We Don't Talk About Bruno (From "Encanto")

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    Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz). But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.

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    Music video by Carolina Gaitán - La Gaita, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz, Encanto - Cast performing We Don't Talk About Bruno (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records


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    1. DisneyMusicVEVO

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      1. Connor Piètent

        @Huskylover816 wtf

      2. Aizawa_Potter

        @mauvv fr

      3. Nothing (Alt Account)

        Did you Notice Agustin in 2:50

      4. •P a n d a•

        The seven foot frame line

      5. Stalin Correa espinoza

        @mauvv Ss

    2. jaka jan

      That climax with Mirabel singing “Yeah about that Bruno”, the breakdown after that, till the final sequence where their voices are just blending even when they’re all singing over each other is just *heaven*

      1. Hana Prince

        @OB stop making assumptions, you just literally labeled all his characteristics and those depression looks as a symptoms for ADDICT *smh*

      2. Gifdar

        Music like that is called a Madrigal

      3. yashiro

        @OB I think you’re the one whos high in drugs mate

      4. Jocelyn Miralles

        @OB Its a part of his power tf??

      5. Jocelyn Miralles

        ​@OB its you that needs to watch it again 💀

    3. Dandyjack

      What's cool is, Camilo isn't morphing into Bruno in this song. He's morphing into everyone's PERCEPTION of Bruno

      1. Cecil 2nd

        Didnt ask

      2. Firenze

        Everyone's perception of Bruno is him being some kind of Rasputin, a disgrace for the familiy itself. Just like the real historical figure was for The Romanov's in Russia.

      3. DJ Armgohard

        I feel like 5 year old Camilo walked in on him having a vision and passed out after Bruno called his name to make sure he's alright after seeing his uncle with glowing eyes and rats all over him

      4. Luna Mayes

        Actually I think it's partly his own 5 yr old perception of what he is being told plus what he remembers.

      5. Moderosp1

        And plus they’ve all seen him

    4. Jackie Rocha

      Felix is such an underrated character because the fact that his wife can create a hurricane just with nerves doesn’t deter him at all, he just loves her so much and thinks happily of they’re wedding day even though they got married in a hurricane because to him he married the love of his life and that’s all that matters

      1. RevenantEvil

        And how he can tolerate her mood swings and temper tantrums

      2. Noodles

        Felix is an amazing husband

      3. Stephanie A.

        Felix is so great!

      4. test test

        Felix and Agustin cool husbands and parents

      5. LJK401

        Felix is best boy

    5. Анастасия Агаркина

      I find it very meaningful that Julieta doesn’t participate in this discussion of her brother. All the others are singing, except for Abuela, who is out of house greeting Mariano, Agustin, who appears right after the song, Antonio, who is too little, so he probably never even knew Bruno, and Luisa, who is too busy with her weakening powers. So, they all have reasons not to sing, but Julieta doesn’t, she must be around somewhere, since they’re preparing for dinner and she’s a good cook, so she probably can participate, but she never does. I always figured this is because she knows that her brother is a good man, but her opinion is unpopular, so she just stays silent. And her husband obviously supports her in this. Amazing)

      1. msn litadventures

        I thought of that, too. That's why Pepa's reaction when Bruno comes back seems so fake. Because she was badmouthing Bruno the most, but Julieta didn't partake at all and even when she mentions Bruno to Maribel, about how he lost his way, she seems so sad, so her reaction seems much more genuine. She seems all around a sweet and supportive person, especially with how she's so protective of Maribel, too. Her gift really suits her

      2. Janice Nest

        Because she is cooking, and she heals them with her cooking :)

      3. Maria Fernanda Torres

        Julieta is such an underrated character. She genuinely loves her only brother and she was incredibly happy when she saw him again reunited with the family. ❤️

      4. PronounsDontMeanShit

        @SpzCoop Join spz why?

      5. Aubri

        bro underrated comment, awesome theory

    6. digifan081

      I lovethat Mirabel's expression says 'I have no idea why you guys are singing this' yet her body just. can't. stop. dancing

    7. Gaming Videos

      Dolores’s part was probably the best in my opinion. The quietness and the classic “do you understand”

      1. Justine Anderson

        the "do you understand?", part is def my favorite.

