Richtig toll Weiter so

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Wow 2 years! Thank you so much, truly means everything to us ❤️❤️

    40. Jennisa Moniq Junus

      Thank you for the playlist ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Scandinavianz

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    41. Dave Wilkie

      So good! I'm discovering so many news artists thanks to this awesome playlist. Beautiful

      1. Scandinavianz

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    42. Olga A

      Очень красивый плейлист. Благодарю 💌

      1. Scandinavianz

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    43. Rodrigo Ferreira

      The "The King’s Parade - 'Fine’" at 50:22 give me chills! what a song! Great band by the way :) Really nice playlist! Cheers from Brazil ;)

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Incredible song! Thank you so much, love from the UK 🏕❤️

    44. wendyjensenmusic

      Enjoying this mix. Thank you Alex and crew.

    45. Tammy Engel

      Love this list ... lots of witty songs in here - epitome of Indie Music: wit wrapped in melodies ;-) I wish I had a lakeside cabin to hide in, but for now I can just enjoy this mellow mix while I work from home today. Thanks for more amazing tracks and artists to enjoy! ❤️

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        We wish we had a cabin too, the perfect life 😍 thank you so much 🏕❤️

    46. Tranquility Universe

      Loving this, So good. Keep it up and keep connected.

    47. Cozy Music Box

      Beautiful! It makes me so happy, calm, and at peace.

      1. mandy philip

        nice, check this out too

    48. walter arauz

      This so good can't wait to get cozy. 😊

    49. Suzanne Rose

      Gorgeous, and peaceful. Thank you . It's a sunny day, where the clouds are full and fluffy, and I am going to photograph my glass works, and deliver my pieces of much loved glass art to the new show, for January 2022. It's a Catch-22 Year, in the most blessings of ways. Thank you!

    50. Katherine Cook

      The best of your playlist I’ve listened ❤️

      1. Scandinavianz

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    51. Joona Mikkola

      Love your music, thanks for sharing!

    52. Lasse Matthiessen

      Thank you so much for including me in this playlist!

      1. Becky B

        You have such a unique sound. Your vocals are sooooo 🎶🎶🎶🎶. 💖💖💖

    53. Relax For You

      So beautiful and relaxing video, really love it my friend well done🙏😇💗😇

    54. Becky B

      Even at 4 am the music still sounds great. Thank you. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

      1. Scandinavianz

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    55. Learn German with Marzipanfrau

      I love this picture and found again many more good songs on your playlist.

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      So freaking good ♥

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      The Piano Sounds are so incredibly beautiful ❤ I could listen all days.❤ That`s so Amazing❤ Thank you so much

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      Thanks for the Great Work.💥👍 Every Day i enjoy this calming Sound. Best Recards Calming Sound 😇🙏

    59. Lucius Mercia

      alexrainbirdMusic you are amazing! Awesome artists!

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      I am pleased to listen to your music. She is kind, calm, cozy, kind. Thank you very much for the compositions.

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      Awesome songs! Will be sharing this with our subscribers!

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    63. Din

      Fantastic Playlist ((*_*)) This is the music we need in the "charts" - not the samey rubbish we are subjected to year after year now

    64. Chantel Breau

      Beautiful playlist. Looked for Askya & Kiera Jas on Spotify but couldnt find :( Many others I could, so thank you for helping these artists' exposure

      1. ASKYA

        Thanks so much Chantel! Really looking forward to releasing this one. It comes out on Friday

      2. alexrainbirdMusic

        Thanks so much Chantel! The song is releasing in a week's time, you can pre-save it via the link in the description! We really appreciate your love and support :)

    65. Música Joven

      Such a very nice song,I love it

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      I'm sure this playlist is a hugger. Thank you. ❤️

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      Yay! Perfect for those cozy evenings in with a hot drink and book

      1. alexrainbirdMusic

        Yesssssss, perfection 😍☕️❄️

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      Sweet music - thanks!

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      Alex your channel as the music I often need. Great channel.

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      Love it ❤️👍

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      Love it! 😍 is PERFECT ☺️

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      This is Sam from Ethiopia. I'm grateful, to know this channel. You guys have made me realize how music can be therapeutic. አመሰግናለሁ /Thank You/ is all I can say.

    73. The Forlorn Bat

      Another great playlist loving Above The Water and Sleeping Alone.

    74. Susi Sorglos

      Klasse gesungen 😍👍👍

    75. Awkward

      This is of my "Hakuna Matata" places on CNblow. I'm happy and content listening to this music.

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      this playlist is pure nostalgic to my middle school days

    77. Angel Toporowski

      Cold Alberta Winter & a hot bath 🛀 this is very on point. I can imagine I'm nestled in a mountain cabin in front of the fire hahaha

      1. Scandinavianz

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    78. Lisa

      Nicely done 💛

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    80. ParmidGraphy

      wow, I was crying before listening to this playlist and now I feel much better. Thank you

      1. ParmidGraphy

        @Scandinavianz sure :))

      2. Scandinavianz

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      OMG this is a stunning Playlist

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        Thank you so much 🏕❤️❤️

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