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  1. GG


  2. Tonka

    Came here after Martial has left on loan to Sevilla, gonna miss him

  3. Sarah Eardley

    My Dad literally told me about this just a few days ago & f**k me he was right... I can't believe it especially as Micky Thomas is a family friend how tf did I not know all these years!

  4. Morgan Lloyd

    Utter goons, ran from your own pub.. ⚫🔴

  5. Gareth Myers

    Team full of pc nerds and kids cheering there name

  6. Alburt

    My manager <3 UTV

  7. Aryan Aryan

    😐👀👀🤣😑😑😅😅 uu JJ

  8. SD

    The match which made me a Liverpool fan

  9. ยมทูตไร้ใจ

    Love Bobertfimino💖💖 Lovemonamedsalan💖💖 LoveDaviddGea💖💖 LoveBrunofemandes💖💖

  10. Lee Oriver

    Send me any amount of money to my bank account and I will return you 4 times the amount back.

  11. Ripvanwinklesdream

    This music is torture.

  12. Kornel Paroczai

    6-3 without Reina

  13. Kornel Paroczai

    Crouch wasn't even offside

  14. adUTFT

    looking at this over five years later i don’t even know how palace managed to reach an fa cup final

  15. Dan_Lobby

    I’m a United fan but kudos to Ian Wright for such a brilliant individual performance. Talk about impact players, he really did change the match after he was introduced into the action. It was a brilliant first game ~ a real rollercoaster of a ride that ebbed and flowed from first to last. In the replay United were just too strong and well organised, Ferguson having made the now fully justified decision to rest Jim Leighton, with his stand-in, Les Sealy, having a brilliant match in which he made a couple of superb saves which kept Palace at bay. From here on in United never looked back and it proved to be the catalyst for a very long and successful era.

  16. Gaming is Life 1505

    I live in Wigan but support Man City lol

  17. Gaming is Life 1505

    I live in Wigan

  18. 1. Nguyễn Bảo Trung Anh

    What the shoot

  19. vivaan nehete

    u did it

  20. Sam Sarfo

    Watching Ragnick has made me realise how bad Utd pressing was

  21. Mohammed Aqib Raja

    They should play 4-3-3. Put Fred, McTominay and Bruno in midfield. Put Cavani, Rashford and Ronaldo upfront. Would be serious champions league contenders

  22. Stan Smith


  23. Sam Hatton

    😴😴😴😴😴 this is martial running

  24. Craig Waters


  25. Craig Waters

    Come on man United

    1. Sam Hatton

      Yes lads

  26. Ryan Vennard

    My kids first games

  27. Mustafe arts

    Please liverpool vs arsenal fullmacht

  28. Bogdan Arcip

    i dont know which kind of football is playing here in england but the second gol of kidderminster was a big faul to the goolkeeper

  29. Ruaridh Sproule

    Why is this only popping up in my recommended noe