      2. MelonMyxer

        i agree

      3. Oh lets dance

        @Rosy Chan yeah prob

      4. Oh lets dance

        @Lava HD me too

      5. Oh lets dance

        And I love it because bruno appears in the backround also

    8. Cordelia

      Really love isabella’s verse in this song as it shows two things really well 1. Isabella has to constantly maintain the facade of perfection. While everyone else complains about Bruno, she instead sings about something positive to reinforce her image as a glowing angel. It’s only later when everyone’s lines overlap and the focus is no longer on her that she starts cracking-frantically repeating “I’m fine i’m fine” while dancing around Mirabel 2. Bruno is a really sweet guy just doing his best. People who seem to live content lives like the townsfolk get more ominous visions (like a pet dying or eventual balding) to prepare them for the future. On the other hand he told Isabella, who was probably miserable while pretending to be perfect, that she would one day be able to be truly happy

      1. bibbobella

        That is a really good point. I didn't even notice how her smile completly disapears and she looks outright horrified as she sings about being fine....

    9. Nana Yorke

      We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no We don't talk about Bruno, but It was my wedding day It was our wedding day We were getting ready And there wasn't a cloud in the sky No clouds allowed in the sky Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin Thunder You telling this story or am I? I'm sorry, mi vida, go on Bruno says, "It looks like rain" Why did he tell us? In doing so, he floods my brain Abuela, get the umbrellas Married in a hurricane What a joyous day but anyway We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no We don't talk about Bruno Hey, grew to live in fear of Bruno stuttering or stumbling I can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling I associate him with the sound of falling sand, ch ch ch It's a heavy lift with a gift so humbling Always left Abuela and the family fumbling Grappling with prophecies they couldn't understand Do you understand? A seven-foot frame, rats along his back When he calls your name it all fades to black Yeah, he sees your dreams and feasts on your screams (Hey) We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no We don't talk about Bruno He told me my fish would die, the next day, dead (No, no) He told me I'd grow a gut and just like he said (No, no) He said that all my hair would disappear, now, look at my head (No, no) Your fate is sealed when your prophecy is read He told me that the life of my dreams Would be promised, and someday be mine He told me that my power would grow Like the grapes that thrive on the vine (Óye, Mariano's on his way) He told me that the man of my dreams Would be just out of reach Betrothed to another It's like I hear him, now Hey sis, I want not a sound out of you It's like I can hear him now, I can hear him, now Um, Bruno Yeah, about that Bruno I really need to know about Bruno Gimme the truth and the whole truth, Bruno (Isabela, your boyfriend's here) Time for dinner A seven-foot frame, rats along his back (It was my wedding day, it was our wedding day ) When he calls your name it all fades to black (We were getting ready and there wasn't a cloud in the sky) Yeah, he sees your dreams and feasts on your screams (Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin) You telling this story or am I? Óye, Mariano's on his way Bruno says, "It looks like rain" (He told me that the man of my dreams would be just out of reach) In doing so, he floods my brain (Betrothed to another, another) Married in a hurricane (And I'm fine, and I'm fine, and I'm fine, I'm fine) He's here Don't talk about Bruno, no Why did I talk about Bruno? Not a word about Bruno I never shoulda brought up Bruno

    10. T Millz

      The lines "I can hear him now" and "he's here!" are also foreshadowing.

      1. Denise Rojas

        You can see him walking on the top in the background. 1:01 and 1:14 I didn’t notice it during the movie though 😅

      2. Logan Britton

        She also said that she heard the rats talking in the walls earlier.

    11. Dark Souls Vet

      To me this movie is mesmerizing. Not even for the plot solely because of how realistic the character movements are. This specific song shows just how far a sims Tim has come and it’s amazing it looks so real.

      1. White Wolf

        Same here, I can just continuously watch it solely to the animation and the aesthetic it brings

      2. Luna Mayes

        Omg mirabel's facial expressions in the last part of the movie...😭😭😭😭 every time. And I've watched it like 7 times now.... it looks so freaking real, it just gets me right in the heart.

    12. Cecelia Romero

      in all honesty i think isabella’s verse is SO important. everyone else talks about how he absolutely RUINED their lives, but isabella’s is about him telling her that she would have the life of her dreams, and that he power would grow. i just honestly think thats so important. people never listen to dolores or isabella bc they were the only ones not bashing bruno :(

      1. Jezzas' Fail Foundation

        @Cecelia Romero for another mind blowing moment when Dolores is singing about hearing him etc watch the balcony behind her and mirabel

      2. Ray Casas

        Idk I think it just drives in the fact that Isabella’s perfect child act is simply an act and a curse to her because she has to be “perfect”. If Isabella had followed suit she would have been miserable, essentially ruining her life.

