The ULTIMATE Starter Pokémon Tier List

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    I've done quite a few Nuzlockes in my time and know the Pokémon inside and out so it's time to rate all of them! (By all of them I mean just the starter Pokémon and their evolutions)

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    1. Aesfel

      Yep, Connor fits so well in TRASH TASTE. The absolute state of that list.

    2. Komi Vica

      Idk which editor did the Paint edit, but it was a comical genius move. Made my day

    3. Patterrz

      Venusaur being immediately S Tier tells me all I need to know, amazing take

    4. Caustic

      "I'm not a furry, so F tier," he says before putting Incineroar in A.

    5. TheUchiha997

      I love how Connor questions Serperior not having legs and that it "floats" - Like the concept of a snake slithering around is beyond him.

    6. NaoKeys

      This dude really put Cyndaquil in F

    7. Ciarz

      Lizard turns into snake

    8. Tron Joestar

      I'm gonna be real with you Connor. This had some real absolute shit takes

    9. Fenrir Lives

      Cyndaquil: closed eyes to communicate introversion and fear, round huggable body contrasted against the erupting flames sprouting from his back, therefore perfectly communicating the idea of a shy powerhouse still afraid of its own dormant strength and the dangers of the world. This leading into its evolutions gaining more confidence until Typhlosion, who is literally bursting with power and ferocity like a Japanese Volcano.

    10. OverTheLine Comics

      This is the most controversial thing Connor has ever made, said or thought.

    11. Hero

      Holy shit, I've never seen so many shit takes in a single video - didn't know Connor was trying to record

    12. rufioh

      I think Connor needs to play through Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, and then re-evaluate his thoughts on Grovyle

    13. Amrish Lakhisaran

      The first stages of the gen 2 starters are the cutest. Putting chicorita and cyndaquil that low just breaks my heart

    14. Chozo55

      See's Cyndaquil

    15. CLULESS ?

      A tidbit about mega evolution, the bonds between trainer and pokemon becomes so stong they become more powerful. But they have drawbacks to this. Every mega pokemon gain massive power but they are don't know how and where to use it and the evolution was too fast that their new bodies are always in constant pain. So this is why most megas have over bearing bodies and are not always happy, everytime you use mega evolution you are testing your relationship.

    16. Orimu | 織夢✨

      Lots of people fighting over which one should be higher than the other. But, everyone knows that Agumon is S-tier.

    17. TotallyNotAlex

      I have a feeling that Charles will win

    18. Sydney Albert

      You gave Totodile and Rowlet S Tier and that was all I cared about. Impeccable taste, above reproach, godly in nature as always, Connor.

    19. Itayuri

      Mudan putting Torchic on S is 🔥🔥🔥

    20. Cr1sps

      I feel like most middle evolutions are meant to be forgettable