I Moved in with a VTuber

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    Since Ironmouse seemed to struggle on her own, I decided to play a carpenter and built her a new shelter. Who knows, might be my home base too in the future...

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    1.  ShortHax

      “If I’m such a baby, why don’t you breastfeed me”

    2. Mist-Kun

      Ironmouse: "Honey, I'm home"

    3. muss


    4. mac_kuu

      "I Reincarnated in Another World Just to Become a Demon Girl's Carpenter"

    5. Bark The Spark

      Imagine them moving together tho, they'd just scream at each other from their rooms haha

    6. Winston Lee

      “I married a Vtuber”

    7. Eren the birb🕊

      Ironmouse: "I am stuck, Help me!!"

    8. Luyhno

      Aye, I'm slowly getting charmed by their friendship and the funny voice mouse makes 🤣

    9. Kazuma Satou

      "We're starting it off with a mouse stream, nothing sounds more fitting."

    10. Toufusoup

      Alternative title: “I repaired a VTuber’s house and she gave me 35 wood in return.”

    11. Smug Miko

      Connor better be showering everyday if he's going to be living with mouse.

    12. Zed

      Mouse's laugh this video were absolutely hilarious to listen to

    13. Yalo

      As Ironmouse said, she’d die because Connor isn’t sanitary enough and doesn’t shower daily lol.

    14. ゴロゴロゴローちゃん

      Ahhh my daily dose of my favourite British Royal Soldier and a rat.

    15. Gaelstrom Productions

      Dear fucking god, these editors... seriously... I am not sure I've laughed this hard at the editing choices in a while, I cannot compliment you guys enough for the amazing editing choices. Seriously. Excellent.

    16. notwhatuexpected

      the editing in this is supreme, but not as supreme as the noises mouse makes

    17. wad

      Diagonal supports or making that chimney would have made his whole time there easier, but cahunnr stuck to his wood and got the job done. Hella pog, hope to see more 360 no scope head shots in the future

    18. IronMimi AsaCoco - VShojo Õppãï Science Team

      Classic Connor, using VTuber instead of IronMouse in the title to bring more attention for the vids. Clever Monke.

    19. Belrog Plutius

      Mouse and Connor living together:

    20. Poetic Sadist

      At this point Connor, you can't even complain about the shipping.