      3. Oh lets dance

        Tbh your right

      4. oakwoods

        isabella wasnt directly bashing bruno, but isabella's perfect life was bruno's "prophecy", and isabela didnt truly want the perfect life, foreshadowing what else can i do.

      5. Fabian

        Isabella - “If You Weren’t Always Trying Too Hard, You Wouldn’t Be In The Way” Turns Out, She Was Trying The Hardest To Be Perfect For Everyone

    13. Sal Fuller

      This was one of the catchiest songs that Disney ever done, I honestly expected this movie to be worse but out of all honesty the movie was better then I thought.

    14. J. P

      The animators did such a great job with the characters, "camera work", and the transitions to the point where I forgot it's animated and I found myself wondering how they did certain transitions on set. Like, I had a moment at the end where I was like "ok maybe green-screen, and then the actors all come in, or maybe it's a practical lighting effect" haha

    15. JesusLovesYou!

      "You telling the story or am I!" "I'm Sorry, Mi Vida, Go On!" Best part of the song 😁🥰

      1. Tosha Butler

        SO TRUE.... I've rewound that part 20 times

      2. QueenRiveRose22

        Yes and how that melody comes through during the blended part. I love the husband with his round and cute self lol

      3. david bowie


    16. EllyNotEllie

      I love how realistic the animations are, like how much detail are in the dresses when they move! Or their hair, it's so cool! There's just so much attention to detail. I love it so much!

    17. Dash

      This song has been stuck in my head for hours

      1. Bruh

        And who are you again?

      2. ItzJustGianni

        2 days

      3. Jaegon Kim

        for months...........

      4. Fanny mejia


      5. Lemon Guy

        It’s been stuck in mine for 70 years

    18. Kyleafy The Legendary Leafeon

      I’m not one to usually post comments but the sound design during Dolores’ part was what really got me. The way it’s so quiet with the footsteps becoming louder and more pronounced and them stepping in time with beat in a way that makes you pay attention the louder they are (Dolores stepping on top of the boxes) is just.. too good. Not to mention her basically unheard part in the final chorus, which is a great base line for the others to build off of.

    19. Hypernova

      I love Camilo’s part the best because he acts out who Bruno is and it sounds really cool too!

    20. A 15 Year Old on Youtube

      This is already Disney's best song of the decade.

      1. Annette Gordon

        Along with surface pressure

    21. Alter Ego

      This gives a whole new meaning to “Silenzio Bruno”

    22. Alvaro Paniagua

      I love the little details like: -Mirabel shy dance steps in Pepa's and Dolores' parts. -Bruno, in shadows, dancing in first floor while Dolores is singing. -Camilo metamorphosis have sound. -The rats playing along in Camilo's performance. They clearly are tamed rats. -Alma, Mariano and his (grand?)mother aren't simply walking to the house. They are doing a Wizard of oz style choreography. -Mirabel doesn't appear out of nowhere next to Luisa's door. She is in the background when the others set the table. -Luisa is down but she takes part anyway in the final scene. -The zoom out revealing the whole prophecy. And I adore the HEY!

      1. techno156

        @Jostin samuel diaz mendoza Waa that Camillo? Thought it was Bruno creeping around the house while everyone else was otherwise occupied.

      2. Elijah Shells

        Also, at 3:18, the glass goes from jumbled to almost completed when Isabela slides by. Watch the table.

      3. Jostin samuel diaz mendoza

        Aslo how all the ambient sounds are louder in dolores part. Alluding to her power The steps, the movement of the dresses, the changes of position and even the morphing of camilo in the background

      4. Breme Cheese

        @CathyPar קת'רין no

      5. Nova Lumen

        2:55 Mirabel in the back walking to her room after finding the prophecy is also a good one

    23. Mayank Arya

      The fact that everyone is singing about how bruno predicted negativity in their life but Isabella sings about how perfectly he told her future would be. But thats also the negative part because she isn't living that life at all. Hats off to disney

    24. Atrocious2K

      I never liked Musicals but… This Movie is incredible and I didn’t expect it to be this good

    25. Salty_rookie

      I like how Felix didn’t even care about the rain, he still had a good time.

