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  1. Carlos Bravo

    Saludos desde Veracruz México y Dios bendiga a Raulito

  2. hero hero

    Adama traore no back please!

  3. neverbeenengland

    Just like Ronaldo Luís..! Tottenham welcome him

  4. Aziz Abdi

    Great match ...

  5. Reverend V

    The only player I can think of where the opposition decide (as a tactic) on the rotation of fouls against him before a ball is kicked. It was so bad against Spurs (twice) that they ran out of defenders and midfielders to slash and hack him down and so Kane had to join in the assaults. Spurs have done it, Liverpool have done it, Man City have done it - these are not your usual hoof it and hope hack merchants like West Brom and Burnley. There is simply no player like him, as exasperating as he can be. He is also quite unlucky when it comes to his assist count being decimated by the absence of Raul for so long and others not burying chances he has put on a sixpence. I don't think I have ever been so ambivalent towards any Wolves player in 50 years. I think overall - as he is on another of those unplayable hot streaks - we should keep him until the summer at a minimum. Let's face it, Spurs will ruin him like they ruined Doc and Nuno. They are a toxic and entitled club (never forget the ESL) that simply don't do unity.

  6. Justin Rowe

    Don’t go mate!!

  7. natasha

    nahhh the homophobes wanting to unsubscribe... yeah like just do it nobody wants homophobic people in this community either

  8. bruce banner 🔫

    My goal keeper in pes

  9. Hashtag CODM

    traore to tottenham??

  10. UmerBsr

    thomas plank in the mud😂😂😂

  11. Vijay Bagha

    Moment I knew...

  12. Vijay Bagha

    Still enjoying this beauty... 2022.....Wolves bot missing the Molineux out here in Toronto

  13. Peter Turley

    'Squeak' 🧡🖤🧡

  14. Luis Badillo

    Me equivoqué con Raúl, Que siga en lo que le gusta, anotar goles!!!

  15. Graham Griffiths

    Chelsea paid £70 mil plus for a keeper that warms the bench because he’s poor and Wolves paid £6 mil for this man, what a bargain 👏🤗

  16. James Devine

    Thanks for this ..from Vancouver ,Canada.


    The Mexican sensation

  18. Raul 9