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  1. Life with Twilah

    I learned this song in 6 minutes

  2. Lillia Marie

    This song has so many hints in the lyrics, especially Dorales lines.

  3. Isn't She

    I want children one day🥰

  4. Bubbly Snowflake

    I love how Bruno is Vibing in the bg while Dolores sings

  5. Sean-Wesley

    I love it.

  6. Sana Dzilna

    This music was not calm.

  7. Boss679


  8. Black stripy cat

    0:56 Mirabel’s obviously teleporting 😂

  9. splitting_jaws

    1:06 hey it's that bruno on the top right or it's just me ?

  10. Dakittycorn

    It’s funny in the song we don’t talk about Bruno they talk about Bruno

  11. El mundo de Denisita

    i Love your music Disney 😃🤩

  12. Sr Souka


  13. Maurício Babilonia

    No one noticed that Dolores prophecy is the worst one. Bruno talked to her "the man of her dreams would be just out of reach betrothed to another". Bruno wasn't never talking about Isabela, actually he is talking about Mariano's mom. If you analyze his mom is always with him, he's never alone, something that usually happens in the relationship between mothers and theirs sons in latin families and sometimes could be consider as toxic.

  14. AlexIsSus

    It's very rare to have strong females with lower voice tones in films but this... ✨IS P E R F E C T✨

  15. Disney Fan

    am I the only one who noticed that in the background someone is whispering "Pressure" throughout the entire song?

  16. RainbowVamps

    I can imagine this movie as a musical theatre show

  17. Julio Cesar

    Such a bop

  18. danielle idahosa

    you guys should reply your favorite line of this song :)

  19. Nikki Nicole

    I’m Crying AGAIN!!!

  20. Storytime With Sophie & Scarlett

    Why go to therapy when I have this song

  21. ErikaLuvsYewMaybe

    But wait; does anyone else notice that, in the end when they're dancing around Mirabel, there's the girl with the fish bowl who goes out of frame and then suddenly it's Dolores instead but nobody else switches out like that.??

    1. ninoska gomez

      Musical theater thing, in that scene we are watching what is happening inside Mirabel mind 💖💖

  22. 달콤한 마리아💜

    2:30 aaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. 🗲CHOSEN🗲

    I didn't even notice the donkeys were dancing. Lmao🤣🤣🤣

  24. Insomnia_Edits

    Pretty sure Mirabel had the power to teleport- re watch this and see what i mean-

  25. Delisa Todoroki


  26. James II

    I find it hard to believe that Camilos Voice Actor Rhenzy Feliz is not a trained vocalist/singer and this was his first role/time he's been required to sing.

  27. Mitzi Lee

    This was great. I hate that some people actually complained that she didn't sound feminine enough.