    26. Erica Dawkins

      Loved this entire song. Especially at the end when all the vocals are overlapping and they are dancing around the table. I literally wanted to get up and dance at the movies when I saw it. Me and my niece literally go ham on Camilos part. Visuals and the dancing and rhythm in this movie like yaaas I love it😁😁


      Cool fact, the way everyone is singing together with their parts weaving together to create one harmony at the end is actually a form of choir called a Madrigal. So many layers to this movie.

      1. RandomDragon.EXE

        @Melinda Mercier of you listen closely, Dolores is also repeating her original verse

      2. sub to me i want 14 subs


      3. QueenRiveRose22

        @Tassy McCormick and 96,000 from In The Heights!!! Lin-Manuel Miranda has perfected this style and pulled it out with the double meaning of madrigal and Madrigal family! He's a bona-fide genius

      4. Winter Archer Queen

        @Tassy McCormick the best part of that song.

      5. none of ur business

        @Guadalupe Metiam honestly!!

    28. Bryon Murphy

      Ok but the part where Isabela and Pepa dance together and sing “would be promised and someday be mine” / “and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky” in unison is just *chefs kiss* 🤌

    29. Tark the Fark

      I love Pepa in this. Her indecisiveness like when she brings up 'we dont about Bruno' soon followed up with 'BUT' and then her talking a whole bunch about Bruno. Also How you can see her starting to get annoyed at Felix when he says 'no clouds allowed in the sky' and then she instantly forgives him the moment he apologizes. Also, one thing i never noticed is that in dolores's verse, while yes, i knew he was in the background walking along the top floor and then bobbing his head as he stared at them while clad in shadows, i had never noticed that at the beginning of her verse you actually see him on the bottom floor not covered in shadows as he passes by.

    30. Calliope Brookes

      I've been repeating Dolores' BETROTHED TO ANOTHER, it's just a short line but she absolutely nailed it 🎶👏 wanna hear more songs from her 😭✨

      1. Luis Martinez

        2:23 her voice is so sweet and beautiful

      2. devilish84

        She has an absolutely amazing voice, it's a shame that it wasn't used more! Same goes for Camilo & Félix, his "I'm sorry, mi vida, go oooooon", hits me every time, also Dolores betrothed line & her no as Mirabel is exiting the cave/house is 👌💋

    31. Asterix

      The fact that this song is still steadily gaining millions of views is testament to how GOOD it is. I can't seem to get over Camilo's part.

      1. Valerie Scarlett


    32. Mno theredhedgehog

      I love how Dolores's part is like: "Hey, FYI, he's not some monster. His gift is just complicated."

      1. Annette Gordon

        I love his little dance and I agree with Shannon watson

      2. Obesus

        @Mousechris Jesus dude

      3. ShadowNinja

        @Imawaffle yeah

      4. ShadowNinja

        @Shannon Watson ye

      5. Egg Nog

        Camilo: 7 footer's gonna curse you

    33. Caroline Adams

      Dolores’s part shows that she knew that Bruno was still around. She could hear him “mumbling and muttering”

    34. pd

      I LOVE how everyone is saying: "Oh my gosh! Camilo and Dolores' parts are SO under-rated", when their parts are the only thing people are telling about in the comments!

      1. Pit Pat

        Maybe it feels underrated because the two don't get their own songs. Which suuuuuucks ;___;

    35. William Spell

      I love how Mirabel just vibes confusedly like "When did this conversation turn into a musical number?"

    36. Zigeal⛧Faust

      I heard this song coming from my nephews room and slowly wandered the house following this amaizing music to an amazing scnee. I legit could not beleive it was a Disney movie in this day and age.

    37. Vannamelon

      Ah, yes. Finally. Now I can finally listen to this song 100 more times AND adore the gorgeous animation. Thank you Disney

      1. Gothicc


      2. Fire Mayne

        Same and also am I the only person that See's Bruno on the top right corner at 1:20

      3. The Anonymous Bunny

        And what is one of my favorite animators doing here?

