I Spent HOURS on This Game and STILL LOST...

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    Filmed during my 70 hour stream. I gave my best at winning ALTF4 and still lost. Of course not because I'm a bad gamer but because it was programmed badly and the sun was in my eyes and there were multiple earthquakes. Either way, 100k likes and I'll finish altf4!

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    1. RedScyther

      Ngl, the editing on this one was godlike man :'D I laughed so many times.. gg Mudan!

    2. Jaxer

      Holy shit Mudan really outdid himself on the editing this time

    3. REX !

      I closed twitch, had lunch, took a bath, had a long nap, woke up, made coffee and contemplated about life in general.

    4. Eagle3444

      Connor: How am I still alive?

    5. Eren the birb🕊

      Connor: "I've spent hours on this game but still lost."

    6. Jessy

      The editing is fantastic LMAO

    7. Dakota Sparks

      The editing on this had me swallow hot tea way too fast. 10/10 well done

    8. Aman Ghildiyal

      I have never laughed more at a man's misery than right now XD

    9. Preston Echevarria

      I love how Connor eats ironmouse at

    10. ISpooned APanda

      Mudans editing was on point in this episode lol

    11. DigitlArtMonstr

      yo the editing was godtier in this one. I was laughing so hard the whole way through I genuinely had to pause the video 4 times to catch my breath the excellent use of SFX ✨chef's kiss✨I always save these videos for after i get home from work. they always cheer me up 10/10

    12. Bhamey

      Mudan is the mvp of the video by making him play this

    13. Drakone

      Connor: "I hate Mudan for recommending this game to me."

    14. Anima Station

      Mudan: how many sound effects you want me to add in the video

    15. Ezart J. Mir

      I love watching the raw Connor stream on it own but the edited also have it own charm that I keep coming back to rewatch

    16. Niloufar Zanganeh

      The editing on this video was absolutely amazing, I laughed so hard and had to re-watch it twice in a row just to make sure I didn't miss any jokes 😂😂 fantastic job Mudan!!

    17. Sidharth 0075

      They did such a great job in the editing

    18. Mr Smitherzzz

      Thanks for always making entertaining content🙏🏼

    19. Page 2

      The amount of perfectly cut screams in this video is beyond my understanding. This is pure gold!

    20. Silviu Oprea

      I know I shouldn't but I'm so relishing in his pain, like ... laughing-by-myself-like-an-idiot level relishing.