      4. Merxmaxid

        Same I listen to for a week straight this song is fire

      5. Veneshia Garrett

        Oh you watched Encanto

    38. Sergio Cusquisiban Calla

      I love everything in this song, the animation, the lyrics, the rhythm... it's magical!

    39. Demented Duskull

      I love how Mirabel feels the need to awkwardly dance along to match her family members' energy

    40. May the Slitherin

      Love how in Dolores' part it looks like Bruno is just casually walking then just enjoying the rest of her part though it could've been Camilo but I'm pretty sure it was actually Bruno

      1. Dird

        They wouldn't add it is it was Camilo

    41. Pat_Pat

      A masterpiece...I will never get sick of this song !

    42. Hawaii Chizek19

      This song is an absolute masterpiece, but it’s too bad Dolores and Camilo didn’t get their own songs because their voices are seriously SO GOOD!

      1. mathsisdeadtomenow

        @Tan _ thats true but also I like the idea of someone in the family just not having issues with their gift and genuinely fitting into it well, like I assume Antonio does and will. It makes it more realistic as not everyone has trauma, some people are just happy.

      2. Perfected UI

        John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Jesus Christ died and rose again so that we can be forgiven of our sins and not receive the eternal punishment of hell. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

      3. Quenttrix

        It’s really a shame

      4. DeluxeTux5249

        Camilo had 10 minutes of screen time, and his shape shifting was mostly used for Loony Toon Gags So much potential...

      5. FreeSpiritPaulette


    43. Lotso Pontso

      Can we all agree that EVERYONE on this song absolutely KILLS IT? Even that bald guy damn this it's a masterpiece

    44. Son Goku

      Mirabel's face during Isabella's part will always make me laugh


      This song is so entertaining to watch! catchy song + satisfying sound effects + great choreography + amazing animation truly satisfying

    46. LiZtle._.CutXie

      I just love how they say: “we don’t talk about Bruno” But the whole song is about Bruno (Edit) OMG THANK YOU GUYS IVE NEVER GOT OVER 300+ LIKES BEFORE

      1. Katia Ferreira

        @Ugh i din't know that this amoji existed😳

      2. Maxwell the Kenshin

        they didn’t say they couldn’t singggg 😌

      3. AnotherCamiloSimp

        that's such a Disney thing lmao

      4. MorningBowl

        @the kimbap is sexy Don’t worry about it, some people are just grumpy and mean

      5. Godzilla. Jr

        @Unit706 Gaming good point

    47. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

      They don't dance like cartoon characters, they dance like it's a stage musical. And it's incredible animation!

      1. Scott McIntyre

        Made by the guy who produced Hamilton: The musical

      2. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Do you love the movie Encanto?... Then listen to Solar Kama Sutra - the best band on Earth!*

      3. robertdowneyjr


      4. Sajgoniarz

        With current technology you don't need to animate at all. You can export motion captured data straight to models that also can be captured via photogrammetry.

      5. JKizzDaWiz

        That's what I loved so much about Encanto! It was made for a stage!

    48. Samantha Filimaua

      Camilo’s part in the song is so cool because he can shapeshift into the other characters

    49. Ur_ mum_xd

      Big props to Bruno, still being able to vibe with a song that is a literal fear-mongering campaign against him

    50. Dreon

      During the round at the end, Isabella repeating "I'm fine" is just such beautiful touch to hint at her own insecurities that will be explained later on.

      1. Sweetest Irony

        What makes me so sad is that she says at the end, “I’ll be fine” meaning that no, she’s not fine but she’ll get over it

    51. Aden Alagbary

      They said not to talk about Bruno, but no one ever said not to SING about him.

    52. Whitney Reed

      Dolores doesn't really talk bad about Bruno. She in fact she seems to understand how misunderstood Bruno is. Probably due to her power of hearing she was able to hear both sides of the story.

      1. •Cookie_XD•

        Basically a lawyer?

      2. techno156

        @band Her hearing is good enough to cover the entire town, seeing as she knows Mariano composes poetry before bed.

      3. Nemiro

        Yes, That could be, but she didn’t hear abuela being wortied about the magic, as she told Mirabelle. And maby she didnt hear it bc she was asleep.

      4. Belinay

        Yeah, but i think she also blames him even though she understands him. Cause in a part she talks about how he said her love will be betrothed to another.

      5. Colby Emerald


    53. Dylan Port

      Alternate ending: “We don’t talk about Bruno!” “Oh, okay my bad” *Roll credits*

    54. suskekun

      coming here everyday to listen at least once to this masterpiece

    55. Stephanie Greenwood

      I absolutely freakin’ love how all of the characters’ separate verses come together like the pieces of a puzzle, while Mirabel is literally putting together the pieces of a puzzle. This is freakin brilliant. I also love it because puzzles are symbolic of a family…many individual, unique pieces that fit together to make the whole picture. Each puzzle piece is both an individual and a part of something bigger. A puzzle cannot be completed with pieces missing, just like a family is not complete with family members missing. So during this song, Mirabel is putting together the pieces of a puzzle, while her family is coming together like the pieces of a puzzle, while she is looking for the missing piece of her family puzzle, or rather the missing member of her family, while trying to prevent her house from falling apart like a broken puzzle. The crakes in the glass as well as the crakes in the house represent the crakes that have come between her family members. Mirabel knows that she feels alone and isolated from her family, but she is surprised to find out that her other family members also feel alone and isolated. As she connects with her family the crakes in the house disappear. When Abeula refuses to connect with the family members, the house crakes and falls apart. Then the house is finally restored when all of the family members come together, connect as a family, and then each contribute to putting the pieces of their house back together like a puzzle.

      1. devilish84

        Damn... you're so right! 👍👍

    56. Breno

      Encanto pra mim é o melhor filme da Disney...❤️🥰

    57. Kaliope Jones

      I like how apprehensive Mirabel is, but she still dances along. _She must always respect the unspoken rules of the musical._

      1. NayNay A

        @Simón Moreno I would be very poor in that currency lol. I'm mexican and can't dance to save my life. I've had so many people try to teach me, and it just never happened. 😅

      2. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Do you love the movie Encanto?... Then listen to Solar Kama Sutra - the best band on Earth!*

      3. Simón Moreno

        She's Colombian, I know that maybe is not the point but it remembers all the times that I have to keep dancing just for social pressure because here in Colombia dancing it's a very important social currency

      4. Avocado

        700th like

      5. Emily Canfield

        @adamwarlock1 I love the look on Mirabel's face when Isabella is dropping down lmaoo she is like "ugh"

    58. Jackie Paine

      this was the biggest foreshadowing of isabela's unhappiness (the other being the part where dolores talks about how many babies mariano wants), like it's literally rose tinted with her section until we get to the end of this song and see her face, that she absolutely doesn't want this.

    59. mr001991

      These are my favorite parts in the song that make it ✨Chef’s kiss👌✨ •You telling the story or am I? •Dolores’ whispering & foot tapping • Isabella’s verse • Dolores’ Bethrowed to another •yeah about that BRuno •everyone singing over each other • every time Mirabel says BRuno in Spanish rolling the Rs

    60. Edwin Onofre / ASR_SpagEddy

      I can't be the only one listening to this daily. It's so catchy.

    61. Eli R ._.

      1:39 I love how even thought the 3 citizens were just there to add some perspective, but it's honestly one of the best parts of the song.

    62. Lemon - Pop

      You gotta understand I can NOT get over Dolores' part. Her voice, her dance, the camera angles, her hand movements, her FOOTSTEPS and shoes clacking in beat with the music! It's all perfect!

      1. Pvt Parts


      2. GRIFFLNZ

        What about bruno in the back

      3. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Do you love the movie Encanto?... Then listen to Solar Kama Sutra - the best band on Earth!*

      4. NubDugDoog JMancilla

        yo same

      5. Zaidy Romero

        It's also a reference to a Colombian/venezuelan folk music and dance called Joropo where performers create music by stomping feet!

    63. sue wairau

      Did anyone notice when Isabella was singing at the end when everyone was singing together her lyrics changed and they kept saying I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine I'll be fine

    64. Neal G

      I just recently picked up on Dolores' second verse, where she adds "I can hear him now." It could be about Mariano coming, but I think she was talking about Bruno, since she mentioned later she knew he was still living in the house.

    65. emma

      I love that Isabela's part is the only part in a major key! Very clever. Also, her "I'm fine"s are so heartbreaking. I didn't notice them the first few listens.

    66. Annette Gordon

      Camilo really deserves a song of his own he is such a good singer I wish I could meet him

    67. Hokichu

      i like how they made the movements of dolores and mirabel walk louder cuz of the fact dolores ears are more sensitive than the others..

      1. techno156

        @CupLakeXx She doesn't walk louder. It's that her footsteps sound louder.

      2. Zaidy Romero

        It's also a reference to a Colombian/venezuelan folk music and dance called Joropo where performers create music by stomping feet!

      3. GiftFromGod4U

        YES!!! 💜💜💜💜

      4. I'm Mystery

        @Sandvich Man I though it was more because it's a taboo topic and she doesn't have the same stance as the rest of her family, you can see the fear, sadness, and sympathy in her eyes when she asks Maribel if she understands, at least that's how I saw it.

      5. TheStarbrina85


    68. Cristi, Kyle B.

      i repeat it many times and i can't get over with this song now omgggg

    69. Brody Tadlock

      I love that in Dolores part of the song all the sounds are amplified like we are listening through her hears

    70. GC

      I just need a performance of this song with the entire cast

    71. Blake

      One of the few Disney songs that could be cool with an extended version, honestly I could listen endlessly

    72. acacia flowers

      Saying “We don’t talk about Bruno” and then proceeding to sing an entire song about Bruno is honestly the most Disney thing in this movie.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Do you love the movie Encanto?... Then listen to Solar Kama Sutra - the best band on Earth!*

      2. Hot Chocolate

        @BananaOonana yeah it's just visual flare it doesn't mean anything

      3. J Graves

        I mean, it's a literal plot point that everyone in this scene is most of the family actually choosing to talk about Bruno for the first time in 10 years and hope this contributes to the chaos that comes when everyone learns of the prophecy

      4. BananaOonana

        @Hot Chocolate srry it's cause I thought it was weird how mirabel was in the flashbacks in tia Pepa's wedding and when her abuela died

      5. Hot Chocolate

        @BananaOonana ... are you joking? you know abuela was telling the story of how the grandpa died right?

    73. DolphinPlayz

      “We don’t talk about Bruno” Proceeds to sing a entire song about Bruno

    74. Annea Reyes

      Dolores: "I associate him with the sound of falling sand" Bruno in the background: 🏃🏃🏃

    75. King Ivan Mauhay

      I just realized that Dolores and Isabela were both singing "I'm fine" at the part where they sing all over each other

    76. Asuna fox

      Another small detail I love is when they’re singing we don’t talk about Bruno song Dolores hits that wall to let Bruno no it’s dinner when they say “ time for dinner “

    77. Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

      This song is really about how Bruno reflects people's struggles and they choose to kill the messenger rather than accept the pain of their discomfort.

      1. Emiasis

        Exaactly!! 🙌

      2. Baby

        @Juliette Ferrars this one

      3. Juliette Ferrars

        and how people always need someone to blame when something bad happens to them

      4. Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

        @NEVER GONNA GIVE U UP NEVER GONNA LET U DOWN It really highlights how facing our fears works rather than running from it.


        Well maybe predicting bad things is good. Because Bruno predicted that someones fish died. Maybe they did not feed their fish. Maybe the guy who grew a gut needed a diet. This is why bruno is not really a monster. Plus Isabellas fate was not bad.

    78. Nero Dulce

      this was released more than a month ago but that 'married in a hurricane' is rlly addicting

    79. The egg

      havent seen anyone mention this, at the end of dolores part about what bruno told her, as Isabelle’s voice comes in you can hear dolores sing “its like I can hear him now” might be reading into it too much but i think she was walking towards the painting that bruno hides in and by the time she says i can hear him now she should’ve reached it :0

    80. - ItzAudreyii -

      Once I watched the movie all the songs got stuck in my head, especially this one. thanks for making such a good movie and this one heck of a banger of a song.

    81. Brian Fox

      Mirabel never loses her rhythm despite how uncomfortable she gets

    82. aqua kit.

      I love how Bruno's "mischievous grin" is really him just being an awkward goofball by trying to make a (badly timed) joke about how nervous Pepa seemed.

      1. carlos roach

        @AceFlesh To me, Luca was one I absolutely hate, while Encanto being one I absolutely loved, opinions I guess.

      2. ʲᵉˡˡʸwolf

        That wasnt bruno.

      3. 𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 ツ

        It’s not bruno, it’s hernando

      4. Dovark

        its ernando

      5. Sethroth channel

        @Manar gh330 yea, i havent even seen it but it looks epic. Gotta watch it

    83. Ronsha Dickerson

      This is a freaking master piece!! I can not get over all of the emotions I feel when listening to it.. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    84. Danielle Cooper

      The thing about Bruno is that his gift was predicting the future and because his family didn’t like what the future beheld, they blacklisted him. Bruno was protecting them. Which can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, when we are told things we go in a state of denial because it’s not what we wanted to hear but what we needed to hear. Moral of the story: There was nothing wrong with Bruno! He was a sweetheart!

    85. Maurício Babilonia

      No one noticed that Dolores prophecy is the worst one. Bruno talked to her "the man of her dreams would be just out of reach betrothed to another". Bruno wasn't talking about Isabela, actually he is talking about Mariano's mom. If you analyze his mom is always with him, never alone, something that usually happens in the relationship between mothers and theirs sons in latin families.

      1. techno156

        He wouldn't be betrothed to his mother, though, whereas he was betrothed to Isabela. And Bruno was right, for a while, Mariano was out of reach, because he was betrothed to her sister. It's just that his prophecy didn't show that Isabela would break up with him, leaving her free to date him.

    86. dilfsk8r

      i like how during dolores' part, you can see bruno in the back bopping his head to the beat

    87. TimeBucks

      This animation is so mesmerizing and gorgeous

      1. Desbug fan

        I hate how verified people say totally unoriginal and boring things and get thousands of likes

      2. B.

        This is not a animation nub

      3. Landon P


      4. Crisis Moon

        Verified user = free likes

      5. Sajahan sk Sk


    88. Jessica Esteban

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    89. KallmeArii

      Sometimes the truth hurts and people can’t handle it gotta love Bruno 😊

    90. Thermal Laboratories

      Imagine the stress of trying to put together a puzzle that's glowing brightly in your face while everyone around you is singing loudly.

    91. ll•TheBadFrancyWGFan•ll Potterhead

      The fact that all the village is saying Bruno's name makes me wanna cry,like maybe he thinks that they've forgot him and they're calling him (you can actually see him at 1:02 running around Casita)

    92. eva9

      Camilo’s voice is addictive. During his solo the vocals shift to the left earbud as he moves across the screen to the left as well- so much detail!

      1. Megha Singhania

        @J S No one needs an excuse to listen to the best part of the best song!!

      2. vel

        @Lawlzinator Not sure if you're joking, but if you aren't then no they did not.

      3. channiee #roadto400


      4. axa

        ✨Sound Panning ✨

      5. T-HopPlayz

        @Milagros Sánchez not everyone speaks Spanish so what your saying is calls s opinion

    93. BASIL

      2:58 nobody talks about how good isabela’s verse sounds here “He told me that my power would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine I’m fiiiine”


      I'm just happy they added a vertically challenged male character without mocking him for his stature. If I hear another condescending 'short king' I'll flip. The movie is indeed amazing for representation and not only. I think it's the first animated movie where I saw an abusive family and its issues without it being overdone.

    95. Luisa V. Infante

      Mirabel's eye roll at Isabella on 02:05 is everything 😂😂😂

    96. Madison Green

      the random “hey sis I want not a sound out of you” captured sibling rivalry perfectly 💀

    97. Mr. Man Dude

      Her face while Isabella is doing her part is just so perfect.

      1. JELLYfangirl

        @Salman Raja same

      2. Redstone Llama

        She’s like ugh 😷 this b**ch 🤢

      3. Universal Stupidity

        @Salman Raja You are meant too, because it's impossible to like someone who thinks they are perfect, but that includes liking yourself, which was the point of her song

      4. •°ChoccyMilk°•

        @Salman Raja ye

      5. Josiah Perea

        Took me so long to notice it

    98. Laurel Elizabeth

      When she's putting the pieces together and everyone is dancing around her, I just noticed that the fish girl is there at first and then somehow seems to morph into Dolores or switch places with her off-screen? Nobody else does this. It's just the rest of the family in the same order they appeared

    99. SaintSentry

      The fact that this is still on trending 3 weeks later is just amazing

    100. Aud Ball

      I wish Camilo’s part at 1:30 when the go back to the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” chorus could be heard in the soundtrack version like in the movie version, but I can’t hear it as strongly on the CD.